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Do you love speeding your way through lanes and roads but are afraid of the speed traps? There are times when few fellow drivers passing by give you alert about such traps and traffic situations. This common concept is the driving force behind the innovative Avoid Speed Traps – Phantom Alert.


The Avoid Speed Traps software PhantomAlert is a digital age conceptual application supported by the Police across the nation and is 100% legal. It can be run on a GPS connect or any widely available smart phone. It keeps on updating the information by the minute where the users can simply log in information regarding speed trap networks including red light cameras and speed cameras in their area or the ones they pass by the day. It also keeps navigational information about different zones of hospital, school and even warns about dangerous curvy roads or accidental prone intersections. Drunk drivers can utilize the Driving under the Influence (DUI) checkpoint markers to make their mind about not driving but getting a cab and avoiding the arrest and/or fine for the same.The PhantomAlert also gives the user the markers for sign boards which might be corroded or obscured by age. One attractive feature of Phantom Alert is that it gives the users a real time access to the 11,000 live traffic cameras across the country. Every user who joins the Avoid Speed Traps network will have access to the software from their smart phones or computer to update the data regarding any new traffic rules or signage in their area. Upon entering the information, every user might get awards and cash prizes by becoming one of their MVP – Most Valued Participant.

Available on a large range of gadgets – computers, smart phones and Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Avoid Speed Traps will help you to be more responsible, vigilant and of course a ticket free driver.



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8 thoughts on “PhantomAlert Review

  1. Yes, all the negative comments you have heard about Phantom Alert are ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!! Please allow me to tell you my story. I purchased a Garmin GPS from Factory Outlet Store. Very happy with it. Also purchased a three-year subscription to Phantom Alert. Big mistake!!! It simply does not work as advertised. Period. Called Phantom Alert and Factory Outlet Store to cancel my subscription and get my money refunded. I was told I “went over the 90-day limit” for a refund. So I lost my $50. With a magazine subscription, if you cancel, you are given a refund of a prorated amount. Not so with Phantom Alert and Factory Outlet Store. It’s a real scam. I’m very unhappy with the product, yet I’m forced to keep it. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your hard-earned money. On top of that, Phantom Alert customer service is totally inefficient and non-existent. They won’t even reply to your emails and correspondence. Each time you call, they give you an excuse. Overall, it’s been a terrible experience. Save yourself the headaches and DON’T purchase Phantom Alert. Good luck.

  2. Tried Phantom Alert for 1 year and found it to be somewhat helpful but a distraction on interstate as it constantly sounded an alert at every emergency turn around. It was so annoying that I discontinued the subscription.

  3. PhantomAlert web site sucks. I purchased this product over a year ago. At that time I was able to choose what states and alerts I wanted. I was also able to download the alerts so I didn’t have to listen to the audible alerts. I just received a ding from my GPS. They are now on at least their 3rd web site rebuild and the only thing that can be downloaded is every alert for every state and with the audible alerts. In Georgia this is a pain since there are thousands of traffic camera at intersections. Users don’t know the difference between a traffic camera and a red light camera. Therefore you get an alert at almost every intersection.

    I don’t want school zones, construction sites, railroad crossings or red light cameras but I am now forced to have to choose between everything and nothing.

    They have been telling me that this will be resolved in a couple of weeks for over 7 months now. I don’t recommend spending the money until they resolve this issue.

  4. PhantomAlert is the most useless device I have ever purchased. Every speed trap alert I have ever received has been false. I have only been warned of one intersection camera. It is a shame that this company can continue to sell this bogus product.

    • I agree. It is the most useless devise ever. Plus, I cannot cancel my monthly subscription. Were you able to cancel yours? How did you do it?

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