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Nothing makes a dog happier than going for a ride in the car. But when he gets out, he leaves doggie odor and hair everywhere. Removing the mess is such a frustrating chore. Not anymore! Introducing the Pet Rider Seat Cover – the waterproof, perfect pet seat cover. The Pet Rider instantly installs. It has easy adjustable straps that lock securely in place. No tools needed. It completely protects the back and seat surface of the car. It even has a zipper for a custom fit in virtually any car.


How does Pet Rider Seat Cover work?
The Pet Rider’s secret is the heavy gauge waterproof material. Even a strong spray cannot penetrate this cover. If your pet gets sick, the Pet Rider protects the seats from any mess. The surface wipes clean in seconds leaving your car dry and odor free.

The Pet Rider Seat Cover is perfect for pickups with adjustable bucket seats or bench seats. The seat belt keeps your pet safely buckled in. The straps keep the Pet Rider in place. It completely covers the floor of large SUVs.

Even the sharpest claws won’t penetrate the Pet Rider. Even if there is a mess, cleanup is as easy as folding it away, leaving your car pristine clean almost instantly. You can even use it at home on your couch.

Now you can enjoy a day at the beach and keep seats dry and free of debris. Just dust the Pet Rider out and the sand and mess are gone in seconds. The revolutionary pet seat cover is made of a hair and stain resistant material that’s easy to clean.

Pet Rider FAQs

Does the Pet Rider seat cover get affected by water?
No it doesn’t because Pet Rider cover is water proof. And that’s what makes it ideal for trucks, cars, SUVs and vans. Now there’s no reason to worry about spillages and accidents because when you have Pet Rider, cleanup is easy and very convenient.

Can Pet Rider seat cover be adjusted so that it can fit practically any type of back seat in different vehicles?
Yes, most definitely. Pet Rider seat cover can be customized so that it can easily fit any backseat.

Can Pet Rider be left in cars? Can one leave Pet Rider seat cover on the seat of their car permanently?
Pet Rider seat cover can be left in the car as long as one pleases to. It will go on doing its job of keeping car seats dirt and spill free as long as it’s on the seat. Moreover Pet Rider seat cover also keeps cars odor free from pets or absolutely anyone riding in them.

Is Pet Rider easy to clean? How does one do the cleaning job?
If you think your Pet Rider seat cover looks messy or needs cleaning then you can easily handle the task by simply wiping it once with a sponge. You can also use paper towel for the job. Everything on it will be wiped off without any difficulty. What’s more, Pet Rider is machine washable. So if you feel the need to wash it, you can easily do so. Cleaning your Pet Rider is oh so convenient.

Is Pet Rider available in stores? If not, when will it be?
Pet Rider is not available in stores yet and the date of release is not set. However as soon as there is a fix on the release date, you will be notified through social media profiles and blogs.

Why does it take about 3-6 weeks for Pet Rider to be delivered after ordering it?
That’s because there has been a huge rush for orders at the moment. The manufacturer has been doing everything possible and is working double time to keep up with the orders and also address the back orders. Your order will be delivered to you as soon as possible and without any further delays.

What can I do if I place a wrong order?
That shouldn’t be a major cause for concern. All you need to do is call the toll free, customer service number 1-800-777-4034. The customer service will have to find your order and will thus need your phone number and email address if provided when ordering. Your last name and zip code will be asked for as well. However you need to note that it takes at least 24 hours for orders to be processed; hence your order might not be in the customer service system for about 24 hours or more.

How long does it take for one to be charged for their Pet Rider order? If there are any delays what are the reasons for it?
Although your order is processed within 24 hours, you won’t be charged for it till your order is shipped to you.

Pet Rider Review
Your pets are indeed a part of your family and you want to do everything you can to keep them happy. You get unconditional love from them after all and it’s up to you to ensure their wellbeing. And that often means taking them out for walks or to the vet or a grooming session at a pet salon. But do you dread the prospect of taking your dog in your car because of the mess he leaves behind with the dirt from his paws and hair he sheds? What about the nail marks that can ruin your expensive car seats? Now you can take your pet companion wherever you want to without worrying about your car seats because you have Pet Rider Seat Cover.

It’s one of those truly handy and useful products that every pet owner will love. Pet Rider Seat Cover is made out of heavy weight material; hence will protect your car seats come what may. This cover works for seats made out of different kinds of materials that can be quite hard to replace. It is also water proof and can be easily attached to the headrest of your backseat. It also has seat belt slots so that you can safely secure your pet in the back seat or the child seat. And if your dog often rides in the back, the mat can be laid out flat in the back of your SUV and you can fold it back easily for storage when not in use.

Pros and Cons of Pet Rider Seat Cover
Now it’s a well known fact that different manufacturers use materials like fleece, foam or heavy gauge twill to make pet seat covers, no such information is available when it comes to Pet Rider Seat Cover. Neither do manufacturers give you any information about the dimensions of the Pet Rider Seat Cover, which kind of leaves you in the dark.

Another important aspect the manufacturers of Pet Rider Seat Cover fail to shed light on is that you need a headrest to install it. Hence if your car doesn’t have a headrest, you are going to find it very difficult to install Pet Rider Seat Cover and will have to come up with an ingenious way for installation.

