Fast Brite Lens Restore Review

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Tired of your car’s hazy, dull, oxidized headlights? Driving with oxidized headlights at night is dangerous. Replacing them can take hours and cost hundreds of dollars. Don’t do it. Save time, money, and more. Get Fast Brite Lens Restore – the lens restore kit that brings your headlights back to showroom new in as little as 30 seconds. Just wipe it on and wipe it off. Watch the haze turn to crystal clear. With Fast Brite you will see everything clear and bright and everyone will see you at night.


How does Fast Brite Lens Restore work?
It is that easy. Fast Brite restored headlights are more than 5 times brighter. That means you will see and be seen clearer and farther away. It is unbelievable but true.

Go from an embarrassing ride to a car that you would be proud to drive. The secret is Fast Brite Lens Restore’s professional formula that removes the outer layer of oxidation. Then it polishes, seals, and protects, leaving you with a showroom new lens in as little as 30 seconds. You will be able to see at night now!

Fast Brite is the fast, low cost alternative to expensive headlight replacement. Replace your headlights to their showroom shine!

Just apply Fast Brite Lens Restore to your yellowed, oxidized headlight lenses and see the difference. It is quick, easy, and convenient to do it yourself and end your embarrassment.

Reasons your headlight may get cloudy/foggy:
There are several reasons your headlights can get foggy, exposure to Sunlight is one of the most common and prevalent one of them.
1. Sunlight contains UV rays that can cause degradation in the plastic that is now used to make these headlights.
2. Another reason for headlights going cloudy is if water enters them due to the holes in the light. 3. Using wrong bulbs in the headlight is also known to be one of the reasons behind them going foggy. These bulbs can lead to excessive heat inside the headlight causing it to go cloudy.
4. These headlights are less resistant to chemicals that can cause degradation in them. If in case you wash your headlights with wrong chemicals they will go cloudy and the best remedy in such cases is to replace them with an aftermarket light. Chemical products that claim to undo the damage cannot be trusted as they hardly ever do the job.

How does DIY Headlight Restoration work?
It’s a known fact that headlights on your car or any other vehicle will get affected by headlamp oxidization within a short span of time. Other environmental factors, weather conditions and chemicals that can be caustic can also lead to headlamps getting foggy. This in turn affects the visibility, especially at nights, which can be a dangerous proposition for you. Hence DIY Headlight Restoration has become mandatory for vehicle owners unless you want to bear the huge costs of replacing these headlight covers every now and again.

Light sanding of the affected surface with finishing paper of different grades is one of the most important aspects of DIY Headlight Restoration. It can be carried out until the headlight is free of any effects of oxidation. You can complete the procedure with a protective finishing coat that will re-seal the surface of headlight that you have just restored.

As manufacturers keep using plastic headlight lenses in their vehicles, DIY headlight restoration becomes hugely important for car owners who want to protect their vehicles from the potentially damaging effects of oxidization.

Why do headlights turn yellow/foggy/oxidized?
You might have noticed an increasing number of cars on the streets with foggy headlights and you wonder how the drivers manage to drive at night in the first place. But have you checked your own car or truck’s headlights to see if they have turned grubby yellow and foggy? If they have then you are at a potential risk driving at nights as well. One reason for headlights turning yellow more frequently these days is because manufacturers are using different kinds of plastic to make them.

Earlier, headlights for cars were made out of glass but now since they are made out of plastic, they are less resistant to UV light. This causes the degradation in them and leads to oxidization, which makes them look foggy and yellow. Add to it the fact that they are less resistant to chemicals that get picked up from the grime while driving on the street. It fastens the degradation process and your car’s headlights become yellow sooner that you’d have once anticipated them to.

Careful sanding is the key to oxidization removal:
There is no alternative to careful sanding of oxidized headlight to get rid of the fogginess. You can use 600 grit sand paper and gently sand off the yellow, foggy film. Wash the film and let it dry before applying the polish to the just sanded lens. Let it dry before seeing the results.

Wipe-on/wipe-off products will not remove oxidation:
Careful sanding and a drill are extremely important for removing oxidation; you just cannot do it otherwise. Wipe-on/Wipe-off products just do not cut it and can be quite ineffective. It’s important to know what compound has to be used at the right time during the process. Polishing should be done with the help of a drill but one has to be careful while using it, otherwise you can end up scratching the lens or damaging the paint finish.

Don’t try this yourself
If you use Fast Brite at home expecting great results, you are going to be disappointed. Getting advice from your local auto spares shop might be a good idea or better still, run your car through a body shop. But keep away from this home remedy, which will only lead to disappointment.

The Fast Brite works up to certain extent:
The results are not exceptional; in fact the product only works up to a certain extent. Lens can stay cloudy after the first attempt and you might have to repeat the procedure once more to see better results.

