Mantis Windscreen Cleaner

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What is Mantis Windscreen Cleaner:

It is a cleaner that claims to help you clean and shine every inch of your windscreen.
Mantis Windscreen Cleaner has an extending handle, which promises to help you cover most of the area of your windscreen. Moreover its flexible head means you can get to those hard to reach areas about the dashboard without any difficulty. Thus Mantis Windscreen Cleaner maintains that you can get this important cleaning job done with ease and in hardly any time. You get crystal clear visibility with your windscreen, which is just what you want when you are driving around on the roads.
Mantis Windscreen Cleaner asserts that it is versatile for your cleaning needs because it comes with three cloth heads. Thus you can do practically anything, from polishing and scrubbing to demisting with one cleaner. You will be able to get rid of thick dirt and dead bugs with it as well. The reversible glass cloth it has ensures that you get a sparkling finish, according to its claims. While Mantis Windscreen Cleaner cleans efficiently, it doesn’t scratch windows. And when you are done using it, you can fold it away and store in your glove box.


Mantis Windscreen Cleaner Replacement Cloths

Mantis Windscreen Cleaner claims to help you clean your windscreens efficiently. It has three machine washable cloth heads that can be used for different cleaning purposes, according to its claims.
Mantis Windscreen Cleaner Replacement Cloths include the reversible glass cloth that gives your windows sparkling and clear finish. There’s also the microfiber cloth that absorbs moisture and maintains that it is ideal for demisting. Mantis Windscreen Cleaner Replacement Cloths also contain the netted cloth that can scrub away heavy dirt and dead bugs. Thus it guarantees you versatile cleaning results without scratching your windows.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Mantis Windscreen Cleaner for £9.99
  • Official website:
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