NeoSocket EZ Fuel Saver Review

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Do you need to save money? Here’s a bright idea where you just plug NeoSocket in to your car cigarette lighter and keep your money where it belongs, in the bank! NeoSocket works by reducing your electricity load and increasing your car’s performance.


How does NeoSocket EZ Fuel Saver work?
Using NeoSocket, you can save up to 30% on gas and helping your family budget! So for those who never seem to have enough money for gas and also want to help the environment, NeoSocket is a revolutionary way of saving gas as well as money.

All you have to do is first, plug NeoSocket into the car cigarette lighter; second, start driving and third, have increased horsepower! NeoSocket helps in increasing battery life with lower emissions and increased gas mileage. With NeoSocket, you can Save Money, Save Fuel and Save the Planet!

Neo Socket Review

Neo Socket is highly innovative and highly advanced breakthrough invention and patented device that could save fuel consumption by 10-30%. The 100% Japanese made device was first launched in Hokkaido, Japan and it is presently being used in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Middle East and Asia.

Neo Socket also helps improve vehicle’s engine acceleration and the performance of on board equipment such as stereo, air-condition and lights. It also provides more horse power, longer battery life and higher throttles response. Neo Socket gives vehicles cleaner emission and helps reduce carcinogenic emissions that are responsible for Global Climate Changes (GCC). That means less pollution and more clean air. Neo Socket is proven safe, convenient and easy to use.

The passive electrical component that can store energy in the electric field between a pair of conductors (called “plates”). The process of storing energy in the capacitor is known as “charging”, and involves electric charges of equal magnitude, but opposite polarity, building up on each plate. A capacitor’s ability to store charge is measured by its capacitance, in units of farads.

NeoSocket EZ Fuel Saver FAQs

What is EZ Fuel Saver?
A Japan product, EZ Fuel Saver is a path-breaking device that has been tested and proven to increase the MPG of your vehicle up to 30 % depending on the type of vehicle, driver’s behavior, road conditions, weather, etc.

Is it compatible with all vehicles?
Yes, it works in about 99% of gas/diesel run vehicles so long as they have a 12 volt cigarette lighter socket to plug the device into.

How does EZ Fuel Saver benefit my car?
The device increases the average MPG of the vehicle up to 30%, improves horsepower, prolongs the vehicle’s battery life, gives cleaner emissions, and powers the vehicle’s electrical system.

How is EZ Fuel Saver installed?
Anyone can easily install the device within seconds by simply plugging the terminal end of the device into the car cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle.

What’s the durability of the device?
EZ Fuel Saver lasts 3-5 years under normal conditions and depending on the number of miles the vehicle is driven per year.

How long does it take for EZ Fuel Saver to start working after installation?
It starts working as soon as it is plugged in.

Does it damage the vehicle after it stops working?
No, the device doesn’t harm your car.

Should one remove it from the vehicle at night?
No, it can be left installed in the vehicle 24/7. It doesn’t drain the vehicle’s battery since it uses only a small LED light. It is recommended to remove the device only if the vehicle won’t be driven for at least a week.

Does removing EZ Fuel Saver and reinstalling later damage the vehicle?
No, the device won’t damage the vehicle.

Can EZ Fuel Saver be attached to cigarette extensions?

Can multiple EZ Fuel Savers be installed in the vehicle?
Yes, but the results will increase just slightly.

How does it technically function?
The EZ Fuel Saver functions somewhat like a battery, with its capacitors acting like small storage batteries that charge and discharge quickly. A thin insulator/air separates the two plates that the device is made of. A charge builds up (and remains after the current is removed) when both the plates are charged positive and negative each. On requirement of power, the circuit is switched and it conducts current between the plates releasing the charge that makes vehicle’s electrical system reduce work thus saving fuel, and prolonging your vehicle’s life.

Does using EZ Fuel Saver condense battery?
The device is like a secondary battery in your vehicle and reduces the load of your current battery prolonging its life.

How is it different from similar devices?
Only EZ Fuel Saver has a 3-in-1 system that uses only high-grade electronic components making it more heat and vibration resistant. It also protects the circuit inside by enduring any weather and humid conditions. Most products need professional mechanics to install them inside the engine compartments of the vehicle but this is the first device that uses in-car cigarette-lighter socket plug.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get 1 NeoSocket EZ Fuel Saver for just $26.99 + $9.99 shipping and handling. Official Website



Reviews and Complaints
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  1. Products like this and the people who buy them only prove two things to me. 1) There are a lot of very uneducated people on this earth who are unaware of how the devices they use everyday actually work. 2) There are a lot of unscrupulous but slightly more educated people on this earth who will use the slight educational advantage to shamelessly rip-off the other group. It truly is a sad state of affairs. Do not buy this or any other product that makes claims based only on testimonial evidence of effectiveness. Keep your money. You’ll be a smarter, richer person for it.

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