Sun Armor Instant Cling Window Shade

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What is Sun Armor

Sun Armor Instant Cling Window Shade is the perfect shade to apply on car’s window while traveling to keep out the sunrays without need of any adhesive or hooks.


Keep sunrays out:

Sun Armor Instant Cling Window Shade promises to be the best way when it comes to keeping the sunrays out from the car windows. It is a natural feeling to ensure there is not too much light when it comes while traveling. The glass windows obviously cannot keep the sun out completely. Also darker tone windows are not allowed for everyone making it impossible to block it out. As a result it may happen so that the glare may disturb the driver’s concentration while driving on roads; it may be uncomfortable to passengers especially on longer drives, annoying while using digital devices where reflective glare may hamper viewing the screen and also harmful UV rays are bound to find their way inside. Window shades like Sun Armor are that’s why invented so that there can be a really easy way to keep out the sun. Although Sun Armor claims to be much better than the rest of shades due to its unique design and many benefits over the others.

Rich Features:

Sun Armor is said to be very effective when it comes to blocking the sun out largely due to its very unique designer mesh that has a patented pattern which blocks the sun’s glare out and away from the window. Plus this mesh pattern of Sun Armor is supposedly designed in such a way that even after blocking the sun it still allows people to see through it. Apart from blocking the sunrays it is said that Sun Armor is also effective in blocking up to 90% of UV rays that are generally listed to be harmful for human body. Apart from these benefits the biggest advantage of Sun Armor is claimed to be its Static Cling technology using which it sticks on the glass and stays intact without any need of adhesive or hooks which may ruin the glass in due time. And storing Sun Armor is said to be as easy as applying it since it is easily foldable to fit in a tight space.


    What do I get ?

  • Buy 2 Sun Armor™ Instant Cling Window Shades for $10 plus $15.90 P&H
  • Official Website:

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