Lula Bloc Review

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What is Lula Bloc

It is a car safety accessory that claims to keep the buckles up and within reach at all times.

Lula Bloc assures you complete safety while driving because everyone, including those in the backseat will be buckled up conveniently and securely. When you are driving you want everyone to have their seat belts on but the problem lies in finding the buckles that often get lost in the cracks or are just too difficult to locate. You end up wasting a lot of precious time on it and it can be an inconvenience if you have elders at home. This car accessory promises to offer you a simple and efficient way around it. We will look into this claim by analyzing Lula Bloc reviews for you.


Makes buckling process easier

What happens when you have growing-up children who want to do everything on their own? They find it hard to put on the seat belt when you are taking them to school or a day out. This car accessory makes buckling up a lot easier so that kids can do it securely themselves too. Is that true in your experience? We want to know more about it in your Lula Bloc reviews. This specially designed car accessory works by keeping the buckles upright in their position so that anyone can find them. Elders with limited mobility can also do well with them. Lula Bloc reviews are awaited to tell us is that’s truly the case.

This simple addition to your car asserts that it is also ideal for boosters and infant seats, according to its claims. Did you have it easy using it with infant seats and boosters? Let us know in your Lula Bloc reviews.

Smartly designed for your comfort

Here is a car seat accessory, which emphasizes on the fact that it has been specially designed to offer you complete convenience. It is made out of flexible material, which not only means it keeps the car buckles in place but is easy to fit too. We would like to know how it really works in your Lula Bloc reviews. The flexible material also ensures that it won’t hurt you every time you need to buckle up. There won’t be any painful episodes while you slide across the backseat as well. Your Lula Bloc reviews will be useful in knowing more about this claim too.

What do I get?

You will get two Lula Bloc either a black or orange for only $9.95 plus $9.9P&H.Official website

One thought on “Lula Bloc Review

  1. These would be great, IF I could get them on the seat buckles. I have squished & squeezed them trying to force them on. Finally, after almost breaking my fingers off I got it over the buckle, but it did not slip on down. No matter how much I pushed they would not go down. I drive a 2012 GMC Yukon. I need to send these back!

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