SeatPets Reviews and Complaints

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About SeatPets

Kids just love innovative goodies and eye-catching things they find attractive. If there are kids at your home too, surprise them with the amazing SeatPets and see how delighted they feel! The adorable, cuddly SeatPets are more than regular soft toys as they don’t stay put in one place, but are designed to be attached to any seat belts and other things and can be carried around while traveling.



Kids will surely love having SeatPets to play with while traveling. Since SeatPets can be fastened tight to seat-belts, they keep children excited, occupied and cozy while traveling and parents can drive peacefully as their little ones will not disturb them. . There are three adorable SeatPets: Whish, Awty and Airheart, all cute and soft, the perfect travel pals for your kids.

If children feel like cuddling a dear one, SeatPets are there for them to be hugged tight. These friendly little monsters will not make kids ever feel alone. Just buckle them up on their seats and they are ready to play, relax or nap with your kids What’s more, there are lots of pockets and space on SeatPets in all the secret places, where they can sneak a whole lot of stuff like pencils, chocolates, snacks colors, little toys, bands or anything special to them. The pets can keep all their stuff safe and hidden away from the world.

SeatPets are more than just playthings. They even keep kids safe by preventing dangling heads or sore necks. They provide tender yet firm support to the neck and head as they are designed that way. They ensure a smooth, comfortable and easy journey where every moment is filled with playtime and cuddles. Whether you travel in day or night, travel will become fun for kids and the entire family. What’s more, they can even be attached to other things like the bag, bike, scooter, bed and can even accompany your little ones on plane!

SeatPets Reviews

Lynne Ray says in her review of SeatPets- “To start with the Velcro is not strong. It pulled off very easy. There wasn’t enough Velcro to hold it properly. The zippers on both of the ones I bought jammed in the first week. There is too much of a difference between the head and neck to comfort as advertised”.

Marcia Harmon complains in her SeatPets review- “The zipper was so rough and scratchy. It makes it not fun to snuggle with and my daughter can’t seem to get it into the position to cuddle and use it to keep her head in a good position when she sleeps as it is intended”.

Flora Wise who bought SeatPets says in her review of SeatPets Reviews- “It doesn’t stay on properly and my kids were not comfortable resting their heads on this thing. False advertising!”

Theresa Barker claims in her review of SeatPets that it is not as useful as described and there is no neck support.”

Lee Jacobs complains in her review of SeatPets that the material is nothing like the pillow pets or any of their products. She says it feels like cheap stuff toys you get out of a claw machine. Total waste of money, she adds.

Another person, Leslie Hall, who bought SeatPets mentions in her review of it that it is poorly made and doesn’t secure onto the safety belt.

Ruby Collier says in her SeatPets review- “Any pressure will pop them off the seat belt. Don’t expect your child to be able to sleep using the SeatPets. Purchase a large stuffed animal instead”.

SeatPets Questions & Answers

Q. Does SeatPets come with the blanket like on TV?
A. No, it does not come with a blanket.

Q. Does SeatPets work with a high back booster seat?
A. I would think no but not sure.

Q. Is SeatPets washable?
A. It says it’s washable but will start to rip and then some stuffing leaks out.

Q. The picture shows bigger kids in a backless booster seat. Does that large head really fit in a car seat with head supports?
A. No, it’s really flimsy and cheaply made. It doesn’t help at all with ‘head flopping’.

Q. Does SeatPets in any way negate the effectiveness of the seat-belt?
A. No they don’t seem to impede seat belt safety. In fact, I think they help. The kids fall asleep on them and don’t end up leaning way over, which is not safe. When using the cat they are able to just rest their heads on the cat head and they stay straighter in their seats.

Q. How many pockets does SeatPets have?
A. 2 in front

Q. Does SeatPets come with the backpack strap?
A. No, just Velcro backed straps that attach to the seat-belt.

Q. Will SeatPets attach to seat belt as some are advertised?
A. SeatPets has two Velcro straps on the back, one on the head, one on the body to attach to the seat belt.

Q. Can SeatPets be used with a car seat? My daughter is 4-1/2 years old and we’ll be taking a long car trip in a few weeks.
A. Yes. SeatPets will work in a child’s car seat when you use the seat belt from car type.