It takes anywhere from 40 minutes to over an hour to restore one headlight back to visual charity
Any professional in the headlight restoration business will tell you that it takes more than 40 minutes to get a foggy headlight back to a desired visual clarity. It’s certainly not a cakewalk and cannot be done within minutes as claimed.

How to do headlight restoration at home using Steel Wool?
You can apply any good quality car polish on steel wool and rub it on the headlights of your car. You can repeat the procedure a few times and then wipe off polish with a clean rag to see much better results.

Fast Brite Alternatives
Steel wool and car polish.
3-M product available at NAPA stores, are some of the alternatives that are worth trying.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –

  • 2 Bottles of Fast Brite Lens Polish (2oz. each)
  • 2 Bottles of Fast Brite Lens Protectant (2oz. each)
  • 2 Application Sponges
  • All this for just 10.00 + $15.90 shipping/handling


    Fast Brite Lens Restore Video
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    166 thoughts on “Fast Brite Lens Restore Review

    1. The Fast Brite Lens restorer is a complete sham. Yes, my headlights cleared up a little, but in a week they were the same. Save your money.

    2. My 92 voyager’s lights are like NEW. Temps here in MN was 33 with a wind chill of 26 still the product was GREAT It rate it at a + 10

    3. I used this product and did not get the results I was looking for. I’ve repeated the procedure several times, to no avail. DOES NOT WORK, DON’T SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT.

    4. I had tried the Fast Brite Lens Restorer and been very dissatisfied. The product does not work and is a scam. It should be taken off of the market and money refunded. Save your money and don’t order this one.

    5. This product is ridiculous…DO NOT WAST YOUR MONEY OR TIME. It is just very unfortunate that a company like this can exist. After reading all the posts I will also be contacting the Better Business Bureau. They shouldn’t be able to advertise and sell this product.

    6. Nothing positive to say about this product. Was given it by someone who used it without success. I Used it on lens of 1999 Dodge Neon with extremely dark headlamps. No improvement whatsoever. Guess it is time for the SOS Pad and Toothpaste!

    7. I bought Fast Brite for my truck headlights (1996 Ford F-150). It worked very well… better than I thought it would. The headlights shine like new.

      I tried it on my wife’s car (2005 Saturn SC1) and it had no effect. Evidently, it only works on certain kinds of plastic.

      Note that the box says “No buffing”, but the directions (which are also printed on the outside of the box) say “Rub in a small circular motion briskly…until lens feels smooth” for step 1, and “buff with a clean dry cloth” for the second step. That’s a bit of false advertising, however I was expecting to do some buffing anyway. It didn’t require as much as I thought considering the condition of my headlights.

      Yes, toothpaste or some other method would probably be just as effective and cheaper.

    8. Thanks, everyone for steering me clear of this bogus product. As the saying goes, if it looks to good to be true, it probably is. And boy, do they make it look good on TV. I read the comments as far down as the advice to use Pepsodent toothpaste. I’ll buy the toothpaste and let my husband do the work. 🙂

    9. This product DOES NOT WORK!! I could scrub all day and nothing would happen. I want a refund and I will be telling EVERYONE that it is crap.

    10. After reading these Fast Brite Lens Restore reviews you have been duly warned, if you spend money on fast brite then you deserve to be separated from your money! And forget about getting a refund after you realize it doesn’t work. Refund is for the product only ($10) not the S&H ($25). Salt on the wound is that you won’t even get your $10 back. I sent everything back along with their forms (7 months ago) just out of principle and because I wnated to confirm to myself that I’d been had and sure enough, no money back and no reply. Burns me up every time I see the infomercial, I’ll live w/o my $25 but I don’t like getting taken advantage of! Steer Clear!!!

    11. Thanks, folks, for posting all of your negative reviews of this product. Eventually as time passes website review sites, like this one, will become more popular and people, like myself, will reflexively check them out BEFORE purchasing. Consequently, psychopaths/sociopaths who seek to scam people out of their money will not achieve windfall success status. That can only help our society and social morality. I am grateful to you all for saving me $46 and change and for helping to foil these jerks. Now let me see, where is my toothpaste… 🙂

    12. I bought this for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift. It was more of a gag gift since he would get so excited every time we saw the commercial. And his car is an old Kia and he’s not really into restoring it to its original condition.

      Digressing, I went to the website to order it but I couldn’t determine how long it would take to ship and it was a week prior to Christmas. I called the number and foolishly, submitted my charge card information before confirming 1) the quantity I wanted & 2) determining how many days it would take to ship. After pressing 0 multiple times in order to get a live person to make sure the order wasn’t processed & to get answers to my questions, I hung up. I figured since I never confirmed the order, I wouldn’t be charged. I was.

      I wished I had read the reviews before I went to their actual site. I got my Amazon order 2 days after I received the vendor’s order & in plenty of time for Christmas. I didn’t anticipate spending $15 for a gag gift & only being eligible for $10 refund & I will always check reviews going forward when ordering “as seen on TV” products.

