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What is View Right

It is a prism like traffic light locator that claims to offer you safety and convenience when you are on the road.

View Right promises to be of huge help to drivers who often have to twist and crane their neck to see the traffic light in front of them. How often has it happened to you that you have waited at a traffic light but not have been able to tell whether it has turned green? Do you really have to contort your neck every time you have to wait at a traffic light? You also understand that not being able to see these lights can be a huge safety risk for you, something you want to avoid at any costs. View Right asserts that it can be a simple addition to your drives that will bring the traffic light right in the line of your vision.


View Right and what it does for you

Are you annoyed because you have to strain your neck to see the stop light every single time? Are you worried that you could be involved in an accident because of this? In that case, you can do with View Right, according to its claims. Quite simply, it’s an optical prism that can work like a parascope. Now every time you wait at a traffic light, you will be able to see it clearly. Thus View Right assures you that you will be safe and won’t strain your neck either.


View Right and how it works for you

To begin with, you have to know that View Right is very simple to use and doesn’t require any special installation. All you have to do is place it on the top of the windshield of your drive. Once you have done that, View Right will make sure that the prism refracts the light. Hence the light will optically drop into your line of vision. As a result, you will always be able to see the traffic light and not have to worry about getting into trouble because of it.

View Right and other benefits it offers you

Do you struggle when it comes to pulling your car out of the driveway? View Right guarantees you that it won’t be a problem anymore because it works towards eliminating your blind spots. Have you managed to get your drive scraped or banged up on the curb while parking? With View Right that won’t be an issue anymore either, because you can simply attach it to the side view mirror to see things closely and clearly. It can also be attached to the rear view mirror to keep an eye on your kids in the backseat.

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