Water Glide

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What is Water Glide?

It’s a new towel drying free car wash that cleans your car in less than ten minutes.

Spotlessly clean car guaranteed

Introducing Water Glide, the new car wash that promises to wash away all your cleaning woes and make your car look nice and bright. On the surface Water Glide may be other car wash brands but unlike the whole bunch of them, it claims it cleans better in an instant, leaves no water marks behind and causes no damage either.

Incredibly effective and quick

The creators of Water Glide insist that it takes just 10 minutes or even lesser to work. All you have to do is pour just a cap full of Water Glide into a bucket of water and rinse your car with it. The water will glide off and leave perfectly clean and dry surface behind. You don’t have to use anything to soak up water and remove dirt from your car as the solution cleans and dries the surface itself. What seems to make it all the more alluring is the fact that the process takes only 10 minutes or even lesser and guarantees best results.


Makes things really easy

Since Water Glide seems to work quickly without any additional support. You don’t have to slog to scrap dirt off your vehicle and dry it, nor take it to the car wash guys and waste your time. You can do the job yourself right at home easily and not spend a fortune over it.


No more towel drying and struggling

Since water on your car dries up on its own instantly after being washed with Water Glide, you don’t have to use a towel to dry your vehicle. Towel drying and other methods can harm the finish of the car and make the paint dull. Water Glide ensures you don’t have to worry about anything as eliminates the need to put more efforts while cleaning the car..


Works on all sorts of car surfaces

Water Glide appears to be compatible with glass, chrome and painted surfaces so you can definitely consider switching over to it for good.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two Water Glide for $10 plus $7.99 S&H.
  • Official website: orderwaterglide.com
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    1. Waterglide…ordered it 2 months ago $19.47 thru Telebrands website. Now Telebrands doesn’t have it on their website and no contact info available. SCAM SCAM SCAM contacting my bank to get my money back.

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