One Wipe Restore Review

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Do you want your car to look as spic and span as it did when you got it from the showroom, and have tried all the solutions available? These traditional solutions can’t get rid of problems like faded bumpers, old looking trim, foggy headlights and worn out dashboard. No matter how much you try your car still has the white foggy layer on it. But now you can get a single and one step formula One Wipe that will restore the shine to your car and get rid of the haze to make the finish look new. One Wipe has a nano-tech formula that will bond with the surface of your car and prevent fading. And, it also has ultraviolet ray protectors that will make sure that your car is safe from future fading too.


One Wipe Restore
One Wipe is so effective that the finish you get after using it will last for months. You will spot the difference immediately and the restored shine won’t wipe off even if you send your car for a wash. The solution is extremely easy to use – just spray it on the surface and wipe it with a cloth.

You can use it on your bumpers on the outer rim, mirrors, headlights and even on your car seats to get a clean look. Whether you want to restore old plastic and vinyl or even use it on leather, it will work great because it is silicone free; so you can use it safely with no worries. Make your dull headlights seem crystal clear and before you go for replacing them you could use One Wipe and save on money.

You will get all these benefits for a very low price and if you order now you will also get a sponge solution applicator as free bonus. That’s not all. The order will also include a Cure It One Wipe Intense paint restorer that will not only restore faded paint but also get rid or minor scratches and swirl marks easily. The solution gives your car such a great protective layer that even fire can’t damage it.



What do I get?

  • Cure-It One Wipe Intense Restorer (Enough For 2 Cars!)
  • Applicator
  • Cure-It One Wipe Intense Paint Restorer

All this for just $14.99 plus $15.90. Official website



One Wipe Restore Video
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3 thoughts on “One Wipe Restore Review

  1. Don’t order one wipe. You will never get the product. They just say it’s on backorder – forever. Take your money, but that’s the most they will do.

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