Fuel Doctor FD-47 Fuel Efficiency Booster Review

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Are gas prices hitting you hard?..Introducing Fuel Doctor’s revolutionary FD-47 Efficiency Booster. The FD-47 has been tested in AAA’s Automotive Research Center who states increase in fuel economy, reduced CO2 emissions. Just plug it in. Certified lab and field tests shows increased MPG up to 25%. Save gas, money and the environment.


Fuel Doctor FD-47 Fuel Efficiency Booster
Sources of electrical interference often prevent your vehicle’s electronic control unit from sending out steady current that optimize your engine’s speed, timing control and fuel injection. The FD-47 fuel efficiency booster (fuel consumption regulator) draws that interference, filters it and then sends back a more stable current. Resulting in increased power and increased fuel economy. FD-47 CANNOT be used on Hybrids or Electrical Vehicles.



What do I get?

  • FD-47 The Original Fuel Doctor
  • FD-38 12V Car Adapter Splitter (FREE Bonus – $11.95 Value!) – Easily Adds an Additional Power Port Socket to Any Vehicle, Use With the FD-47 , LED Light Lets You Know the Adapter is Active, Built-In Fuse for Protection.

Buy FuelDoctor FD-47 at Amazon.com. Low price, No shipping/handling scams, no hidden fees, no “buy 1 get 1 free” scams, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.
Please Visit The Official Website www.fueldoctorusa.com



Fuel Doctor FD-47 Fuel Efficiency Booster Video


65 thoughts on “Fuel Doctor FD-47 Fuel Efficiency Booster Review

  1. Hallo. I am Nasheed from Afghanistan. I buy Fuel Doctor FD-47 for all toyota trucks used by the freedom fighters in ISIS. It work very good. Thank you for not scamming me with your totally legit product. Death to the west!!!

  2. I bought the fuel doctor fd-47 Platinum 4 days ago and my 2011 Buick onclave was 14.2 M.P.G. after 4 days in town driving it is up to 17.3 it works great as of now. I will let you know how it works in about two more weeks so fore I love it.

  3. Hey nelson, its always good to have people like you on here watching out for the rest of us, so we dont fall into any terrible scheme! Im just kidding! people like you really annoy the hell out of me! You really think they have some guy on here trying to increase sales? Im pretty sure they have done sold so many, and continue to, that they could give all the Bob’s off for a while. Maybe the oil companies are working you guys to much!

  4. Don’t believe all these reviews by Bob…he probably works for the company…scroll down further to read the REAL reviews.

  5. I have worked as a mechanic at a VW dealership and did all of my own car repairs and also many others, and have rebuilt probably more 4 barrel carburetors than most. I’m 83 now and unable to do that type repair, but I do know cars.

    One of my cars now is a 2003 V6 Nissan Altima which I have the fuel doctor on. I bought this car new. I’ve always been a person that tries to get better MPG. like changing jets in carburetors to a different size in past yrs.. Nothing has ever helped much until now. I keep my mileage adjusted to average on my speedometer, and I have never seen it as high as 27.5 almost all the time. Before it was always on an average of 24.5. This will be my last write-up, as you folks that try to make me wrong will never believe me, so why say anything else. I live in Columbia, Tn. and had never tried the Fuel Doctor until I thought that maybe it might work on a fuel injection car. It has saved me 3MPG extra.

  6. This is not a rip off. I have had my car for over 100 k miles and the average MPG has been around 24.4 mpg all the time. Since using my purchased Gas Doctor . Since I have been using the FD47-Fuel doctor, My average mpg has went from 24.4 to 27.5. I don’t know how this has happened as I haven’t believed in the Fuel Doctor until now. How it works, I do not know as it makes no sense, but it does absolutely work. If it does work, why deny that it doesn’t. It does work and I am 83 yrs. old. Accuracy is my thing now. Right now I am doing about a 300 miles average to see if that also increases my mpg. I know that in my past, my mpg average was always about 24.4 mpg average. Today it is about 3.5 mpg to as low as 29.9 I will let you know later. I do never want to improve another’s statement, but if it works, let it be know. As I have known now, it seems like the Fuel doctor has helped MPG, not making sense, but if it works, let it shine. Bob Hardison, Columbia, Tn.

