GoPro PowerBlaster

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What is GoPro PowerBlaster

It is an innovative way to clean the car sparkling clean like a car wash but at home using regular garden hose.

Cleans like Carwash:

GoPro PowerBlaster guarantees that it will help you clean your car, boat, truck or RV so well that it will shine like a new vehicle just like in a carwash. Smudges, stains and bird poop regularly take out the fine looks of a vehicle and the only way to clean them is toiling with a bucket and cloth to wipe it off. This traditional process takes a lot of time and needs a lot of efforts but is cost effective unlike a carwash. GoPro PowerBlaster claims to merge the benefit of cleaning at home and the power cleaning by carwash in one with its innovative design that fits on any standard garden hose. The secret behind the working of GoPro PowerBlaster is stated to be its powerful blaster mechanism that forces the water to flow with force that scrubs clean any surface in seconds.


Innovative mechanism:

GoPro PowerBlaster asserts to be different due to its mechanism that takes the help of a gear system. Once GoPro PowerBlaster is connected to the hose and as water starts flowing through it the water flow creates a pressure that pushes and moves the gears inside it. Once the gears start to rotate at a high speed there is a huge gush of water that starts flowing through the mouth of GoPro PowerBlaster. There is an assembly of micro fiber fingers at the mouth so that when the water flows it can scrub it along bringing cleaning time to half. These micro fiber fingers are designed in such a way that they are extra soft and gentle on the paint but very hard on dirt. GoPro PowerBlaster convinces to be the best due to its lightweight and a facility to dial up and down the soap pressure to clean up the filthy spots. One can even stop the soap flow to simply rinse the surface and is great at cleaning exterior windows and walls. If GoPro PowerBlaster assembly is removed it works as a power jet to clean up the patio, walkways, etc. and even to clean the house exterior.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive the GoPro Power Blaster for just $19.95 + $7.99 P&H.
  • Official website:
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