Seatbelt Mate Review

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Do you diligently wear seatbelt while driving but the belt is proving to be a pain in your neck, literally? Seatbelts are always too close to the neck putting strain on it and resulting in aches and irritation especially when you apply brakes suddenly. Not wearing a seatbelt is obviously not an option. But now you do not have to live with the strain either with the new product Seatbelt Mate, which is a clip that moves the strap away from your neck getting rid of the strain. So, you drive comfortably without compromising on your safety.


Seatbelt Mate
You do not need a mechanic or tools to install Seatbelt Mate and can do it yourself by just buckling it up and attaching to your seatbelt and sliding it according to your comfort. Not every seatbelt fits everyone the same way but Seatbelt Mate is so adjustable that it can be used by anyone regardless of their body shape and size. It is also so compact in design that you won’t even realize it’s there and you can clip it once and forget about it for as long as you use the car. It can be fitted on almost any kind of car big or small. Since the passengers need as much safety as the driver, Seatbelt Mate can be clipped on to the co-driver and the backseats as well.

Seatbelt Mate is easy on the pocket especially when you consider the comfort and safety it provides. To make it more special you can now buy one Seatbelt Mate and get the second one absolutely free. Additionally, you get two Seat Gap Mates, which are pads that can be fitted into the gap between your seats preventing your car keys or other objects from falling and distracting you while you drive. Seat Gap Mate is two-sided with tan and black color on each side to match the interiors of your car. If you are dissatisfied with Seatbelt Mate, you can return it and yet get to keep Seat Gap Mate as a free gift.



What do I get?
You get 4 Seatbelt Mates for just $9.95 + $13.90 shipping and handling. Official website



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4 thoughts on “Seatbelt Mate Review

  1. Can’t find a website to order Seat-belt Mate. Please send info. or a phone number.

    Geline Hargrove

  2. Does Seatbelt Mate really adjust the seatbelt and get rid of the strain in the neck?

    Is Seatbelt Mate easily installed without any tools?

    Can Seatbelt Mate be used by anyone regardless of body shape and size?

    Does Seatbelt Mate fit any kind of vehicle?

    Can Seatbelt Mate be fitted on co-driver and backseats too?

    Do Seat Gap Mates prevent objects from falling between car seats?

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