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Beat the sweltering heat and all the discomfort out to trouble you in your car’s cabin for want of a good sun shade forever! Purchase the amazingly cool and effective Pull-N-Cool and get rid of the annoying sheets that you have always relied on without much success. Stop fumbling with the mediocre material and switch over to the ultra-smart, flexible and quick Pull-N-Cool!


Pull-N-Cool is a major improvement over the traditional sun shades you’ve had to use so far. You simply pull out the Pull-N-Cool screen within seconds and place it on the car window to shield yourself from the sun! The secret behind this fantastic sun shade is its thermal-reflecting technology which is fused into the durable coiling shield. The technology empowers it to reflect the blazing sun, scorching heat as well as the harmful UV rays away from you and save you any kind of damage.

Pull-n-Cool sun shade is able to cut down the temperature in your car by as much as 40%. It also offers protection to the dash of your car and helps you save money that you have to shell out to maintain it. Moreover, Pull-n-Cool’s coiling design offers flexibility too, thanks to which it can roll out fully and provide complete coverage that other sun shades cannot.

What’s more, Pull-n-Cool doesn’t block the view either, as you can roll it and also store it away in less than an inch when you’re done. All you have to do is pull it from one side of the glass at the front window, press on, hold it across and press it again at the other end. The features of the unique Pull-n-Cool ensure complete protection and cool temperature, irrespective of soaring temperature outside. Now you simply don’t have to fear unbearable heat and unease the next time you travel in your car.



What do I get?
There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t own this great shield that offers superlative comfort and saves a lot of money as well! So place your order now for two Pull-n-Cool sun shades for only $10.00 plus $7.95 postage and handling. What’s more, you also get the Turbo auto vac along with it by paying just an additional $7.95 as postage and handling as well as the 30-day money back guarantee!
Official website – www.PullNCool.com

Customer Service
Phone: 877-206-6760



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