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What is Grab-It:

It is a hands free universal device mount that claims to hold on to all your gadgets tight while you drive.
Grab-It is meant to be quite handy for anyone who has to be on the road for long and simply can’t do without their gadgets. We have come to rely on our gadgets for work and personal reasons and need to have quick access to them at all times. You also want to ensure that they are kept safely while you drive. Grab-It can handle the responsibility for you, according to its claims.

Grab-It is effective in holding your devices tight

The secret of Grab-It lies in the innovative double sided force lock valves that are responsible for creating vacuum by pumping out air. As a result any gadget you have will be held firmly for your convenience. Moreover it’s super safe because the vacuum is created at both ends. One vacuum end created by Grab-It seals to the surface while the other seals to your gadget, which could be anything from a tablet to phone and readers. All you have to do is pump it twice and the device will be held tight and in your sight.


Grab-It has many convenient features for you

Firstly, Grab-It offers you respite from clamps, clips and sticky pads that you otherwise need to rely on. There is no need for tools or adhesives with it as well. Good thing about it is that it can hold devices up to 10 pounds. Grab-It can also pivot to 360 degrees so that you have hands free viewing from just about any angle. It’s quite versatile and you can use it to attach anything from tablets and music systems to GPS for your convenience while you are driving.
Grab-It can be lifted right off when you are done using it. Since there is no adhesive used, there won’t be any marks left on your countertop. And if Grab-It gets dirty over time you can simply rinse it clean and ensure that it keeps doing the job for you for long.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll get Two Grab It for just $10.00 plus $13.98 S&H.
  • Official website:
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