Presta’s ReNuLite Headlight Restoration Review

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Are your car headlights not working efficiently to give you the brightness you desire? Are your car’s headlights looking cloudy and yellow? You need to act quickly and effectively with the help of the amazing ReNuLite Headlight Restoration Kit!


ReNuLite Headlight Restoration
The headlights of most vehicles are made with plastic, usually polycarbonate. Polycarbonate has excellent impact resistant qualities but tends to get scratched easily and gets oxidized and yellow in the presence of sunlight. In order to prevent this problem, headlights are treated with a hard coat. But the hard coat in turn has a short life and soon turns yellow and cloudy.

Cloudy lens surface can decrease your headlight intensity by a whopping 70 per cent! But, ReNuLite Headlight Restoration Kit turns the unsightly cloudy and yellow lens surface of your car into one with crystal clear clarity! The four step ReNuLite Headlight Restoration process removes the yellow hard coat lining and provides a protective sealant that has been tested, to provide the vehicle with three years of clarity.

Other general supplies you will require for the process include Variable speed Drills, Spray bottle of water or Glass Cleaner, a lint free, Microfiber Towel, box of P600 Sanding Disks, masking tape, Interface Pad, Safety Glasses, Gloves and Respirator. The complete process has to be done in the shade where the vehicle is protected against the weather elements like rain and wind, for a better and more effective headlight finish.

You have to first remove the old hard coat completely with the help of sanding and buffing; you have to then clean and dry thoroughly with the help of the glass cleaner or water and the microfiber towel. Next you have to apply the sealant and finally cure the sealant. Your headlights are now ready and clear for some safe driving and also protected against future discoloration! It works great not only on headlights, but also brake lights, light bars and more! Don’t spend money on buying new headlights when you have the ReNuLite Headlight Restoration Kit!



What do I get?

  • The ReNuLite Headlight Restoration Kit contains
  • Presta ReNuLite Headlight Restoration Creme
  • Presta ReNuLite UV Curable Headlight Sealant
  • Presta ReNuLite Lens Drier
  • 3″ wool buffing pad
  • Drill attachment
  • Shop point of purchase display

The kit is enough for twenty headlights! You will also need to assemble the Presta UVA Curing Light. Official website

Presta’s ReNuLite Customer Service
Toll-free: 1-800-860-4488

How to Return ReNuLite Headlight Restoration Kit

To process the return, contact customer service at (800) 253-2526, between 6:00 am – 5:00 pm EST. time to receive your return authorization and ship the product to: Return
361 Fairview Ave.
Barberton, OH 44203



ReNuLite Headlight Restoration Video


3 thoughts on “Presta’s ReNuLite Headlight Restoration Review

  1. I used ReNuLite on two cars a year ago and it did a great job clarifying the lenses and protecting them. It was expensive, but I thought it was worth the money… initially. I still had about half a can left and went to do my 2004 Tundra lenses. Taped everything off, did the three grits of wet-sanding, cleaned the lenses with alcohol… then went to spray the ReNuLite coating and it had dried in the can. Solid. Drilled a hole in the can to be sure, and only got some propellant out. You could feel the ReNuLite is solid in the can. It has a DEFINITE shelf life. I’d be scared to buy another can.

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