Scratch-dini Reviews and Complaints

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To say that it is frustrating to see a scratch on your car would be an understatement. Even a minor scratch is enough to get you seriously worked up. To put an end to this problem that practically everyone experiences, all you need is Scratch-dini, the amazing scratch remover solution that makes scratches disappear easily in a jiffy while protecting your car paint job.

How does Scratch-dini CLAIMS to Work?

Scratch-dini is the wonder solution that is able to restore just about anything with a high quality finish. It’s the perfect professional-strength product that drives away scratches and makes your car look flawlessly smart. All you have to do to get the most out of Scratch-dini is simply dab a tiny bit of the revolutionary formula and gently rub it on the scratch for a few moments. Within seconds you’ll be amazed to see how the scratch is removed and your car looks the same as it did before!


The secret is the BFGoodrich carbopol that protects your car paint while removing scratches. Millions of micro particles gently eliminate surface scratches in one easy step. What’s more, it works perfectly with any color finish and guarantees impeccable appearance. It’s now not only easy, but also quick and effective to get rid of the nasty scratches that not only bog you down but also burn a hole in your pocket to get them fixed.


With Scratch-dini by your side, there’ll be no more splurging astronomical amounts of money to get scratches fixed in body shops by paying hundreds to sand, paint and buff them out. Just keep Scratch-dini handy and apply it on your vehicle if there’s a scratch and save your precious time and money in getting it fixed externally.

Scratch-dini is a versatile solution formula that works wonders on any painted metal surface. It’s effective and perfect for cars, boats, motorcycle, RVs, trailer, snowmobiles, even jet skis and more. It’s a remarkable fast and easy fix that is useful for anyone using a vehicle. Be always prepared with your Scratch-dini tube that’s packed with all the power you need to fix up scratches, which can strike unannounced anytime.

Scratch-Dini REVIEW

You will only be wasting your money on Scratch-dini. If you are dealing with deep scratches, which can be easily felt then all you can do is repaint, if want to get rid of them. You have to use a soft rubbing compound to remove swirl marks and other fine scratches that creep up. It is only a clear coat that can work on superficial scratches at best. If there are deeper scratches then it alone won’t work and you need to combine it with other conventional scratch removal methods.

Car Scratches Science

When it comes to cars, there is a need to take care of the body, shine and coat to avoid any scratches. And not necessarily all scratches are even scratches so to speak. Such scratches can be noticed when the body of the car rubs against a painted car bumper, wooden post, rubber bumper or even a shopping cart. These objects are generally softer than the paint so they actually leave a residue material on the paint surface, which is more of a raised mark instead of embedded inside.


If the objects are harder than the paint it will be no surprise to see that there are missing paint patches on the car and most of such scratches are repairable and some are not. Most scratches just simply scratch the surface with the gouging taking place due to the object that bumps into the base color. In such a case the primer and metal are untouched. Color left at the bottom of the scratch can be removed if proper sanding, buffing and waxing are done.

What Will Scratch-dini NOT work on?

Scratch-dini is a compound that gets rid of scratches on car which is as common as the process of paint correction. But it cannot work on scratches that have taken place right through the clearcoat. Scratch-dini will not work on cars that don’t have clear coats. Manufacturers started using Clearcoats on car color in early 80’s, so if you own a car older than that, Scratchdini won’t work for you. Scratchdini won’t work for “deep” scratches that go right through the primer or the metal.

Types of Car Scratches and What will Scratch-dini work on

Car Scratches are something you do not want on your car paint at all. All scratches are not severe and it is important to learn what the type of scratch is. To run a self check, remember that the car scratches are divided into three types with regards to the severity of the scratch and the cost that will be incurred to fix it.

Car Clear Coat Scratch:

All new age cars come with multiple layers and the final touch up is done using the Clear Coat layer. The main idea behind using a Clear Coat layer is to eliminate any kind of harm to the paint, which can be caused due to many elements. It is also effective in giving a mirror like shine to the car’s body paint. When there is a scratch which only takes place on this layer it is known as “Clear Coat Scratch”.


