Hot Seat Car Cushion Review

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Your car may be really cozy, comfy and luxurious, but if it isn’t equipped to provide you warmth when it’s chilly, you need Hot Seat, the portable seat warmer cushion that keeps you warm and comfortable. Hot Seat is the perfect solution that sees you through in the winters when stepping out in the car seems daunting as it’s too cold. Hot Seat, a soft seat warmer cushion which is easy to install and use, ensures that you don’t feel chilly and uncomfortable while driving, as discomfort due to cold could be really unsafe.

How does Hot Seat Car Cushion Work

Hot Seat is a comfortable seat cushion that comes with a plug that you need to insert in a socket to switch it on. You can use the cigarette lighter to plug it in. And once you do, just set it to your desired temperature and let the warmth envelop you! Hot Seat is that easy to install and use as it has very simple settings. A few seconds are all you need to get the amazing Hot Seat in action after plugging it.

Once you turn your Hot Seat on, you will notice that it can be set on different temperature modes as per your requirement. You can set it on high when it’s freezing cold outside as well as low when it’s not too cold. What’s more, the Hot Seat car seat warmer also keeps your back warm when you are seated in the car. Hot Seat is a plush, flexi cushion that keeps you comfortable on a long drive. It spreads warmth in your car and indulges you the way you want to as well! It indeed is the perfect companion you can count on.

Another highlight of the seat warmer is its universal design which fits any seat, straight or bucket. You can detach it and install it from car to car whenever you wish. Hot Seat is also comfortable for people with arthritis and back problems. You can even put it in the back seat so that everyone is comfortable and happy! Hot Seat is more than an ordinary car seat warmer as it lets you enjoy instant warmth in your vehicle!



What do I get?

  • 1 Hot seat
  • 1Hot spot Adapter

All this for $ 19.99 + P.&H. Official website



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