    13. Thank you for some other wonderful article. Where else could anybody get that type of information in such an ideal approach of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the look for such information.

    14. DOES NOT WORK> Period. Was charged for double the items and the shipping was crammed down my throat too!! Could not correct the website before it charged the card. Trying to return the product now as it is a scam as well as how they forcefully cram items onto your order that you do not want and include them in the order so you have to pay the shipping on them. They know the crap will come back to them so they get all they can in the shipping and handling double triple what the item is worth for sure!!

      • I just ordered the stuff, they charged me $10, plus $5 for something else, THEN $31.80 for Processing and Handling!! And you can’t call the phone number there’s NO person there! What a SCAM!!!! My total SHOULD HAVE BEEN $17.95!

      • I have read all the comments on the Fastbrite website , and I don’t know who people can sleep at night knowing the product stinks!!

    15. Thank you to all who posted. Especially those of you who offered alternative ways to clean the headlight covers. Going to try the toothpaste and if that doesn’t work well, I’ll try the WD-40.


        I have used toothpaste with a moist small damp cloth towel.removed with dry towel by hand. I did a small 2×2 area or 3×3 circle motions. Its works also with a buffer. 90% of the time I applied and removed by hand. Brake fluid extreme caution not to get on paint it will damage the paint. A towel with small amount and the area of car bumper hood fender covered with plastic and tape. Caution cover all area or do not use. Go to junk yard a you pull it type ask and try their before you tray at home. Please use Gloves, eye protection, protective clothes and read THE MSDS SHEET OR PAY A PRO TO USE THEIR PRODUCTS TO CLEAR UP YOUR LENS.

    16. The “haze” on your headlights is on the inside 99% of the time. Meaning that the seal around your headlight assembly has worn out and now moisture has got inside. So now I ask you, what does putting cream on the outside of your headlight do if the haze is on the inside? I tell you what you do, You tell yourself that you just WASTED money on a AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCT and go and fix it the right way!

    17. Fast Brite Lens Restorer stinks. It made my lights worse. God have mercy on your souls for SCAMMING the public this.

    18. I saw this Fast Brite at the Bed Bath & Beyond store and decided to research it before buying. Glad I did. In the past I have used toothpaste to remove the yellowing on head lights….it works great and does not scratch the plastic. You can get a tube of Pepsodent at Dollar Tree for only $1.00. Don’t waste you money on this junk!

      • Thanks for the tips and advice. I will try Pepsodent. And yes, they have it at the Dollar Stores here, too. If it doesn’t work, I can still use it on my teeth. 🙂

    19. Bought Fast Brite this summer & my husband just used on our old vehicle. The stuff is a rip off & does not work. Good thing I didn’t buy from the web site. I have learned the hard way if the product doesn’t work you are going to look your shipping cost. Companies are getting rich just from the shipping cost alone. I hope all the companies make it rich by this means can live with themselves.

    20. Fast bright lens we found is a great product. It works great for our headlights. But everyone is correct about the cost, it is outrageous how they suck you in with the low cost then add on all of the postage for every order you add. After purchasing this product I have discovered, there are many stores that sell “As seen on tv” products. Like Walmart, Walgreens, and many more. You only pay for the product. So check out your local stores before purchasing online or telephone.

    21. It’s a scam and you have no choice when ordering about the additional kits and the additional S&H is bull when they send it all in one box at half the cost of what they charge you. It’s a waste of time sending it back as you will only be refunded the $10 and since you have to pay return shipping it’s not worth the energy. Total rip off and scam as it does nothing to clean up you headlight lens.

    22. Yes as many have said this is a scam, even with the 30 day money back guarantee, which I am skeptical of, you still only get $10.00 back. The company is still getting 15.90 for the shipping and handling. Wow! what a deal for them and then even better deal if folks just decide it is not worth the aggravation for the $10.00.

      Time to turn these kinds of scams and this one in particular into the FTC. It truly is a shame they aren’t scouring the airwaves for these scams. What the heck do they do at or any of those agencies?

    23. Careful folks. this crap stinks. I received the product within 2 weeks… and that was OK. But, I wish it had never arrived, because it simply doesn’t work. The right side lens looked 100% worse than it did before I started, and the left lens was at best 25% better. I ordered one set and was still charged extra on shipping and handling. Then phone calls started asking me to buy more items for the company. I think a class action lawsuit needs to put these people out of business. At least the s&h charges should be investigated by the postal authorities.

    24. If they are charging $7:95 for S&H why another $7:95 for 2nd pair????? ask any organization who handles these kind, may cost another fifty cents more for the 2nd one. Bogus adds!!!! Join the groups who support no S&H. Even if it costs more.

    25. use 600 grit sand paper to sand off old yellow film.. then wash and dry, then use clear coat spray Lacquer to coat newly sanded lens.. let dry , and enjoy.

    26. How much does it really cost to send 4oz. First Class Mail? Wow the $8 S & H charge alone pays for the chemicals in the little 2oz bottle.