To identify whether the car has suffered this kind of scratch, run down the fingernails over the scratch. If the fingernails cannot feel any surface then probably there should be no sight of any gray color that is of the primer or any bare metal through the scratch. Clear Coat scratches are considered to be the least severe and can be repaired very easily. Scratch-dini and all other “As Seen On TV” scratch removers will probably work on these type of scratches.

Car Primer Scratch

Primer is used on the car paint to protect the body even further. Primer application on a car is a time consuming process and any damage that takes place on the primer may leave quite a dent in the pocket of the car owner too. Any scratch that goes right through the clear coat and hits the primer under it falls under the category of “Primer Scratch”.


This scratch is more severe than the Clear Coat scratch and can be easily determined by running a fingernail over it. If the fingernail catches the scratch than consider that the primer is affected. Additionally one can see gray color paint through the scratch which is actually the primer color but there should be no visual of any bare metal body of the car. The car might require some paint work to get rid of such scratches. Scratchdini will not work on primer scratches.

Car Paint Body Scratch

Car Paint Body Scratches sometimes go quite deep and even harm the clear coat, scar off the primer and reach right to the metal body of the car. Such “Car Paint Body Scratch” is the most severe since the metal body is exposed without any protection and is susceptible to corrosion. Hence it should be addressed quickly and can be fixed only in a professional body shop. A fingernail run test will result in a deep gash and no visibility of primer but exposed bare metal. Scratchdini will not work on Car Paint Body Scratch.

What is Carbopol

It’s a registered trademark for a family of polymers that are used as thickeners, suspending agents and stabilizers. These items from Noveon, Inc. (formerly B.F. Goodrich Co.) have several applications in the pharmaceutical industry, personal care products, household cleaners etc. High molecular weight acrylic acid chains that are often cross-linked form a majority of Carbopol Polymers that are available as powders or liquids.


What do I get?

  • 2 Scratch-dini Scratch Removers
  • 2 Scratch-dini Headlight Restorers

All this for just $10 plus $15.90 processing and handling. Official website


Scratch-dini Video
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67 thoughts on “Scratch-dini Reviews and Complaints

  1. Amazing! Didn’t work at all. Maybe it would heal minor scratches, then. It won’t even cover the finest scratches! Wonderful! I wonder how this product will ever work. I wonder!

  2. This stuff does NOT work, just like ALL the other scratch removers I have wasted money on. A paint job. That is how you remove scratches. How do these liars and crooks stay in business?

  3. Not that the product does not work, after sending product back no refund after a month, that leads me to believe as a buyer beware on trust issue’s with this company. Per customer service rep. Yaritza no refund, your package must of got lost in the mail. I’ll buy that for dollar so to speak.

  4. Thanks everyone who posted their complaints on this. I was just going to order it when, for some reason, I decided to check on the reviews. After reading your reviews, I decided not to place my order. This is obviously a cheap attempt at getting money from hard working people. Thanks again everyone.

  5. Product should be named Sham-dini. Didn’t work on the tiniest of scratches. Just another scam artist. Someone should sue them for false advertising.

  6. If you want to be a crook do it the modern way the more people who see you doing it the better chance of getting away with it, who is more stupid the crooks getting rich on these scams or the stupid people like us rewarding them with our monies ?? The people letting these advertising scams to be showed on tv is as bad as the crooks selling them, like they say money talks a crap shows up on the tv commercials!!!

    • Yeah, be aware, this is a SCAM!!! I unfortunately ordered 1 set and the special second for the shipping cost only. The web site automatically entered 2 full price sets. I called and tried to explain and cancel the second set but was told by a VERY rude women that the order already processed and I have to ship it back when I receive it in about 5-6 days. It was definitely a LIE since it was the weekend and the credit card was not charged yet at time when finally I was able to talk to someone about it. So even if you send it back they want to collect the P&S charge what is twice the cost of the material you ordered?! If this is a legit company they would let you cancel your order and not double it up and maneuver the time of order and lie about the processing of it. Make sure NOT TO ORDER ANYTHING from these people!!!

