FastBall Mount REVIEW | Car Magnetic Ball Cell-Phone Mount Reviewed

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What is FastBall?

It is a magnetic phone(media) ball mount to be placed on the car’s dashboard – hence the name Fast “Ball”. The ball-shaped magnetic mount rotates 360° and claims to offer complete hands-free viewing. Fast Ball mount infomercial claims it to be super-convenient and versatile. According to the infomercial, FastBall mount could be the perfect solution you need if you’ve been planning to buy a perfect media mount. Fast Ball car mount claims it will really relieve you of the trouble of holding your phone or tablet in hands while you need to do something else. You can simply fix your gadget on it, which will hold it steady wherever it’s mounted. With Fast Ball phone mount, you can simultaneously carry out tasks like watching tutorial for studies, cooking videos in the kitchen or simply enjoy a movie without holding your device.



Fast Ball Mount Pricing and Where to buy it?

Fast Ball mount is available only at the official website and it is priced at $28 for 2 units. The catch is that the “as seen on tv” offer is devised in such a way that you cannot buy one Fast Ball mount, you have to buy 2 units. You have a 30 days money back guarantee but still have to pay for shipping the mounts back to the manufacturer if you are not happy with them.


FastBall Mount REVIEW

Although FastBall is projected as a versatile media mount that simplifies using your gadget for smooth viewing of whatever you are at, quite a few customers think otherwise. Indeed, there are customers who are happy with Fast Ball phone mount as they like the concept and the convenience it offers them for easy, hands-free viewing. They are impressed with the power of its magnet that really can hold their gadgets firmly.

However, the number of customers who are disappointed with Fast Ball mount exceeds those who appreciate it. They say in their Fast Ball reviews that this media mount doesn’t work as per claims made by the company. Fast Ball mount doesn’t work with Galaxy Note that well, and doesn’t offer the stability you need to mount it properly. Although the magnet of Fast Ball dashboard mount is powerful enough, getting the right position to place the ball is not easy. They say that the pen doesn’t write where the magnet is – at the back of their phone, which does not help much.

Several other users are also not happy with the positioning that Fast Ball phone mount offers. It doesn’t stay intact on all surfaces. Some reviewers have complained how their phones crashed on the ground as Fast Ball car mount just couldn’t grip them right. In their reviews users say that at times, the magnet that is attached to the Fast ball device remains steady in just one place on the ball, due to which the device has to be constantly readjusted. What’s the point in getting a mount that doesn’t ensure you can sit back and relax, Fast ball users ask in their reviews. Others wonder why FastBall phone mount is projected as the ultimate media mount, works only on certain surfaces and why their phones keep shuttling up and down all the time in their vehicle especially when it’s in motion.

A student who bought FastBall says in his review before applying its sticky adhesive, he cleaned the spot in his Dad’s car where he wanted to place it and then mounted it. However, the Fast ball mount, along with his phone, fell down within an hour. Similar feedback has been given by other angry customers who have said that even small, lightweight phones don’t stay intact with FastBall mount and often drop down soon when mounted.

One of the users has criticized FastBall in his review saying it is rather bulky. It protrudes out of his pocket whenever he carries it around, which is basically due to its magnet as it is really large. Another complaint about FastBall phone mount is the hazard its magnet poses to debit cards, credit cards, hotel keys, etc. as they come with magnetic strips. They think the Fast Ball guys should provide more glue on the sticky pad to prevent that from happening. To counter that, one of the customers used super glue to keep FastBall mount in place, but there was a lot of mess due to the dried glue. She had followed all the instructions for placing the magnetic ball mount on the dash but in spite of that, it didn’t stay in place. According to her, makers of FastBall mount need to work on this point and fix it anyhow or their sales will decline.



Our Verdict

Fast Ball is a copy of the much popular magnetic dash mount – Nite Ize Steelie magnetic ball mount. The Fast Ball is an exact copy of Nite Ize Steelie. So we rule out buying the expensive Fast Ball mount in favor of the tried and tested Steelie magnetic mount. Also because the Fast Ball’s as seen on tv offer is “bundled” – you have to pay the high return fees.

Now coming to the car dash cellphone mounts, every cellphone mount has got its pros and cons – but this particular category of mount (“magnetic ball mount”) has more disadvantages than advantages. At there are plenty of tried and tested cellphone mounts that are as cheap as $7. We would recommend trying on of those. If you are impressed by the Fast Ball video and its features then we recommend the Nite Ize Steelie.

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  1. I was curious to know if the magnet messed up the phone in any way? This is what has prevented me from purchasing it.

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