Molar Muncher REVIEW

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About Molar Muncher

The Molar Muncher is a hands-free teether that promises to soothe the entire gum line simultaneously. It claims to be made of a single mold injection of FDA approved 100% medical grade non-toxic silicone and is BPA free making it safe for your baby to use. It alleges to be perfect for the ages from 0-24 months and soothes all stages of teething.


Molar Muncher’s CLAIMS

The Molar Muncher asserts it is hands free and lightweight so your baby can keep the teether in his mouth while he plays, which is a claim that can be proved after we analyze the Molar Muncher reviews.

The Molar Muncher promises to prevent tooth displacement as your child grows. But this claim can only be attested once users review the Molar Muncher. It states that its single piece construction has no crevices for bacteria to settle in. This claim of the Molar Muncher does sound great but does it work well is a question better left to Molar Muncher user reviews. It also convinces that it avoids nipple confusion during breast feeding. This promise can only be substantiated once Molar Muncher reviews come out.

Refrigerator and dishwasher safe – The Molar Muncher states that it is both refrigerator and dishwasher safe. Molar Muncher reviews can affirm whether this claim is actually true.

Molar Muncher Reviews

A Molar Muncher review by Kurt Richards reveals that its rubber is very hard and not soothing for children. Younger babies might find it too large and uncomfortable to chew to the point that they might not be able to close their lips. He shows disappointment in his Molar Muncher review that it didn’t work the way he expected it to.

Roland Cain’s review also suggests that Molar Muncher is a good concept but its cheap design and poor execution makes it a bad idea.

As per Patty Elliot, Molar Muncher is pretty big for her daughter’s mouth. Her review says that her daughter preferred a regular pacifier instead of it due to its material and feel.

A reviewer, Wallace Dean complains in his review that it fails to work as promised. He highlights that his 5 months old son has still not figured how to use it even after trying it for more than a month.

Louis Moody shows disappointment in her Molar Muncher review saying its U shape doesn’t reach the back of a baby’s mouth and is too big to do any good. Her review also states that it has a uniform thickness that might be a problem for growing teeth of children and might not really address the issue of gums. She does say in her review that Molar Muncher is a good concept but poorly executed.

Another review of Molar Muncher by Lee Castro exposes it to be expensive and useless since it doesn’t really fit her child’s mouth. He also complains in his review that even though he paid for next day shipping he didn’t receive Molar Muncher on time.

Sonja Keller warns in her review that Molar Muncher is very cheaply built and might be not even safe for use. She also suspects that its design isn’t small enough to fit children less than 3 years of age.

A reviewer, Gayle Hudson claims similar things as his son could barely hold Molar Muncher in his mouth. Its width is questionable and chances are that it isn’t meant for very young kids. He also warns other users in his review that Molar Muncher might not ship on time and only one is shipped even though it promises to ship two.

One review by Ross Chambers asserts that Molar Muncher is pretty expensive for something a child would use. Also, it is completely useless since it barely fits the mouth of younger kids. The concept is pretty decent but it’s difficult to actually train children to use it in the right way. According to his review, Molar Muncher is completely useless and a waste of money since it doesn’t work well and costs a lot.

Molar Muncher Questions & Answers

Q. Can Molar Muncher be used for toddlers who are older than 2.5 years? Will it be fine to use with toddlers who have all their teeth but likes to chew when frustrated?
A. Yes, it is safe to use for such toddlers as an alternative to pacifiers.

Q. Is it BPA-free?
A. Yes.


What do I get?
1 Molar Muncher for $12.99 at the Official website | Order the Molar Munchers today!

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