      • Here’s the thing…. the product may or may not be great. But the scam is sucking you in to pay the S&H charges. Even if the product works… you still over paid for starters, and if you agreed to anything else, you are totally getting scammed. I feel bad for those poor, trusting, unsuspecting souls that buy anything offered via TV commercials and web site offers. It’s always about the S&H and GET ANOTHER ONE FREE, “just pay additional processing fees”. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE… for a small fee, of course!

        • The key word is “FREE”!! “Their is nothing free in this world”. A quote I’ve stressed to my family and friends. At some point it will cost you. Whether it be a S&H charge or you have to buy new lens because all these treatments made things worse. Don’t get me wrong, free enterprise is great, oops there is that free word again, lol. Finally, if all of you could please send me $1 for nothing. Yes, I promise you nothing in return but knowing you did not get ripped off or lied to. Only that you made an honest deal, making someone very happy!! Thanks Allen

      • I ordered on Sunday night. Did not click on the part where they said to click if you want more than one. Finally I hung up after it got to the part where it asked me if I wanted a cruise. Anyway the next day I called my charge card and they said it was forty seven dollars. I called the place up and waited forever to get someone. Amazingly they didn’t push me to keep it. I also tried online to cancel but the online chat person said I had to call them. What a racket. If it doesn’t go off my charge, I am disputing it, last night we picked up a 3m product and going to try that.

    27. My question is: If it is that good why would you need two? Glad I didn’t order after reading these negative reviews.

    28. Do not buy this crap! Not only is it take long to receive ,plus all the annoying sales pitches when trying to order. This garbage does not work, just another scam.

    29. 7-21-11

      Dear Sirs,

      I wish to inform you that I had purchased your FastBrite product several weeks ago. It arrived yesterday and I applied same today with virtually no significant result on the lens covers of my BMW 531i. I worked on each lens for over 25 minutes with only slight results. I used almost the entire amount of one set the product (bottle one and bottle two). (there were two sets in my order – according to the advertisement). I am totally dissatisfied with this product. I will be happy to return the unused portion for a refund.

      Please advise how we can reconcile this issue.

      Thank you,

      Herbert E. Eilender

      Phone: 281-870-0595

      Address: 12506 Blackstone Court
      Houston, Texas 77077

      Attached is my American Express billing:

      13443529 800-340-3418
      Doing Business As: PLYMOUTH DIRECT INC
      Merchant Address: 425 STUMP RD
      Reference Number: 320111930060254705
      Dispute/Inquire about this charge

      Category: Merchandise & Supplies – Mail Order

    30. I also was going to order the Fast Brite Lens Restore because I just show the commercial on TV. Glad I didn’t and read the reviews first. Going to try steel wool and car polish. I can use the money that I didn’t spend.

    31. Thanks, all! Was going to just check the shipping charges when I saw this page on my browser menu. Not going to waste my time, thanks to everyone’s warnings.

    32. Thanks for these very useful posts on Fast Brite. I, too, ordered the product on the infomercial and then quickly cancelled and cc’d the BBB after reading these posts.

      Here’s my take after a week spent trying to figure out a way forward on restoration of my Hyundai Santa Fe’s plastic headlight lens: Unless you really know your stuff around plastic and power tools, compounds, and 600/1500 grit sandpaper, the job can be done by a headlight restoration guy in one hour and for 30 bucks.

      I tried another off-the-shelf product from Auto Zone without success, and concluded that oxidation removal requires careful sanding, with a drill — period. You’ve got to know when and how to use the right compound in the process. Polishing needs to be done with a drill as well, and if you’re not careful, it’s easy to scratch the lenses and damage the paint finish body around the lens housing. Proper polishing (again with the drill) and the right UV sealant are important final steps — emphasis on “proper” and “right.”

      Wipe-on/wipe-off products will not remove oxidation. Check with your local auto parts store for a referral. Run the car into a body shop, Google headlight restoration, but whatever you do, don’t try this yourself, with the expectation of getting great results.

    33. The Fast Brite arrived in a reasonable time. I phoned in my order and had to go through a lot of sale pitches for other items–very, very annoying. Almost hung up, but they already had my credit card information.

      The product worked 30%. Was very disappointed in the outcome. Followed the directions, but the lens were still cloudy. Reapplied it again the next day, but still was not satisfy. Will try the steel wool.

