Seat Tweener

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What is Seat Tweener

It is a car accessory, that is, a durable and flexible wedge to plug the gap between the front seat of the car and the center console to prevent objects from falling into the gap

Prevents things from falling between the car seat and console

Seat Tweener promises to prevent objects from falling in the gap between your car seat and center console by plugging that gap. It is common for drivers to have stuff like cell phones, food, and other items falling between the car seat and the console and they are either lost or come out damaged after wasting time and energy in retrieving it. Imagine dropping your bills or credit card while you are at a take away joint, or dropping your phone between an important call. You need to retrieve things right away under such circumstances and doing so can be distracting and dangerous. But Seat Tweener claims to help you eliminate all such annoyances.

Flexible and durable

Seat Tweener is said to be strong yet flexible and designed in a way that it will easily fit snugly in the gap and it won’t dislodge or move when if you adjust your seat. You believably just need to wedge a Seat Tweener between your seat and the console and another between the co-driver’s seat and console and you will have ensured that nothing goes past it and into the gap. Your dropped items like sunglasses, coins, fries, wallet, phones, etc will no longer be lost because of Seat Tweener. It is also meant to be easy to clean because it doesn’t have a cover that needs to be washed and cleans with just wiping.

Use it inside the house

Seat Tweener can apparently also be used inside the house to cover the gaps between seat cushions. Your remote control will not fall and damage and food items won’t drop there either. It is supposed to be available four different colors like black, light tan, medium brown and light gray to go with the interior of any color so that it looks stylish.


What do I get?

You get two sets of Seat Tweener for $19.95 plus 15.9 for p&h. official website


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