  7. Often, you go from site to Site, hoping to find one genuinely good, honest reviews, and instead, all you come up with is endless foolishness. I came to know about the Fuel Doctor Automobile conditioning system, and immediately went online to search for Fuel Doctor reviews. However, to my shock, all I found was nonsense, with not one satisfactory review explaining to me what the deal was about, or how the system really worked.

    All I saw were these obviously fake sounding “users” who were all praises for the Fuel Doctor, but they weren’t sharing any relevant details like user experience, real-world application or user-conditions. Either the websites spewed bogus Fuel Doctor reviews, or they hosted links that redirected to other links. Clicking directly on these links didn’t do anything either, as most of these links just asks the buyer to pay using their credit cards, without giving them any valid information.

    At this point, I was literally furious, as my search led me to absolutely nothing! However, as my last salvo, I navigated to this site, and to my wonder, I really found what I was looking for; honest reviews, customer experience and ratings based on ease-of-use. Free from misleading links, this site right here gave unbiased, balanced reviews that really made my decision so much easier!

    • This is what these websites do. Most search engines go by keyword density and not by the veracity of content, most websites use this weakness. These fake websites load their text body with repeated keywords and make them SEO-friendly to garner maximum page views and hits. It really is sad that real users are suffering because of these bad scams, as the information available is hardly verifiable.

  8. In all fairness, do people even read this product’s description? It says FD-47 *restores lost efficiency* in older cars, not give you additional efficiency boosts on a new car. I’ve never tried this thing, and never will because I work on my car by myself and keep it in top shape. However most folks don’t even know how to change their own oil much less take proper care of their car, so their cars are probably in need of some sort of a tune up.

  9. How the Fuel Doctor Saves me Gas and Stops lights from Flickering!!!

    I purchased this at Best Buy for $49.99 (This is sort of a long review, but worth it. It may seem like I’m getting off topic, but read to the end)

    The reason I purchased it was because my 2006 VW Passat 2.0T was starting to eat a lot of fuel and what used to get 28mpg average now I’m getting 22mpg average. After some costly repairs and still no resolve, I was interested in this when I saw the infomercial. I didn’t think it would work myself. I’ve been in the Automotive Electronics industry (Installations – MECP certified). How could this device work from a cigarette lighter?

    I plugged it in and didn’t see a huge difference while driving as far as the MPG goes. After about 20 minutes though, I did notice some higher mpg ranges as I was driving. I pay attention to everything in my car and I have been looking at my mpg since I purchased it 86k miles ago! I would say I’m getting a constant 3mpg increase. This is a good thing. This isn’t the best part of it though. The best part is that even though I can’t figure out how it works without taking it apart, I know that it is helping with fuel and electric!

    I have replaced my License Plate Lights 3 times trying to get the right ones that don’t flicker or turn off because of a code or incorrect amp/voltage. I finally found the right set that were engineered correctly at $79.99. At the same time, I’ve replaced all the valance, map, reading, floor and comfort lights with 6500k LED lights. They have the same issue as the Plate lights did with flickering and turning off. It’s like a disco in my car. I did this for brighter and more efficient lighting. I also changed my headlights to HID. First I did 35w set and it was flickering. I used a capacitor to try and fix this issue. This didn’t work ($159 later). Then I though the light output is 45-55w output so using a 50w kit would make more sense and should eliminate the issue. I got a decent set from a friend in the biz and of course, there is still a flicker issue! The flickering issue is only active when the car hasn’t been running (at normal engine temp) or cold weather. I’ve been dealing with this for 3 months now and because I’m all about process of elimination, I’ve found that if I turn my A/C on high when I get in the car, the headlights magically stop flickering. This was a blessing. A funky trick worked to stop the annoying strobe affect of HID in German cars.

    People may say why not just use the lights that came with the car? Simple: I’m stubborn. At this point, I’m fed up with German Cars and all their technological disadvantages when you want to alter something!!!

    Back to the Fuel Doctor. Even though I spent $52.xx I’m happy I did. When I plugged this in for the first time, my LED lights in the cab stopped flickering and they were all on! Also, my HID stopped flickering too!!!