  7. I agree with the folks – this is a rip-off site…I ordered the $10 product and was charged $15 for shipping. I have fought with companies in the past who pulled this shit…an inferior product and they make their money on the shipping charges.

    I don’t even know if the stuff works, but the shipping charges are completely unreasonable and will put them out of business before long.

    I belong to Consumer Affairs, so will report to them…

  8. Was thinking of trying this Scratch-dini as per the commercial, but after reading reviews realized the product is crap and does not work, plus they triple rip you off on shipping charges. READ REVIEWS, do not buy this!!

  9. The wiper did it? You can polish out the scratch if it is not too deep. Special polishing material is required though, Cerium Oxide. It’s much harder than usual rubbing compound and needs to be so to cut the class. I’d have a pro do this as you could ruin the glass if you are not careful. Astrobuf

  10. This stuff is the same thing that the local conman in 18 hundreds would go around in a wagon tell you this miracle crap will cure your cold and take spots off your shoes and grow hair on your head. I did not read the review before buying this crap I went for the upgrade size. then I went throw them trying to sell me all kinds of other crap by the time I was done saying no I clicked buy I did not have a page that tells you this is what you bought in case you want to change your order will to my surprise I but two adding up to 71.95 for a 10 dollar item. called the support line told me send it back or they will take 10 dollars off but if I a send it back I have to pay for shipping so I kept it then I get a phone call tell me I signed up for something and I’m getting a 100 dollars of gas cards I told the lady what do you mean I singed up your tell me I have to call cancel it or they will charge my credit card she tells me no you dint singed up for nothing use the gas cards on us I told her I have to cancel this or they will charge me. see says no you just have to make a simple call and tell them you want to cancel it I told lady what the f have iv been saying the last five min I told her this is one big scam. then I tried to use this stuff nothing worked the head light crap no scratches came out of the paint I could have went to my local auto store a bought the same crap that doesn’t work for 5 bucks I have seen scams like this on American greed call your local FBI and report this to them when they get many of calls they will investigate them and put them I prison were they belong hopefully next buba. I repeat this is on big scam do not buy this crap and if you did call you local FBI agency. beware BIG SCAM I AM PUTTING ONE STAR ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE TO ITS REALLY MINES 10 STARS (CRAP)

  11. I feel I have been ripped off by false advertisement and unprofessional manner in your billing process. The Scratchdini scratch remover worked half way decent but the headlight restorer was 100% bogus. Actually I think the headlights looked worse after 5 attempts. I am contemplating of reporting this inferior product and advertisement/billing practices to the BBB and state AG offices.

    • Shirley: I’m with you! This Scratchdini stuff is crap! I’m attempting to get a refund now. I doubt I will get it, but I’m going to try!

    • Well, I was able to get the price of the Scratch-dini returned, but I’m still out $32.00 which was for the shipping, which I think is totally bogus because shipping for this crap doesn’t cost that much!

  12. I ordered the product, have not received it yet, the price they charge for shipping is out of sight, more than the product itself, and they trap you into paying it, also they really misuse your phone # afterwards, would not recommend this company.

  13. I had many small scratches on my car and thought about going to the repair shop to get them fixed. I saw this commercial and thought for $10 I would give it a try . I was very surprised how well it worked. It didn’t totally fix the deep scratches but it did help make them look better. The smaller scratches are gone! I let it sit for 20 minutes, seemed to soften it up.

  14. I purchased with the hopes that it was going to remove the small scratches in my son’s car. We tried it 3 times and got the same results, all three times… Nothing and then customer service said I had to pay to ship it back to them.

  15. When I ordered the Scratch-dini online, the order hadn’t confirm pages and changed me 75 dollars! The advisement said $10 but they didn’t say anything about shipping fee. You need pay $12.5 for that each item. So I paid about $40 shipping fee, it’s cheating!!! I called them 3 times but they said I should call them on Monday. I am so angry!!

  16. There is not nor has there ever been anything on a tv infomercial that works, I do not care what it is. They are ALL ripoffs, when people wise up to this maybe we won’t be so inundated with commercials.

