Thumper Bumper Review

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Do you worry a lot about your car and would do anything to avoid any type of dents or nicks on it? Then the right choice for saving it from the most common ways of dent is Thumper Bumper.

How does Thumper Bumper Work

The most basic way in which cars get nicked and bumped are from the other door opening of parked cars. The worst part about this fact is that most of the times this situation occurs in your very own garage. To avoid such situation either you need to buy a bigger garage space or be overly cautious all the time. Or you can try Thumper Bumper, the newest way to avoid any type of nicks or dents getting on the car.

Thumper Bumper is not a costly permanent partition in your garage but a simple hanging piece of useful equipment that holds any impact between two cars especially while opening the doors to a zero. The logic behind suspending Thumper Bumper from the garage roof is to make sure it hangs in between the space that is left between the parked cars. The thick layer of high density compression foam is the secret of Thumper Bumper and why it is so effective in absorbing any type of high level impact that falls upon it. Plus it has a puncture resistant nylon material that makes it durable for a lifetime. The layer works magically to create a barrier between the door openings and relieve the tension created through it which generally creates dents and nicks.

Thumper Bumper is designed to be long enough so as to protect the back and front doors from impact. It also necessarily separates the car opening from other items and equipments stacked in the garage. The best thing about Thumper Bumper is that it is very simple and easy to install requiring no type of professional assistance. Plus the price of Thumper Bumper is so low that it is hardly anything in front of the charge that goes in repairing a single dent in professional garages. Thumper Bumper works extremely well for cars, trucks, SUV’s and more.



What do I get?
Get the Thumper Bumper for only $29.95 + $12.95 S/h. Official website



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