    This is truly amazing and is helping my hair grow back (not pulling it out now). This is my review. I’ll be putting a YouTube video up soon showing how it’s working for my car. It will be long because I won’t edit it in anyway and it will run from start to finish. You will see the effect of with and without it and you can make an informed decision. Don’t buy this because of me or no because of someone else. Purchase it for yourself and do your own study. Get it at Best buy where you can return it if need be. Don’t change your driving habits and simply do this. Fill your tank of gas to the top. Drive a known route on a weekend to moms house or a friend or the beach. Log the mileage there and back! Do this without it first. Then repeat again or next week with the Fuel Doctor in and see if there is a difference.

    • Also, this product wont work for everyone. If your car isn’t in need of a repair, this wont help you. Example. Your car requires regular gas. You put premium because you think it will help. It wont. Your car’s computer and timing is set at the octane of regular gas. Adding a more combustible formula of fuel won’t advance your care anymore than regular with regards to MPG or HP. The other way around though will. Putting regular in a car that requires premium will make the car run rough and less efficient. Less mpg!!!

      So, if your car is running at it’s best, this wont make it better! Make sense?

  10. Saved 50 times over? So at $50 for the device and gas at ~$4, you’ve saved 625 gallons of gas? If this was a real comment, you’re as bad at math as you are dumb.

    What this device has going for it is a very aggressive marketing staff that goes out and writes fake reviews anywhere that they can find the device mentioned.

    The device won’t do a thing, you won’t get your money back, and you’ll feel like a fool after you buy one.

    • With so many mixed reviews, this product should be purchased from a retailer who will allow the consumer to test it out and return if not satisfied. Too many variations between vehicles to promise an effective result. If you must have one, try purchasing at Best Buy and ask them if it can be returned for your money back within 30 days. Buyer beware, buyer be prepared!

  11. Works great! So glad I put my money into this, it saves me time, money and a lot more, it has bought itself back 50 times!

  12. THIS PRODUCT IS GENIUS. It works so great for me I drive to work every day and I’ve been filling up a lot less. I get to save about 15-20 dollars a gallon. This product has money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose if you buy it. I would definitely buy this and I recommend it

    • How the HECK do you save 15-20 dollars a gallon? Even if this thing could actually give you 25% better MPG, you’d have to be paying $60 to $80 per gallon? Is your stupidity hereditary and do you live near other family members? Let me know where, so I may open a gas station. You and your fellow inbreds will make me rich!!!

      This device is just another snake oil scam and you are just another Fuel Doctor LLC company shill.

  13. IT IS an ABSOLUTE SCAM!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!! It simply does not work!!

    It is a modified cell phone charger. It has a 2 amp fuse that cleans the electricity of a 40 amp system??


  14. Fascinating comments! Someone should write their doctoral dissertation on this, and perhaps, other similar devices. What field? Sociology? Psychology? Reminds me of Homeopathic Medicine; by all the known laws of physics, it can’t work, yet millions claim that it does for them.

  15. I am an investigator with the law firm of Meyer & Associates. We are currently investigating a potential case regarding claims made about the Fuel Doctor. If you have purchased this product, feel it was misrepresented and would like to assist in our investigation please contact me at shelly@dmlaws.com or 614-384-7030.

  16. The fact that “products” like this FD-47 actually sell is a sad reminder of how ignorant and gullible the American consumer is.

      • PERSONAL PROOF!!!!


        Reason 1: It does not violate Ohm’s law

        Reason 2: A filter must be in LINE with a product between it and the source before it works, regardless of whether it is liquid, air or electricity/electronic.

        Reason 3: A cigarette lighter OUTLET is just that, an OUTLET!

        Reason 4: Your product IS a modified cell phone charger ie WorldPRO, WorldPRO REDUCER… Sound Familiar?

        Reason 5: Your knowledge of BASIC electricity…. Hmmm Basically you create a GROUND and make a vehicle run smoother???? HUH? Fer instructions on what I’m talking about refers to Ohm’s law in basic electricity and electronics!

  17. Sam Memmolo would not even recommend this product. He learned his lesson with the other so called fuel savers.

  18. Looks like another “turbonator” miracle product POS. Just like Ron White says “You just can’t fix stupid” Look at other comments from ASE certified mechanics and nobody has any good words for it.

