Paint Regen Scratch Remover Review

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About Paint Regen Scratch Remover

Paint Regen Scratch Remover states to be a solution that can eliminate scratches from cars, motorbikes, caravans and even boats completely. Paint Regen Scratch Remover assures to be easy to apply and fills and seals deeper scratches to prevent them from corrosion. Paint Regen Scratch Remover convinces to work on all kinds of vehicles and goes with every color and finish.


Paint Regen REVIEW

Waste of money – Oliver who used Paint Regen complained in his review that he tried it on the scratches on his car but it didn’t work at all. He followed the instructions to the T but that didn’t make any difference and now thinks he wasted his money on the product.

False marketing – Pierre who bought Paint Regen exposed in his review that he had big expectations about the product because the infomercials seemed promising. But in reality the product did nothing for even the mildest scratches. He is disappointed with the false marketing of the product and feels cheated.

Doesn’t work – Steve who used Paint Regen revealed in his review that it just doesn’t work no matter how hard you try to remove the scratches. He really spent a lot of time and effort on getting rid of the scratches but the product didn’t do anything for him.

How does Paint Regen work

Instead of spending money on taking your car to a garage for a scratch removal or re-spray job, Paint Regen Scratch Remover proclaims that you can do it yourself easily. Paint Regen Scratch Remover assures to be very easy to use. All you need to do is shake the Paint Regen Scratch Remover bottle, apply it directly on the scratch and wipe away the excessive liquid with a microfiber cloth.

Paint Regen Claims to Remove scratches

When your car or any other vehicle suffers a scratch you need to take it to a repair shop and end up spending hundreds of dollars on a simple scratch removal job. Nicks, imperfections and minor scratches may seem easy to be dealt with at home but traditional methods are time-consuming and take a lot of effort to yield results. Paint Regen Scratch Remover claims to be the solution that promises to let you save the money on repairs and give a professional touch to your car scratch removal job right at home. However these claims do not seem to fructify as per the REAL Paint Regen reviews.

Easy to use and effective

Paint Regen Scratch Remover asserts to have cushioning system on the tip that adapts to any surface and the technology eliminates scratches and fills, seals and prevents corrosion. So whether a superficial scratch or a deeper one, Paint Regen claims to get rid of the imperfection in minutes and easily, but looking at the Paint Regen reviews these lofty promises are mere myths. The Paint Regen solution promises to be so easy to use that practically anyone can do it without the need to seek help from a professional. You just need to shake the Paint Regen Scratch Remover bottle, apply the solution on the affected area and wipe off any excessive solution with a microfiber cloth.

Works on any vehicle and color

Paint Regen Scratch Remover alleges that whether it is your car, pickup truck, SUV, motorbike, caravan or even a boat, it can remove scratches from every kind of vehicle. The problem with re-spraying just a part of the car is that you seldom get the perfectly matching color and may end up with mismatched patches. But Paint Regen Scratch Remover maintains that no matter what the color and finish of your vehicle, it will go well with it since it is clear color. Paint Regen Scratch Remover claims that your vehicle will look brand new in minutes and without having spent any money. Paint Regen Scratch Remover assures to give such professional results that no one will ever tell that your car was scratched. The car scratch remover declares to come in a handy bottle so you can store it in your glove box and use it even if you are out.

What do I get?

You get Paint Regen Scratch Remover for £14.99.Official wesite


Should you buy Paint Regen?
Based on the Paint Regen reviews we do not recommend you to buy Paint Regen at this cost, it is worth a try if you could get at half the price is is being sold.

42 thoughts on “Paint Regen Scratch Remover Review

  1. What an absolute load of crap. Having used it as per instructions, the scratch is worse than before. Absolute con. Should be taken off the shelves

  2. I bought Paint Regen and followed the directions and surprise surprise it doesn’t work !!
    The company should be investigated about false marketing.

  3. Vaya estafa!!! 13€ tirados a la basura. No sirve para nada. Ni siquiera disimula los arañazos… No lo he comprado no en un chino ni a “uno en la calle” ni en internet… lo he comprado en Carrefour… digo esto porque no puedo entender cómo grandes almacenes con cierto renombre venden estas estafas. Es una auténtica vergüenza. No comprar.

  4. I got suckered into buying this. Biggest waste of money going. Didn’t work – even on the lightest of scratches. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

  5. Thanks to all who left reviews and comments, I will not be wasting my money on this. The advertising is very misleading and should be stopped before more unsuspecting people waste their money.

  6. Waste of money, doesn’t work at all. It even makes the scratches on a dark colored vehicle worse. The way that they advertise it is really shamefull. Companies like this should be punished for the way they try to sell a product thats worth nothing at all.

  7. Sad to say I fell for it too.
    15€, it costs in Spain, what a waste of time and money.
    It’s a hoax (hustle) , whatever you want to call it.

  8. It’s about as effective as putting toothpaste on your paintwork. Even on the lightest of scratches it makes no difference at all.

  9. Bought this product in good faith after reading the ad in the Sun on Sunday. What a load of rubbish a complete waste of money and time.

  10. this product is utter garbage. it is not worth the bottle they put it in. tried using it on a scratch about as fine as a human hair and it did absolutely nothing. zip. zilch. nada.

    waste of coin and more importantly a waste of my time

    • You are the only person that has a good word to say for this product? I bought some and after finding that it was rubbish I looked it up on ‘the webb’ and found that everybody, apart from you, agreed that it is a waste of money and a con rip off. How did you get it to work?

  11. Thanks for the reviews everyone. I was tempted by the advert in the Sun newspaper with 2 bottles for £19.95. Glad I found you – I’ll be saving my money for something that hopefully will work.

    • Thank god for finding these reviews, the reviews on Amazon are very poor as well, I to saw the advert in the sun and was about to buy it, so thanks for the info Steve.

  12. Never given a reply before but really thankful others do, saved my money so thought i should make the effort as a thank you to everyone who had taken the time to be helpful.

    many thanks

  13. I thought this was a Genuine Honest Reviews website – all it seems to do is repeat the advertising blurb. They are affiliated to the sellers so it’s an advert, then.

  14. Why would they be aloud to sell this stuff if it dont work?
    I have just thought about ordering this stuff but im glad i done a search first.
    Saved me some money.
    Has anyone tried to get their money back within the 14 day period?

  15. Wish I had read your review before parting with my cash. I agree this is useless, just as well have bought a bottle of water for the use it is.

      • bought this product absolute rubbish does not remove even slightest Daily mail should test products before allowing adverts of this nature

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