    34. Well, I have to say that I bought the Lens Brite product, and then found this website with all of the complaints. First of all, I must say, maybe all this attention has benefited me. I received the product within a week, did not get overcharged, in fact, I ordered the set with the additional set, actually, and got a third set w/o having to pay S&H. I paid $35.90 for all three sets, including S&H. I tried the Lens Brite for the first time this evening, and while it did not restore my lens to 100% (may be some interior surface issues), I would say they improved around 90%. Will apply this again in a few days and see if after two or three treatments it improves even more. I am surprised and satisfied with the results at this time. Only thing I did not like was when I was called to confirm the order and had someone pushing free gas cards and subscribing to a money saver service. I did turn that down. -Rich

    35. Thanks to all of you who have posted the truth about this product. I am sorry to those who have been scammed by it. However, because of your due diligence many of us have been saved from an apparent headache. Some may say that 46.80 isn’t that big of a deal but I think that any amount that we are “scammed” out of is too much. I am a disabled veteran living on a very tight budget. I always count my pennies and this would have been a very big headache for me. Thanks again to all of you for posting.

      p.s. these people are also creating false positive remarks about their product just to get it sold. So be very careful when researching this product. I doubt that any of the positive reviews are legit.

      • My post is legit!!! I have 2002 PT Cruiser and the lens were yellowing, making it harder to see at night. Like I said, while not perfect, there was a distinct improvement. Probably a cheaper alternative out there that can be bought to get the same results, but, while I too, am living on a very tight budget, I can be happy with the results.

    36. To place an order for an ‘As Seen On TV’ product that “doubles the offer for no extra cost just add extra postage + handling” it is best to place the order using the toll free phone number and tell the operator you do not want the free offer, just the original product. The operator may try very hard to get you to accept the free offer but they have to process the order as you want and they can only charge you p+h for the one product.

    37. Had all my info punched in to buy and saw the extra shipping at the bottom of the page. Then brought up another window to see if I could get one order but before I checked that I found this webpage and am glad I didn’t push the purchase button!!

    38. I would like to thank all of you for your Fast Brite Lens Restore comments, as I was researching the item after I saw it on the TV, I thought it would be good for my daughter’s car. I am very appreciated to all I’m so glad I did not make a purchase.

      Sincerely yours

    39. Total scam and next time I will research before buying. They charged me four times for shipping for getting just one small box.

    40. AVOID Fast Brite Lens Restore AT ALL COSTS! I placed an order today and was expecting a $10 + $7.95 S&H. I was never given the option to review the order and then it said that my card was charged for $46.80. I immediately called to cancel my order and was told I needed to wait two hours because the order had not made it to them yet. I waited 1.5 hours and called them back. When I did, I was told it was too late because the order was already shipped and there is nothing I can do except wait for it to arrive. Once it arrives, I was told to write Refused – Return to Sender. I don’t believe any of it.

      • Here’s the thing…. the product may or may not be great. But the scam is sucking you in to pay the S&H charges. Even if the product works… you still over paid for starters, and if you agreed to anything else, you are totally getting scammed. I feel bad for those poor, trusting, unsuspecting souls that buy anything offered via TV commercials and web site offers. It’s always about the S&H and GET ANOTHER ONE FREE, “just pay additional processing fees”. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE… for a small fee, of course!

    41. It’s a pure scam. I ordered it and when the confirmation page came up it showed me ordering the Buy One/Get One Free PLUS one for an additional 50% which I DID NOT order. It doesn’t give you a page that shows what you’re ordering BEFORE you order it. You put in your info, it gives you different things you can get. I clicked no on ALL of them. I should have paid $25.90, instead I was charged $46.80


    42. Just saw this product on TV and knew it was bunk, the worst part is who distributes it! A company called Plymouth Direct—, you can check out that link if you want, but basically it says, it is a company of 2 people that make approx. 150’000 per year. I feel bad for those that were duped by this product, old cliche if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. With the wealth of information at our mere finger tips NO ONE should be buying ANYTHING without researching it. Just my two cents… HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!


      • Oh, and BTW, this company is located at 425 Stump Rd. in Montgomeryville PA. Take probably someones house, stop by say hello, and say hey I want my money back!!

    43. Thanks to all of you for your reviews. I might have been suckered in also but I’m glad to profit from the wisdom communicated via the bad experiences you all have shared. I have read each review and I offer these things as being the best solutions and considerations to take into account when confronting lens fog/murk/compromise:

      1.) Determine if it is only a compromise on the outside surface. If it is, outside treatment may remedy things.

      2.) If there is a compromise effecting the inner surface, determine if the lens assembly can come apart to treat that region also.

      3.) If the prior steps are verified and you are confident that there is access to treat affected region adequately, go to step (4) … if affected areas prove to be inaccessible, seek to salvage the bulb filaments and replace lens housings only.

      4.) Follow this process if you have determined you have access to treat affected lens compromise:
      0000 steel wool on my headlight lens and found that not only does it take off the oxidation but it leaves a nice smooth surface. Then I used a marble countertop cleaner/polisher and buffed it in and the lights are like new. Nos/h, no disappointment. Just bright headlights

    44. Just got off the phone with my bank to stop payment. The website is a scam and takes your payment without review. Can’t go back to change your order. It’s not a $10 dollar deal. It will cost you $46.80 and the shipping charges are outrageous and delivery time is stupid. I should have known better.