    • Turbonator? That device that vortex’s the air intake? I used that and I was surprised how it basically worked like a mini-supercharger. I was pretty impressed. I haven’t bought the fuel doctor, but I probably will

  19. Consumers’ Union tested the gadget and published in Jan. 2011 Consumers Reports magazine the results of the FD-47 Fuel Doctor tests. They tested it on a large range of vehicles with 4, V6, V8 gas, and turbo-diesel V8 engines. Some vehicles were older than 24 months.

    Their findings: Results the same with or with out the gadget. Don’t Buy. Fill your tank on the money you would spend for it. also: http://www.epa.gov/otaq/consumer/reports.htm

    • Hey Bashers

      One never really knows what people are REALLY doing. The Consumer Report is bunk. We’ve used it and continue to use the FD-47 on our cars and vans for several businesses in our area. The average savings is in the 10% range. That’s enough for us as we track average fuel spending. I bet the return rate at Fuel Doctor is very very low which means…….the unit functions. Go back to bed!!

  20. I saw this Fuel Doctor FD-47 in a magazine. I am a GIRL and even I know this is a bunch of BS. The cigarette lighter has NOTHING TO DO with fuel economy. I asked my husband who is an industrial mechanic and he laughed.

    I looked it up today to see how many people had complained about their purchase. Just as I suspected. Almost everybody.

    Some people will believe anything and shame on this company to take advantage of people. They are laughing all the way to the bank ! Buyer beware.

    • I don’t work for Fuel Doctor!!! In case that’s where Ralph would take this.

      I just wanted to make a point. In the automotive mechanics and electronics industry. Your husband knows as much about automotive electronics as a Heart Surgeon would a Brain.

      I’m not knocking on him, I’m just simply saying mechanics are mechanics and 12/24v electrical technicians are not mechanics!

      Also, what is he an industrial mechanic of? Airplanes, generators, Cars???

  21. I have been using several of the FD-47 Fuel Efficiency Boosters in several of my family automobiles and will be buying several more of these devices because I have proven without any question that the FUEL SAVERS do work and work extremely well in all my automobiles. my gas mileage when I used the fuel saver increased 30 to 36 percent and even more when I started using synthetic engine oil in my automobiles. Anyone driving a automobile more then 3 to 4 years old would be very foolish not to use this FUEL SAVER and synthetic engine oil, both together should give the best results from my own experiences. Fuel savings do vary between my automobiles! I have switch to using the nitrogen service at BIG O TIRES instead of just air in my tires and this also seems to help, now my tires hold the air pressure instead of a regular top off needed at the air pump. Consistent tire pressure will effect gas mileage! Thank You, Martin

    • Mr. Backer, I’m sure your claims are likely due to the placebo effect; if you sincerely believe there is an effect, then there is no matter if it’s real or not. This is one of the reasons for blind-testing.

      It is also possible your claims of increased efficiency may be due to your use of synthetic lubricants in the drive-train, proper tire inflation, and possibly even conservative driving habits.

      Plus, you should check out this website:


      Someone did a very detailed analysis of this FD-47 device and it is BUNK, having nothing but a voltage comparator to tell you whether the volts are too high or too low and not much else as well as an on/off light that’s powered by a voltage regulator. Nothing that can even remotely be considered a device that can filter power in a car’s electrical system. In fact, remove a capacitor in a circuit with an inverter and remove the current resistor and the on/off LED and you have the basis for a cell phone charger.

      Furthermore, this device can’t have any notable effect to the electrical system anyways considering how it’s wired in a typical car; in parallel with its own fuse to the 12V line, isolated from the body computer and drive-train computer as well as their buses for sensors, controls and instruments.

      In summary, this device is a waste of money. You can save fuel by having reasonable driving habits, keeping your vehicle maintained and/or driving a more fuel efficient vehicle.

      • I wear a power balance bracelet. People have told me left and right that it’s all in my head and I could function just as well without it. The truth is, when I take it off, I feel like crap. You can’t explain that. You can run as many tests as you’d like, but the real test is using it. If you track your mileage log and what you’re paying for gas per mile, you will find that you get better mileage. Whether you’re driving more efficiently or it’s all the device, you’re saving money so I think it’s truly worth it.

        • You are a moron. You wear the bracelet because it makes you feel better, therefore your mood and your energy is positive. It has nothing to do with the bracelet itself. If I give u a warm chocolate chip cookie and a cold glass of milk… I’m sure you will also feel fantastic lol.

