U Coat It Review

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Are you fed up of floor coatings that just don’t work for you? Do you want to make your floor look beautiful with a professional looking finish? You need the amazing U Coat It a commercial-grade, professional quality do-it-yourself epoxy floor coating system. While other floor coatings quickly fail and need constant repair or re-coating that consumes more of your time and money, U Coat it is resistant to motor fluids, hot tires, holds up to jack stands and creepers and comes with a Lifetime Warranty against lifting and peeling that include hot-tire pickups.


How does U Coat It work?
U Coat It will likely be the last floor coating you’ll ever need! U Coat is easily applied and can be ready for vehicles in as little as one day. Unlike the other floor coatings, U Coat It gives you everything you need to apply the finish. When it is used as a standalone finish, UCoat dries to a durable solid-color satin finish.

U Coat It also serves as a base for application of one of our decorative topcoat options that include Topcoat with UGloss-AF for a high-gloss finish and Topcoat with UFlek-AF for a high-gloss, decorative flake finish.

U Coat It is available in complete floor coating kits and material-only extender packs. You can get U Coat in a variety of attractive colors that include Medium Gray, Light Gray, Beige, Medium Blue, Tile Red, Antique White and Black. Get great looking floors with U Coat It!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer – www.U Coat It.com)



Reviews and Complaints
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