    45. I’m in the Headlight restoration business and it takes anywhere from 40 minutes to over an hour to restore one headlight back to visual charity. I ordered Fast Brite and tired it on a oxidized headlight. What a joke! They need suing for false advertising! Go ahead waste your money, Fast Brite is laughing all the way to the bank.

    46. Was about to purchase until saw all the reviews. Thanks to all of you, I saved myself money by not ordering this Fast Brite Lens cleaner. What a Scam.

    47. From the moment I saw the Fast Brite Lens Restore commercials I never thought it would work. Sorry to all of you who bought into it. Someone posted if anyone knew alternatives for cleaning headlights, I went to Autozone and picked up a Turtle Wax headlight restoring kit for $10. Takes a bit longer than 30 seconds to do but I did get great results. Not exactly showroom clean but much better than what they were before. Only took about a half hour to do both headlights and still have about 3/4 of each bottle left for future use. Hope this helps.

      • I tried the Turtle Wax ,on one lens, what a big mistake, now my Police car, looks like it has a black eye. Tried to order Fast Brite, , would not let me order only one, ordered the faster shipping and the paint car wash scratch stuff, order should have been $37.and change, they tried to charge me $45 +, thankfully, I did not have that amount on my card at the time. called the number and got the run around, hung up and with in 5min, got a call back from them without giving my order #… scam.

        • This also falls into the car companies, ask a question – expert, when you enter the amount -if you like their response – payment, They will take the total amount regardless.

    48. Hi I seen you commercial on tv and I DON’T believe your product works!! I worked in a body shop for 9 years and the boss and I tried every product that’s out there,even tried wet sanding them and even tried buffing them with rubbing compound and not a single thing worked. Now how can you say your product would clear them up (JUST IN A MATTER OF SECONDS)??

      Thanks Fred

    49. I was relaxing after work and saw a piece of paper that where I had previously wrote down all the info about “Fast Brite” on. I went on line to check it out ready to order then I saw “complaints”. Said let me check the “complaints” out first. Glad I did! Thanks to you all I will NOT be ordering! Lots of Love!

    50. You know consumer Reports gave this product a poor rating. Do your home work before ordering products on line. Next time U want to forget Your troubles try wearing a pair of tight shoes.

    51. To all who contributed here:

      THANKS! I never purchase **anything** these days without doing thorough investigation of reviews, and here we are, complaints! I’ve learned that EVERYTHING is in the “words” of anything being advertised, even down to some grocery food items when watching for misleading claims about what is supposedly NOT in the ingredients opposed to what the FDA percentage of any given ingredient that below or at a certain %, by law the manufacturer is not REQUIRED to say it REALLY has transfats in it, etc. Just today, I was having my ’03 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS’ oil changed at JiffyLube and one of the techs told me that they could buff-out my hazed plastic headlights–both of them, for $35., I declined ONLY because I am a recently disabled Veteran with a list of health issues and already had been out enough that needed to get home and take some medications. BUT, I DID go online and saw aftermarket new lens assemblies (2) for around $130., incl. new bulbs. THEN this evening that infomercial came on and although I wrote all the info down and even visited the website; with the very word ‘BRIGHT’ being spelled **BRITE**, that is a legal open-ended loophole they have established for themselves to sorry to say, but highly doubt anyone could sue them for the product not working as “claimed”, but do see validity in overcharging without disclosure/confirmation of actual shipping costs opposed to what was advertised. I even had to visit a couple other sites that came up in search for complaints about product but they were nothing but the same company weaselly posting under that guise to write what the site says BUT you can tell it is a rather BAD translation of script to English, then came across this site and made my mind to steer clear away! Those of you with pending orders or have had dealings with them in ANY degree, I suggest you ALSO report them to the FBI’s IC3 Unit (just Google it), it’s the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. THE, write a complaint to the FCC, yes, the Federal Trade Commission–and if you already have a case number assigned from BBB, you can add THAT to both of these reports which gives immediacy to matters because Nigeria, as one example, makes over 250 Million$ a YEAR off internet scams alone! Hope this helps all of you as much as you helping me confirm it was a scam! Note this: you can take ANY hazed headlight and use a cloth as on that infomercial, and rub something like cooking oil on it to give the APPEARANCE of an easy-wipe and PRESTO!!!~~~Clear lenses!!! Kinda the same difference when you place varnish over ANY dulled surface and when it’s wet, it makes it look brand new…right??!! Thanks again and Happy Memorial Day, please remember the fallen from long ago and present wars! Peace!