    • “In fact, remove a capacitor in a circuit with an inverter and remove the current resistor and the on/off LED and you have the basis for a cell phone charger.”

      Typo. [Substitute “inverter” with “inductor”].

      • Ashram, you are absolutely right!!! It is a modified cell phone charger. I was going to charge a cell phone in court with the FD 47 but the modification would have made the attorney’s go nuts.

  22. OK, another scam. I am an ASE Certified Master Technician. Seeing gadgets like this are irritating. How can companies like this rip off the consumer and get away with it? All these little miracle gadgets that claim improved fuel economy. From magnets that clamp on your fuel line to little pills you put in your fuel tank. Come on people. Get real. You want increased fuel economy, switch to synthetic oil (may seem more expensive, but you can go 6 to 10K miles on synthetic oil between changes), keep your tire pressure up (so many cars I see with low tire pressure: this causes rolling resistance and an increase in fuel consumption plus premature uneven wear), make sure your air filter is clean, change your fuel filter regularly every 30K miles, use a good fuel system cleaner like chevron pro guard every 15 to 30K, Get regular tune ups as per owners manual IE plugs wires etc (use the OEM manufacturer replacement plugs and wires. So many issues with Bosch platinum, splitfire and other after market companies making sub-par products that cause an increase in miss fire counts and actually hamper performance) and and last, don’t let the kids drive the car. LOL We all would love a miracle gas mileage boost but in reality, today’s cars are computerized and have sensors that monitor exhaust emissions, air temp, air flow, etc and optimize the fuel delivery system for best performance and economy. Far as RF Interference goes, I can say most if not all cars don’t locate there ECU, ECM, PCM whatever you want to call it near the ignition system. They are either inside the vehicle under the dash or remotely located behind the battery or inside the fender isolating them from ignition interference not to mention they are shielded and grounded. But any ways, that’s my 2 cents worth.


  23. The one positive review uses as “evidence” the website owned by Fuel Doctor. Now, is that what we would call scientific evidence?

  24. Just drove a 2200 miles round trip. I alternated the tanks of fuel with the FD-47 Fuel Doctor plugged in as required and not plugged in. I started with the unit plugged in. When the tank was near empty, I filled the tank. My fuel to empty read 433 to empty. Drove this tank with it unplugged. I stopped with the tank near empty, filled it and guess what? The fuel to empty read 433 to empty. I drove the entire trip using the same process and the results where very similar. The entire trip was driven with cruse set at 73 mph, with the AC set at auto temp. In fact the best results I got was a reading of 445 to empty, and that was driven with out the use of the FD-47 Fuel Doctor.

    I got back from the trip, sent the product back and requested my money back. It’s a scam product.

  25. I purchased the Fuel Doctor FD-47 through a mail order company. I wanted to see if this thing really would do what the aid said. After all, if I could improve my fuel efficacy between 15% and 20%, the $59.00 was well spent.

    I got the product just before I was leaving on a long trip. The trip consisted of 2300 miles round trip.

    I started the trip with a full tank of gas. I registered on my miles to empty indicator; It registered 433 miles to empty. I ran the gas to near empty. I filled the tank and unplugged the fuel doctor. The mileage to empty indicated 433 miles to empty. I repeated this situation (plugging it in and unplugging it every tank full) till the trip was completed.

    The results that I got at each refill did not vary more then a few miles. The few miles that was difference indicated improvement with or without the unit plugged in. In fact the best mileage to empty indication was when I ran the trip without the unit plugged in. At that time the mileage indication to empty read 445 to empty.

    To make it fare, I drove with my speed control set at 73 mph. I drove the entire distance with AC on and set at auto temp.

    My opinion is the product is useless. I returned it and requested my money back.

    Big rip off.

    If you are going to buy this product, save you packaging. You more then likely will want to return it for a refund.

  26. Yes it really does! Check out http://blog.fueldoctorusa.com/fuel-doctor-reviews/

    The thing is that it only works on certain vehicles where the factory electric filters have worn out. The FD-47 restores these filtering systems back to what they were when the car was new. This is why they only recommend it on vehicles over 2 years old. However, even after 2 years, if your electric filters are still optimized, you will not see an effect (which is why you see mixed reviews)

    I would suggest you try it out and return it if it doesn’t work for your car. You could try it at Best Buy and return it there if it doesn’t work.