You might also have to put up with a strong odor due to chemicals, which is associated with these seat covers.

The lack of genuine reviews for Pet Rider Seat Cover can only mean two things; either most customers are yet to receive this product or it could well be that they are happy with the way it functions. After all, we have noticed that people don’t tend to write reviews for products that work well.

There are many pet seat covers that cost about $25.00 with additional shipping costs, however Pet Rider Seat Cover costs you $30.00 and shipping costs are included in it. You can buy Pet Rider Seat Cover for this price from the official website and it’s actually quite a good deal considering the hassles many of us have gone through with AS SEEN ON TV products. You have the better option of buying it at a fair price of $20.00 plus shipping charges at



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –
2 Pet Rider Units for just $19.99 + $10.98 s/h.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Pet Rider Video


35 thoughts on “Pet Rider Review

  1. I purchased one. Aside from the smell, it does NOT work on a back seat that does not have headrests. Without them to hold it, it slides right out of place. My dog has, for years, been trained to ride in the back seat, so what good is this product when you MUST have headrests to secure it, contrary to what the website advertises? I did not/will not order items like this on line-I bought mine at WalMart, which sells a wide variety of those “asseenontv” goodies. I’ve read reviews on Amazon that really focus on the obvious smell-there’s some question about the safety & I agree-they REEK!


  3. I just received my Pet Rider yesterday. Yes, it does stink, so I’m airing it out. I don’t have high hopes for the product, but I’m writing to complain about this company’s dishonesty, and I plan to complain to the BBB as well.

    1. They’re pushy, and they lie. When you order online, the company says (I’m paraphrasing here), ‘Don’t you want to “upgrade” to faster shipping?’ (Nope.) ‘Well, if you don’t, it will take 7-10 weeks for you to get it.’ (Not true; I ordered it on 6.29.12 and received it on 7.19.12.) ‘Don’t you want to stock up and order a whole bunch?’ (Nope.) ‘Okay, well, are you SURE you don’t want to upgrade to the faster shipping for $9?’ (No, I really don’t.) ‘We’ll send you a FREE gift that’s valued at $20!’ (Nope. All I got were some ads and discounts for more cheap junk from China. I didn’t want the free gift, but why lie about it?)

    2. They overcharge you. My emailed receipt showed that I paid $21.98 for the Pet Rider ($14.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling). But when I checked my bank statement and received my order, they’d charged me $26.98 (they increased the price of the item from $14.99 to $19.99)! I called customer service, was on hold for several minutes, and talked to a rep who apologized about seven times, and claimed the company would refund me $6.99 (which is $1.99 more than I asked for). We’ll see if it shows up.

    3. A few people like this product; a lot of people don’t. I’ll try it out this weekend, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll have to call the company again to start the return process. Oh, joy!

    Keep complaining, everyone–this company is NOT honest.

  4. I bought a Pet Rider at the store to use on my couch. When I opened the package it had a strong odor which I thought would go away in a few hours. The smell didn’t go away even after several days and now my couch smells too. Plus the smell rubs into your hands, clothing and Pets. The Pet Rider is hanging out in the back yard hoping the odor will go away with airing outdoors. Now to try and figure out what to do about my couch.

    It’s made in China, I am worried it may have some toxic fumes and unfortunately it doesn’t list what it’s made of.

  5. The Pet Rider is nothing like the advertisement seen on T.V. or even the box cover. Doesn’t fit, smells toxic, dog won’t get near it. Don’t waste your money or TIME.

  6. I was looking for a seat cover that I could use when I take my dog out in my car. That’s how I came across Pet Rider and wanted to know more about its features and how it would work for me. But after going through several reviews sites like,,,,,,, I was none the wiser and hugely disappointed. I could barely find any relevant information on these so called review sites and their main aim seemed to be sales pitch. I expect reviews to be unbiased and to be able to give me helpful information about a product rather than sending me to another page selling the product through the “Buy Now” trap. It clearly seems nothing more than a ploy by the manufacturer to lure users; however I wasn’t going to fall for that. I am so glad I have found this site where I get an unbiased review of a product including this one, so that I can decide for myself if I want to buy a product now, later or never.

    • Unfortunately what you have experienced is not a one off thing and such fake review sites have flooded the Internet. They are abusing the search engine optimization methods by adding content that can trick the Search Engines into believing that they are offering genuine information. However as you have found out, it’s not the reality. We make sure the content on our site is genuine and are happy that users like you appreciate it.

  7. I went to their to see about their free shipping. I got a ”NOT found” when I tried to close this tab, it came back with a 15% discount offer on the order page. something didn’t feel right so I got off page completely & glad I did. Yep Dr Foster & Smith good alternative. Having a SUV, I keep the back seats up & laid some left over carpet in the back. The dog loves it, probably b/c it reminds her of home!

  8. I worry about the strong odor of the Pet Rider cover. Since it’s made in China which has sent poison dog food, baby food, and sheet rock; is this product safe since it gives off such a stink?