    52. I wish I would have read the Fast Brite review before I got suckered into this scam. However I did receive the product and it does not work, in fact it made my head lights worse, it removed some of the oxidation, but not restore them like it says it does. Also now I have patches of where the product did not work, so now I am forced to have them professionally done. If you have this problem, you can bring your car to an auto body facility and they can remove the oxidation from your head lights, however this service would cost as much as a new head light, I did find a website that has replacement lens for my 2001 Sebring Convertible for about $ 51.00, which I should have done in the first place, being that this crappy product cost me $ 46.80, which was only suppose to cost me $15.00, however I will be filing charges against this company, for false advertisement and what they actually did was break the Federal Law when they sent you a confirmation email as to what you will be charged in amount of $15.80 and then charge you $46.80, actually that is wire and credit card fraud. So I will keep everyone post, and if we all do this, this could be a class action suit, I know a lot you may not have received the product, but you probably will at some point, but just refuse the package and dispute the charge with your credit card company or bank as soon as it’s posts to your account, this product does not work, do not even open the box and think, “hey, maybe it will work for me” because it won’t I am living proof of that. So just refuse the box, and if you did happen to be one of the few that has received the product, return it but do not use the return address label, go directly to USPS, Federal Express or UPS and make sure these idots sign for the return merchandise and be sure and keep your receipt that you returned it.

    53. Hey everyone, its Nick again and I have good news regarding my posting on May 21st. After sending this Fast Brite company multiple emails and still no response, I contacted the BBB ( of Metro Washington D.C. and Eastern Pennsylvania. I made the complaint on May 21 and on May 23rd, I was contacted by the BBB and advised that a caseworker had been assigned to look into this matter. Today, I received an email from the BBB case worker (i forgot her name) and she was able to get in contact with “Steve” who is CEO/President or something of this crappy company. Steve wrote back “Fast Brite products are on a back order due to delay with one of the components of the kit. A refund was not issued due to the card not being charged”. So I checked my credit card and wouldn’t you know it, it was listed as “Pending transaction” but now it was listed as “transaction cancelled” and I have all of my $48.60 back! I strongly, strongly suggest that if you haven’t received your Fast Brite kit to send the BBB an email. I thought this would take weeks or even months with the BBB, but they jumped on it and had me pleased within 4 business days. The more complaints the BBB gets about this company, the more investigation they will do. I’ve learned my lesson. If you hear or see on TV “call now and we’ll double your order” TURN THE CHANNEL! I will never order anything off TV again. If you can’t touch it, feel it, look at it or examine it, then it probably doesn’t exist and you will never get it. Peace out, I’m off to Advanced Auto Parts!

    54. Thanks for the Fast Brite scam alert. I hope you all have better business dealings in your futures. It seems that our country has gone scam mad there is a lot of it going around.

    55. Good morning to all,

      After reading all the reviews for Fast Brite I am now worried about my order that I placed after 3 weeks ago. I haven’t received my product but I have not been charged. I will cancel my order today. I cant believe how much hassle I’ve been through to get the product. We should report the website to the BBB. I hope my review detours consumers from buying. Better off buying a kit from a auto store.

      Shame on You Fast Brite!!

    56. I think its a scam. The TV commercial advertised the product for $20.00 plus shipping and handling. The website then offered it for $10.00 plus shipping and handling. I order 1, yes 1, kit for $10 and show how got charged a total of $46.80. The shipping and handling alone was $31.80. Unlike other websites, they don’t allow you to see the price and press a “confirm order” button. I emailed customer service several days ago and haven’t heard anything back, not even notification that they received my email. CALL YOUR BANK, STOP PAYMENT, GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!

      • Just to add more, I wasn’t even given a tracking order. And they say that all products have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you read the fine print, it reads “*All products have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, minus S&H”. So in my case, out of the $46.80 I was charged all I can get back is $15.00…which probably will be in store credit or a bad check

    57. I ordered your Fast-Brite nearly one month ago. Have not received it yet.Was I scammed? JNT

    58. I just bought myself a Fast Brite on the main site, and 3 weeks later I haven’t got any order #’s, status’, tracking or anything. Does anyone know of a number I can call to file a complaint? Thanks.

    59. Thanks everyone for your reviews! I was “this close” to placing an order, but now I’m so glad I didn’t! I will instead use the fine steel wool suggestion. Thanks! 🙂

      • yes I just about proceeded with the order but stopped as wanted to check the reviews etc, and glad I did> Cant believe they scam people right over the air waves like this.

    60. I was looking for a good lens cleaner and thanks to all the bad reviews about fast brite, I kept searching and found a product called (PlastX) with a lot of good reviews, so I picked it up at a local drug store for about $7.

      I rubbed it on and wiped it off according to directions. I did it twice and my headlight lens cleared up so my car was able to pass the safety inspection.

      I found out that products advertized on TV are just scams cause they get you by giving you an extra one for free and they nail you on the S&H.

