Head Wedgie Review

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Traveling in a car without head and neck support can be a strain on your head and neck. Here’s introducing Head Wedgie, the ultimate head rest solution. When you sleep in the car, tension is produced on the spine but Head Wedgie provides perfect lateral support that considerably reduces stiffness and neck pain giving you a more comfortable and peaceful journey.


Head Wedgie
Head Wedgie is an innovative new head rest that gives you great comfort and head support when traveling in a car. Simply strap Head Wedgie on to the front or back seat of your car and enjoy all your long journeys with amazing safety and comfort.

It is made of durable soft comfortable microfiber that will last for years. With the support of Head Wedgie you will never need a pillow to support your head or neck when you travel. Head Wedgie is a great new way to relax and enjoy your ride.

Head Wedgie features a non-slip back and weighted bottom and brace so it stays put in place. It can be strapped to any seat: car, van, truck, SUV, or wagon.
Head Wedgie is ideal for everyone to use. It’s great for passengers, kids, parents, and grandparents.

So from now one traveling with your kids will be a comfortable and hassle free experience.

Head Wedgie can be folded neatly so that you can carry it with you wherever you go. You can even use it in a train or an airplane to give your head the perfect support. Use it in the office when you are sitting for long hours and at home while reading or watching TV for extra comfort and support. It is even great for people with restricted mobility.

So don’t risk your passengers comfort and safety, give them a Head Wedgie instead.

Head Wedgie is available in three colors: tan, brown, black, and gray.

Order the Head Wedgie for only $19.99 plus $7.95 P&H but if you order right now you will get a second Head Wedgie, just pay separate P&H.
If the Head Wedgie does not give you the comfort that you need simply send it back for a full refund of the purchase price, less P&H.



What do I get?
Order your Head Wedgie today for just $19.99 plus $7.95 P&H and you will receive a second Head Wedgie at no additional cost, just pay separate P&H. Official website www.TheHeadWedgie.com



Head Wedgie Video


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  1. I ordered two Head Wedgies on October 23, 2011 and have not received them. When I try to get on the website to check on the status it is like there is no web site. If I haven’t received them by the end of this month or can’t get a status report I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau.

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