  9. Chemical smell awful.just as bad after washing and air drying.wonder if it’s cancer causing.taking it back,not taking any chances.

  10. Wow, I came here to see if other people had the same insanely strong smell coming off of their Pet Rider seat cover as I do and it seems as though ordering this thing through their website is a much bigger issue.

    It’s likely too late to help any of you who have gotten screwed already, but I picked my Pet Rider up as an impulse buy near the register of my local Bed Bath & Beyond for $14.99. No shipping and handling charges or shady credit card charges when you go this route. It does, however, smell like I have several open containers of paint thinner in my car.

  11. Got my Pet Rider seat cover – the odor is bad Air for 3 days rain on the still smells. It make my wife sick and the 2 dogs will not lay on it. Like to return them but the shipping to high and lose in the long run. Order 1 and get one free but got 4 – this is a scam.

  12. I went to the local outlet store and found a section for As Seen on TV and purchased one Pet Rider Dog Seat for my truck. It was $14.99 plus sales tax and did not have to deal with the company. Most of these companies have found that they add item for free except shipping and handling and really stick it to you. I found it at Kitchen Collection but I have seen other stores with these products. By he way it works well but did have a smell that disappeared after a few days. I think it is a good product for the money but don’t go to the web site to purchase.

  13. Is a complete scam, don’t buy, go to Pets mart, they have it. I ordered Pet Rider off TV number. After 20 minutes of promos, and saying 3 to 6 weeks before delivery I hung up and called right back to cancel order. Was told to wait 24 hours and call back. They told me then it had already been shipped. They charged my credit card $28.00. I decided to wait and see if it would come quickly, and it did. Believe me, it is very much not like what you see on TV. It is black, and doesn’t fit the front seat right. It shows how you can u-zip for the console, what a joke. The zipper was at the bottom, and upzipped to the floor board. This product needs to be taken off TV, because you are not getting the same thing. I hope someone can sue them. Am going to write the BBB next

  14. I just received the Pet Rider Seat Cover product (s) so I don’t know how well it works…BUT their website is very confusing and does NOT allow you to make changes. I ended up being billed for 3 but I only wanted one. The “free” shipping turned out to be $13.95!!

  15. Thank you very much for your comments. I think someone asked, is it worth it? any other suggestions? Amazon? drfosterandsmith? come on, we get it, its 40 bucks for 2 of these things. Is it worth it? I’m on here and don’t see an alternative for less. Amazon? yea right, Google while you’re at it. Maybe we should go to army navy surplus and get a canvas ground cover? Just a simple question is asked, is it worth it? If not is there a product designed as well or better that is? Maybe not.

  16. I was not happy without a cart to verify my charges. I declined all extras and it cost me $41 not the $14.99 + 9.99 for 2 however then charged me another $9.99 for deluxe no shipping charge but $6.99 handling charges. This is not what I expected. I expected $14.99 + $9.99=24.98 total. When you say free shipping, you expect not to have processing fees either. I will have to see the product and check it out before I can review the product. Be careful with your credit card.

  17. Pet rider website is deceptive. Do not order from this company. False advertising and they do not reveal total costs until order is placed. The final total cost was over $20 more than advertised. We could not cancel order. We will have to dispute charge with our credit card company – Pet rider will not get any money from us. Stay away from this company

  18. Actually… I just received my 2 – 2 pack Pet Rider order and from what the packing slip shows, I was charged the correct amount of $14.99 x 2 = 29.98. NOW, the shipping was $27.00. A lot for shipping however, the box weighted over 20 #’s. No tax $57.94. I have eight (8) of these (appears to be well-made) Pet Rider seat protectors. Made in China makes me want to PUKE BUT like all of us, we know that most ‘stuff’ bought anyplace now-a-days is made in CHINA. The chemical smell is enough to kill a cock-roach so before I mail some out to relatives for their dogs… I will air them out for a few days. ALL in ALL… I figure I got what I paid for. Keeping fingers crossed that my CC Bill will also reflect the $57.94 charge.

  19. I just went through some of the same madness that Charlie Kindschi (above) went through and I will be very mad if I am charged some outrageous amounts like Alan MacDonald (above) When I finally got off the phone and was able to get a live person phone # she told me my order was not in the system yet as it takes 24 to 48 hours. I will hound these people until I get some responses as to how much is being charged to my CC and for what. This whole order process is just this side of a scam to me and I most likely will cancel the order & if they do not let me do that I will dispute it with my CC who WILL get the money back from them if they get paid. I will go to a STORE and actually be able to see and touch what I am buying before I go through this mess again.

    • Yep-go to your local thrift store and get several used blankets to cover your seats. Much cheaper, far less hassle, and they can be easily laundered.

  20. I saw the TV ad for a Pet Rider Seat Cover for $14.99. I logged on and was offered an upgrade for $6.00 plus I could double my order for very little more. I went for it. When I got to the complete order screen I was amazed to see that the total was $83.92. I chose not to proceed. but it was too late the order was placed at the time I went to the total order screen. No chance to not click submit, there was no submit. I called the 800 number and said I did not want the product at that price and to cancel. My credit card was charged and the package shipped.

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