Fuel Up Review

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Like all car owners you understand the importance of the efficiency of your drive and want it to be maintained at its optimum. But that’s not always possible and things like electrical system in your car can take its toll. What’s more, you want to be able to save as much gas as possible in today’s times, not only because of its costs but also since it’s an important need of our planet. That’s why Fuel Up is of great help to you and can help you save as much as 10% gas or more as soon as you have it installed.

How does Fuel Up Work

The electrical system in your car is responsible for the running of your AC, windows etc and it’s also what powers your car’s engine. While this might function normally for some time, over the years it leads to an imbalance in the voltage delivery. That in turn causes your car’s performance to drop. You might notice that the electric system is not as powerful as it used to be and the flow of energy is hampered causing a poor overall performance of the car. That’s where Fuel Up comes in as it manages the equilibrium of the electric flow in the car and enhances it further.

As a result you will notice that your car’s performance is improved almost instantly and you don’t have to take any special efforts for it either. And you also know what improved car performance means; it runs more efficiently on gas thus helping you conserve it and save yourself some costs. You will also find that it’s very easy to install; you don’t need any special tools or help of professionals either. You can simply install it yourself and be in the driver’s seat as far as efficiency and performance of your car is concerned.

It’s also extremely versatile and works very well with your diesel and petrol cars. It’s very easy to use in the long run to and maintain, which makes it great value for money. And since it comes with a 30 day guarantee, you can be assured of its quality too.



What do I get?

  • 2 Fuel Up devices
  • adjustable – dual power adaptor

All this for $19.99 + $ 15.90 P.&H. Official website tryfuelup.com


Fuel Up Video
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7 thoughts on “Fuel Up Review

  1. I feel a lot of company’s try gimmicks and gadgets. If you want something that save gas get an Ecoflex cars or trucks. That is true that your s/h is non refundable and will cost you extra to send it back. it sounds and looks good but not worth the time and money. I would rather buy a k&n air filter than this product.

  2. I notice they have an arbitration agreement that you must agree to order the device. Basically they are going to make there money from the no returnable shipping and handing. It going to cost at least a third of what you would get back to return the device. They are trying to limit their liability for this product with the arbitration agreement. By going to arbitration they are going to just give you back what you paid minus the cost of the arbitration which is more than what they would give you. Looks like a scam to me.

  3. Seriously? I’m open to new ideas for sure; this here… Yeah I have a hard time believing this. I would think, like another reviewer mentioned, most cars today would have the appropriate voltage regulation already. I just saw a commercial for it and decided to look into what people are saying about it. Surprisingly, I can not find a whole lot of information/reviews about it. Back to Google.

  4. I’m not sure if it works or not, but I would think your cars computer is already set up to balance your car electrical system..isn’t that what a voltage regulator does. What do I know though, all I do know is its seams too good to be true.

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