ProTek Weather Shield Review

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Winter storms, dirt, dust, mud, leaves, sticks and snow can get on top of your windshield and no amount of scraping and no matter how hard u work to get it off it is still frozen solid. Here’s introducing the new ProTek Weather Shield. This innovative non stick coated weather shield is the ultimate windshield protector that helps keep ice, snow and frost away from your windshield all winter long.


ProTek Weather Shield
ProTek Weather Shield is easy to use and attaches to your windshield in a split second of time. ProTek Weather Shield has a non stick coating which means snow and ice come off with just a shake. In addition to that, the powerful industrial strength magnets in the lining keep the weather shield fixed to your windshield.

This revolutionary shield is great for the summer season too. The best part is the universal size fits cars, pick up trucks, SUV’s and vans. You can now use the ProTek Weather Shield all year round and keep your windshield frost, dirt, sand, bird dropping& snow free and avoid messing up your wind shield.



What do I get?

  • 2 ProTek Weather Shields
  • Windshield Cleaner

Get 2 ProTek Weather Shields and Windshield Cleaner for just $19.95 + $17.98 s/h. Buy ProTek Weather Shield from the official website – 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.



ProTek Weather Shield Video
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3 thoughts on “ProTek Weather Shield Review

  1. I used it for the first time and this product did everything it promised as shown on tv.I bought this product because my car has to be outside with no car port or garage and I have had problems scrapping ice off the windshield and not to mention making sure my car is warmed up to run the defroster.

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