  17. P.T. Barnum once said there’s a sucker born every minute. I’m sure the marketers of this product subscribe to the same theory. Walk into any Pep Boys or Advanced Auto and you will find any number of automotive paint polish and wax products made by reputable companies that have been around for decades. There are products called glazes that are something between a polish and wax. They are formulated to fill in fine surface scratches that cannot be removed with a polish. That’s basically what this product is, nothing more. They can do a great job at “cleaning up” fine scratches, but unless the scratches are removed physically, they almost always return eventually. These “wonder products” that pop up every now and then are nothing new. The word gets around that its a sham, and it eventually disappears from the market place after the company has made a few bucks.

  18. Beware of this product especially the one “as seen on TV’. I was interrupted after placing my card number the first time and same thing thing happened the 2nd time I called the number on screen. I got charged twice on our account without confirming the order. Then got a call from someone offering me another product. I have told the lady on the phone that I didn’t place an order at all. A week later got charged $51.80 on our account and called the customer service right away. And they told me that I called twice so that was the reason. Well apparently they were told to be tough and rude as well to the customers. Tried to speak with several of them calmly but no luck. My husband called them and was told by someone that they will refund the full amount of money once we returned them including the shipping. Which is I thought BS and not going to happen. And I was right. We did returned the packages unopened the same day we got them in the mail and paid $10.49 for the shipping. They refunded the money however only 20$ minus the $15.90 shipping which is I was expecting. Called and asked about the other 15.90 supposed to be refunded and was told that’s all we should get. So, in total we only got a $10 dollars back out of $51.80 they charged us. How could they work in this company and scam people.

    • Talk to your credit card company, if you used one, or your bank if you used your bank card. Tell them about how you were ripped off and they should assist you and give you monetary relief.

  19. Thanks for Scratchdini comments, I work at car dealership and never heard such a thing that you can remove scratch that easy NO WAY. Use common sense. This is scam 100%

    • You may work for a car dealership, but what you say is the truth. Who would think! (J/K, I realize 30% of dealerships are straight up, honorable… we just hear about the bad ones ).

      My television also told me to buy this Scratchdini stuff…. it also tells me to buy lots of things. Just because someone who I will never meet, from a company I never heard of tells me to do something…. well, I tend to be naturally cautious.

      Virtually everything seen on TV winds up wither in the Auto Parts store, Walgreens or Bed-Bath-Beyond….. buy it there… and if you are not happy with it….. they HAPPILY and IMMEDIATELY refund your purchase price.

      I am very intrigued by those shrinking hoses…… saw them today at Bed-Bath-Beyond….. slightly higher price than TV, but no S&H that as mentioned in these reviews, can be exponentially more than the item.

      While as it might as well mention 2 items I found to be BETTER than they show on TV:

      Roomba… but because the non-replaceable battery last 1-2 years, purchase at a store that takes back forever, like Costco or Bed-Bath-Beyond. These things work FAR better than TV can illustrate. I have one at my workplace ( locksmith shop ) as well as at home.

      Shark Steam Mops…. I tried 2 versions… both worked well… Wanted bigger, got a Bissell… which is ok, but the Bissel steam condenses before it exits the mophead a little bit and drips, where the shark delivers even STEAM at the mophead, with hardly any dripping.

      Kuereg Coffee makers… ROCK! Hawaiian Blend, available everywhere….. Costco gives am 80 K Cup sampler in their configuration….. with a lot of French Roast, which I can not drink. The other blends in sampler are decent… a good way to find what you like before buying a large refill pack.

      Video Professor Teaches MS Office. DO NOT BUY IT ONLINE OR BY PHONE…. sad thing… the interactive lessons were TERRIFIC…. but they are aimed at first timers…. and there is no followup advanced series you can buy in a store. The 10-18 CD set was about 40.00 at Office-Max. I heard stories of online and phone orders following the same reviews as the scratch dini…. unauthorized signup for all sorts of things.

      All this goes back to the days of the Record clubs, where you get 5 albums for a penny….. and one at regular price for the rest of your life.

