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Your drives are like your pet possessions and you do everything possible to make sure they are maintained in the best condition possible. But it doesn’t always stay that way because of chips in paints, which can take away from their look. Doing the repainting job at home can be tedious and professionals charge you a fortune for it. ReTouch claims to offer you an effective and easier way out. What’s more, ReTouch guarantees that you will now be able to paint only where you need it so that the job will be done with precision like you want.

How does ReTouch Work

If you have had bad touch up jobs on cars at home then you know the waste of time it can be. But ReTouch promises to avoid those horrendous mistakes for good. And it’s also supposed to be a lot more convenient to do it yourself. In fact if you can wax then you can easily ReTouch as well, according to the claims. But the highlight definitely is the fact that it will leave paint only and exactly where you need it. Thus you won’t be wasting your time, paint or dealing with mess when you are using ReTouch.

ReTouch however has other highlights too, like the fact that it only reacts with touch paint, spray paint or clear coat. It doesn’t react to and thereby doesn’t damage old paint at all. ReTouch gives the power in your hands and you can touch up paint till you are happy with it. And if you are not, you can undo it and start again so that you are completely satisfied. ReTouch works well not only on cars but gel coats on boats as well. The simple three step process of painting, letting it dry and using it like a wax makes it very convenient.




What do I get?

  • Retouch Excess Paint “Scab” Remover
  • You get Bonus
  • Clear Coat Pen For Light Scratches
  • OEM Matched Color

You get All this at $19.95 + S&H. Official website



ReTouch Video
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