Scratch Magic Pen Review

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It is not new for the car to do away from minor or major scratches while on the move. One unfortunate vehicle and one stupid and much too avoidable a mistake of other driver/rider/walker gets your car a scar which certainly makes the car look ugly. And then the task of taking the car to those expensive car service stations to sand off the scratch area, paint the damaged portion and buff out the scratches. The task of getting the damage repair is extremely pricey. Dent which is shadowed by the body paint of the car still leaves back a reference mark in various light conditions making it look even tacky.


Scratch Magic Pen
The sand and buffing are done by car service center guys but are you really sure that your paint job around the area will not get the brunt during the process of removing one scratch. This is why marketer’s felt the need of getting something easier, faster, smoother and of course self-applicable so all you depend on in times of such scratches is You!

And finally the product Scratch Magic Scratch Remover Pen – the ONLY do-it-yourself scratch repair pen that the pro’s recommend! An easy to use applicator that helps your remove scratches with utmost ease and 0% damage.

So finally you can save on those heavy billing at collision shop where you pay hundred to get rid of the scratch and yet get only 90% (at the best) cover up of scratch.

The Scratch Magic Pen should be a must have in your car kit at all times. You do not have to wait for going back home, pulling out some mammoth kit with steps to follow. With Scratch Magic Scratch Remover Pen, the application use has just one step: Apply and wipe off with plain dry cloth.



What do I get?

  • 2 Scratch Magic Scratch Repair Pens
  • 12 mo. Supply Rain Repellent Wipes pay $4.95 shipping.

All this for just Price – $9.95 + $5.95. Official Website



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3 thoughts on “Scratch Magic Pen Review

  1. I would like to know IF THIS MAGIC PEN is like BILLY MAYS fix it pen?? and does it cover scratch’s on TV SCREENS AND THE FRONTS OF THE NEW WASHERS.

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