What do I get?
Get your kids to view Whish, Awty and Airheart to select the one they like. Come to think of it, if they want more than one, they can have more too because if you buy more, the price will be slashed further! Each of the SeatPets is available for only $19.99 plus $8.99P&H. If you order now you also get a bonus backpack strap free! Official website | |

14 thoughts on “SeatPets Reviews and Complaints

  1. Something’s fishy when all of the initial reviews are doing nothing but singing praises, but then all if a sudden, everyone is getting ripped off and seems to be a victim of a scam. Do a web search for the product name and “reviews” (this also applies to most as seen on tv products, if not all). All of the web sites you will find in the first several pages of results will be glorious reviews with attached pictures from the product’s website and plenty of links to the “order now” page. Funny how that happens. Now search again and replace “reviews” with “scams”. Notice anything different? Please spread this information around. Feel free to copy and paste away. So many people fall victims to these obvious scams without suspecting a thing.

  2. There is something wrong with this website. They ask you to submit your payment before confirming the total. Not very well organized. Tried calling customer service before ordering and the wait time is way too long to be hung up on. Email address is good, but you never get a response. They have been reported to the BBB. Sad… using children to rip off the parents.

  3. Was so excited when she saw this SeatPets advertised on TV. She begged me to order it!! So I did on 9-23-12 and I paid the extra $10 dollar fee to have it shipped quickly!! With that being said I was charged $38.97 on 9-25-12. That was a huge mistake!!! After 2 weeks of waiting I still hadn’t seen or heard anything from this company. I called today and was told that my order was cancelled on 10-5-12 and that a refund was posted to my account on that same day. Well guess what I never received a refund. I am still waiting for either a refund of my money or a seat pet. The ladies I talked to were rude and pretty much told me I was lying about not receiving a refund. I am very unhappy with this SeatPets company. I feel like I was scammed!!!


    P.S. If it takes you two days to charge my account why do I have to wait 7 to 10 business days to receive my refund. Also why did I never receive any notification of this?!

  4. My son loves his Airheart Seatpet. He says “I love how soft he is and I like being able to fill it with my things “. The first day he got it, he ran inside and filled it with all sorts of things( DS, snacks,sunglasses and a digital camera)for a trip we were taking the next day. Since he is no longer in a car seat/booster ,the pillow head is great for when he gets really tired.

  5. We love our SeatPet! We are going to get more. We just got back from a Vegas road trip. My daughter’s SeatPet really came in handy. Kept my daughter busy for a big portion of the ride and then when she fell asleep. Her head did look very comfy resting on her SeatPet, not all bent over like she used to look. She’s told all her cousins how much she loves it, so they all want one. I think Christmas shopping this year will be a snap, I know what to get all the kids.

  6. My girls are 4 and 6 and they wont leave the house w/out there SeatPets. We do alot of traveling lately since we are locating to NY. My girls like to sneak there snacks in the pockets of their SeatPets. It really helps them fall right to sleep on the airplane and in the car. I have already told some of the Moms @ my daughters school about SeatPets. Great idea.

  7. I love these!!! Traveling with the kids has never been better.

    In response to the product questions: ordering was simple and they arrived on time. I would say they are pretty effective in keeping my kids happy on long drives and I haven’t had to struggle with them once since getting them to keep their seat belts on. The order arrived complete, and nothing about it seemed like a scam. I haven’t seen them in any stores, but my two kids love theirs!

    I think these are a fun little invention and are worth having.

  8. SeatPets are the best thing to happen to me and my kids. It not only helps the car rides, but it is fun for them to put on their scooters and ride around the neighborhood. I know what I’m getting my niece for Xmas gifts this year. Love them so much.

  9. My 5 year old daughter loves her SeatPet, Awty. I originally got it for her to keep her happy and comfy for a 4 hour car trip. The pillow part seemed to serve it’s purpose. She looked comfy when I looked at her as she was sleeping. She loves all the pockets. I do too. It has really helped keep the back of the car clean. She was always leaving trash back there. But now she picks it up and puts it in the pockets and when we get home she empties “Awty’s” pockets into the trash can, with no complaints! Thank goodness, it’s machine washable because she takes it everywhere.

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