Motor Pulse REVIEW | As Seen On TV Car Diagnostic Device

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What is Motor Pulse?

It is a sophisticated automotive component that helps you get accurate and professional estimates of repairs for your vehicles when synched with your smartphone with its app.



Precise Estimate for your Vehicle Repairs

Motor Pulse claims to be the ultimate solution for vehicle owners that tells them what exactly is wrong with their vehicle by performing a full system check and how much they need to pay to get it rectified. Many motor repairers blatantly fleece customers and overcharge them unfairly but that won’t be the case if you use Motor Pulse. Its makers proclaim that once you install it in your vehicle and sync it with your smartphone, all details will be flashed promptly on your smartphone supported by its free app.


How Motor Pulse Works?

Motor Pulse seemingly a thorough diagnosis and report of the problem directly on the smart phone. This device and system are projected as being the same as what professionals use. It carries out a complete system check pertaining to your vehicle’s engine, transmission and other aspects. Motor Pulse is easy to use, saves time and installs quickly. It doesn’t drain car’s batteries even if connected for long, works with most vehicles both old and new and needs no tools.


Motor Pulse Official Website:

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