Stick Shade

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What is Stick Shade

It is a sun shield technology that claims to install in a matter of seconds and offer you protection from heat when you are driving.
Stick Shade maintains that it is a simple and effective solution for all drivers who are looking to keep the Sun out. You want to make sure you drive comfortably and at the same time, want the interiors of your cars to remain safe as well. The problem with traditional sun shades is that they are very difficult to put on and they don’t really stay in their place as well. But Stick Shade promises to be easy to use and stay in the desired place too.

Stick Shade and its real secret

Stick Shade asserts that it is so powerful and effective because it makes the most out of space age reflective material. It’s because of this material that has been used that it can keep the heat out and you comfortable in your car. You know how tricky things can get when there is blazing Sun coming into your car. Your steering wheel can get heated up to 120 degrees and there can be damages caused to your dashboard as well. Stick Shade ensures that your car will now have protection from these regular problems in searing heat.


Stick Shade is very easy to put on

There have been sun shades in the market before but they have always been so difficult to use. You struggle to put them on and then they barely stay in their place. But there are no such problems with Stick Shade, according to its claims. That’s because they have suction cups that go up in a flash. Stick Shade can also be removed whenever you want thanks to the spring action that pulls it back. It contracts back to 1 inch width for very easy storage when required.

Stick Shade stops others from looking into your car

Imagine having to leave your car in a new spot and being worried about people peeping in, taking a closer look at your belongings. It’s not only annoying but dangerous as well because you want to keep your stuff safe. Stick Shade claims to work well on this count too because it is capable of acting like a one way mirror. That means, you can have Stick Shade and be able to see out while others cannot see in.

Stick Shade is versatile for your use

You often drive around with your kids and pets sitting at the back. Now they can get the protection they need from UV rays because Stick Shade can be stuck to the car windows as well. Kids can be quite fragile when travelling in the car as it is and the Sun can be a nuisance that they shouldn’t have to deal with. Stick Shade also ensures that you can use it at home on a pesky window that lets Sunlight in through the day and offers you calm shade

What do I get?

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