      I only once responded to a scam… Kevin Treaudeaus MEGA MEMORY education series by a huckster that after all these decades, I believe is in jail… At least they did send what they promised…. I could not get past the first cassette… then I forgot all about it. No pun… I actually forgot all about it…found it in a box in a closet last year. I learned my lesson about promises of money-back guarantees and S&H charges.

  20. Scratchdini is just a “surface” scratch filler and not a scratch remover… people are so stupid to buy such products. We have had so many of them fix it pro, DuPont, scratch away, scratch away pen…these products do not work. Please buy something good and branded.

  21. My husband owns a Harley shop, so figured he’d give this a try on minor scratches on the bikes. He had several people try it on five different bikes. All had minor scratches, not deep. They were all different color bikes. No one was able to make the scratches go away. This Scratch-dini is worthless, don’t bother.

  22. I was thinking about buying Scratch Dini, but after reading all the posts, I will not waste my money. Thanks to everyone who posted the truth about a rip-off company.

  23. This stuff is worthless. I sent it back at a cost of 7 dollars. They only refunded 10 dollars out of the 25 they charged. So basically I got 3 dollars back. What a total ripoff. Do not even think about ordering or buying this crap ever.

    • We got charged $51.80 for two Scratch-dini bottles that we didn’t not even confirm by phone. Tried to get a refund and only refunded $20 & for both. Basically we got almost $10 & back out of $51.80 after we paid $10.49 shipping when we returned the packages unopened.

    • I guess the best to be gotten out of this Scratchdini is for its potential use as a polish or scratch filler on certain surfaces. I’m sorry for those who bought it for scratches only to be ripped off though. It looks like Amazon distributes this product and I do hope that people are letting the distributors know that it is a false product if that is the case.

  24. I bought this Scratch-dini about two weeks ago and it does not at all. The solution for the headlights does not work as well. I will be requesting a refund of $25.90 that was charged to my credit card. I want my money back and I want it now!!!!

  25. I got mine yesterday, tried Scratch-dini on very tiny scrapes on my car, it did not do anything.So disappointed. They charged $25.00 for this..It is a rip off.

  26. This product is a rip off. I called and placed and order for one and that’s it and I found myself with a $50 authorization. Not even going to use the product but making efforts to let people know about this hideous company. They didn’t even have an invoice to show what was purchased. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Urge any and everyone to not waste their time on this fraudulent company. I hope they can afford what’s coming next to them.

  27. Despite reading a mixed bag of Scratch-dini reviews that varied dramatically and against my initial fears I ended up buying it. But I am regretting it today because it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t work on fine scratches, forget deep ones. In fact it doesn’t work on smudges as well and you can follow the directions to the T but the results don’t come. The scratches stay no matter what you do.

  28. If you want to try using it to remove scuffs and scratches on your cars then you are going to be wasting your time. You can start with the soft cloth and then a damp soft cloth for buffing, keep up with all the instructions offered, but nothing works. It doesn’t remove a thing, which is a big letdown.

  29. The problem with it is that under the pretext of removing scratches it only fills them up with a white waxy stuff. And that only ends up exaggerating them. It’s a useless product that was only made to sell and not do anything for users. Hence it’s best to keep away from it.

  30. Scratch dini is nothing like it shows on T.V. not even kind of like it. It reminds me of wax shine for a car. It may remove a tiny tiny small shallow scratch, but it is a complete waste of money. And it isn’t ten dollars it will automatically jump to 25…. and you will get all of these phone calls asking to do purchase more stuff, and that too is waste of time and money. All in all scratch-dini sucks.

  31. I bought a few items on As Seen On TV. Most do not work as shown in the ad. I phoned in on one that really did not work. After talking with the representative who could only sell the item I got connected with someone who had authority. Told them Scratch-dini did not work. They said they would credit my card with a total refund. That included S&H. I asked where to send the remaining product. They shot right back, No, We Don’t Want It! Just keep it Please. Even they know what they are selling.

  32. Has anyone received this product? there are no reviews nowhere. I would like to know if it works on dents?

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