    • “The thing is that it only works on certain vehicles where the factory electric filters have worn out. The FD-47 restores these filtering systems back to what they were when the car was new.”

      Do you really have any clue what you’re talking about?

  27. This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. What does your cigarette lighter socket have to do with gas mileage? The car computer is a digital device and it either recognizes digital info or not. Has nothing to do with power or plugging something into your cigarette lighter.

    The video says the FD-47 was tested in AAA labs which states “improved fuel economy results in lower CO2 emissions”. They didn’t say the FD-47 improves fuel economy. They run the words of facts together to make it sound like the AAA said this stupid device improved fuel economy.

    What’s inside? A capacitor? A $1 capacitor across the cigarette lighter will filter noise on a power supply line. It wont change gas mileage.

    You are an idiot if you buy this thing.

  28. Andrew Cooper: 80022- XXXXXX
    Alex: Thank you. Hold for just a moment while I research that information.
    Alex: I wasn’t able to pull up your order. When did you place your order?
    Andrew Cooper: I never said I placed on order with you, I simply asked how to return I purchased from Best Buy
    Alex: Return Policy is 30 day money back guarantee.
    Andrew Cooper: So I repeat-How does the money back guarantee work?
    Andrew Cooper: I just ship it in the mail straight to your address?
    Alex: You can return the product within 30 days money back guarantee.
    Alex: You mentioned that you purchased it with Best Buy.
    Andrew Cooper: yes
    Alex: You mentioned that you purchased it with Best Buy?
    Andrew Cooper: Yes
    Alex: If you ordered it with them, you can try to ask if they will accept it within 30days for refund or replacement.
    Andrew Cooper: Best buy does not, I will send out certified mail soon
    Alex: Did you register it on the website for the warranty?
    Andrew Cooper: no
    Alex: When did you place it?
    Andrew Cooper: 1 week ago
    Alex: You ha
    Alex: I’m sorry.
    Alex: You have to register it.
    Alex: Please visit http://www.fueldoctorusa.com/warranty.html to register.
    Andrew Cooper: Why, I do not need the warranty
    Andrew Cooper: The Fuel Doctor FD-47 Limited Warranty covers defects in material or workmanship.
    Andrew Cooper: this has nothing to do with the money back guarantee
    Alex: Yes.
    Alex: We suggest to customer who placed their order to any local stores to register it so we can better assist you if you have problems with the product.
    Alex: Since you are not in our system, we can not assist you with the money back guarantee, you have to contact Best Buy.
    Andrew Cooper: No worries, I do not have a problem with it. It just does not work, wont need the warranty thanks
    Alex: Alright.
    Andrew Cooper: the money back guarantee is not a part of your warranty
    Alex: No.
    Andrew Cooper: that should have nothing to do with returning my money-I do not need to send you my address and or phone number for future junk mailing
    Alex: Since you purchased it with Best Buy.
    Andrew Cooper: Best buy has nothing to do with the guarantee your company promised
    Alex: We can only accept returns for refund if you purchased the item on our website or with customer service.
    Andrew : Okay, let’s see how that play’s out. A minute ago it was register for the money back, now it is we can only offer it through purchase at our website.
    Alex: I’m sorry for the confusion, we direct customers to register on our website who placed their order with local stores for the warranty to ensure better assistance if the product is defective.

    Alex: But if your reason is it doesn’t work for you then you have to contact Best Buy for your return.

    Andrew Cooper: Nice Alex I will mention your name and I am saving this IM conversation.

  29. I have purchased one for an 08 Trailblazer and as of today there has been no change in my total mileage ( I track it on the odometer). Unfortunately I just contacted the company through live web support and am no getting the run around with the guarantee unless I agree to give them my personal information such as address, phone, etc-shouldn’t be necessary since I have the receipt……..

    • Tried FD-47 on 3 vehicles.


      Does it work?

      HELL NO!

      and you won’t get a refund either………..I’ve tried for a long time and got only BS.

      BTW………they have my returned unit and so far have kept it!!……….LOL????

      I’d like to meet one of these folks at the park…….

      Semper Fi……………….Ben Dare

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