    61. Essentially ALL of these offers involve ridiculous S & H charges which make the true cost – per unit – MANY times the “advertised price.” Here, at $10 with a second unit “free,” connoting a price of $5 each, and for a product which could be sent for no more than an added $5, they end-up charging you an actual $20+ for each of the two items, with slow service, and if you wished to return ,if lucky you’ll only be able to be refunded a maximum of 20% or so of what you paid. Most of these offers involve products which do a mediocre job, at best, a constrictive ordering process which provides an automatic processing/charge, without a confirming option. And where they have a quick, “efficient” system, whether you order by phone of on-line to charge and extract your CC funds immediately – have a vague, cumbersome and inefficient means of gaining ant restitution or refund or resolution of any complaint. The technology exists for these folks to conduct business efficiently if they would desire – but these seamsters – without fail – simply offer 2nd-rate products and service – EXCEPT in the quick processing of the order to the point of grabbing an exorbitant amount of your money, instantly. Shun ALL of these television offers, and especially those with a “… get a one free” addendum.

    62. DON’T Buy, DON’T Buy!! This is a total rip off. Also, you are unable to just buy 2 bottles of the stuff. They automatically charge you for $27.95. And, most importantly, the product doesn’t even work. SCAM ALERT!

    63. OK….with all of these posts I still don’t have the answer to my question? Will this product do as advertised, or will you have to open the lens cover and clean the inside also?

    64. I’ve seen the commercials and don’t understand why anyone would need two of these? One bottle for each headlight? One for each car? On the videos, a quick swipe of a moist rag seems to do the trick.

    65. I ordered 1 kit and refused all additional offers click “no thanks” all the way through. However, I was charged $25.90 for a $10 kit one additional free kit ( which I refused repeatedly) and was billed the P+H twice! I paid more for the shipping and handling than for the product!

    66. When I saw on the site’s order page that you can’t review the order before submitting and the fact that you are forced to buy the second bottle and pay another $7.95, I used common sense and didn’t order. All these companies are ripoffs and make their profits on the shipping. And the one goal of ALL companies these days is to get your credit card number and rape you. They know that if they screw a million people a year that a large percentage of people will just let it go. Profits in their greedy pockets.

    67. You can go to any auto parts store and buy a headlight restoration kit. Save the exorbitant s&h fees these people want!

    68. Basic Scam.
      Buy one … get one ‘free.’ They make their money from the S&H. They charge you $7.95 for the S&H of the first container and charge you $7.95 S&H for the second ‘free’ container as well. Total: $25.90 … $10.00 + $7.95 +$7.95

      Rip Off! Much better off to use steel wool (‘fine’) then apply good polish.If your problem is not ‘exterior’ to your headlamps? Neither will work. All this site is doing is charging you exorbitant price for cheap wax.
      Basic Scam.

      • Niel you posted the gold standard solution to the head light problem. Last night I spent about 15 minutes working on my head lights. I would put some good car polish on some fine steel wool and then I would rub the head lights. After doing that a number of times I wiped the polish off the head lights with a clean rag and my head lights look great. You should start making packages of fine steel wool and polish and selling them. It’s the real deal. Thank you much for sharing the solution which really does work. Convinced

    69. It would have been nice to have the product if it worked. I think I’ll pass based on all the S&H fees and shady order page that does not let you review your order prior to it processing the credit card.
      Heeltastic (for cracked heels) was the same type of TV / webpage where the price tripled with S&H. It was a hassle to cancel. In the end the company sent me a free kit after a complaint email and the product actually worked. Price for USPS was $4 a far cry from the $15 X 2 they wanted to bill my credit card.

      If these “Seen on TV” companies would just play half fair with S&H and order processing they could do well and loose the scammer image.
      I think I’ll check the mall and see if the “SEEN ON TV” store is still open and purchase in person.

      • Kevin, you should learn to spell before posting in public. See if your local schools offer literacy classes.

        • Calm down Karen– I don’t think Kevin knew he was being tested. If you want to yell at someone for being illiterate, just go to Youtube and you can spend all day ridiculing the comments made for any Chris Brown video.

        • Hey Karen, when did you become so God damned smart? Do you have that much time on your hands that you go around checking people’s spelling- GET A LIFE!

        • Karen,

          I guess you have nothing better to do than complain about a person’s spelling? Give me a break… get a life…

        • Wow…I know I need to go also because I didn’t see any spelling mistakes…did not look real hard. Just read it to see if it would jump out…nothing…OK, I just read it again and found no spelling errors. If she speaking to grammar I am sorry they did not teach blog/web reply format when I was in school Karen. But what REALLY bothering you Karen


          • I didn’t see any errors either… what is Karen’s problem? No need to attack people for no reason whatsoever.

          • The spelling error is the word “loose.” Loose and lose are two different words. The fact that so many people read through it and did not notice that makes me think maybe Karen had a point.

            • Yes, Karen does have a point, Aaron, and it’s on top of her head. I’m sure that if she writes enough words, eventually she, too, will have less-than-perfect spelling and usage.

      • I noticed the one error, but given that the word loose is so close to lose I knew what he meant. I just assumed he either hit the “o” button to many times. Due to it being such a minor mistake I do not think it warrants criticism. People are human and make small grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes all the time. I do not think there are many individuals who can say they never error. Just look at how often people confuse the use of effect/affect, your/you’re, except/accept, etc.

        • Lezlie,
          I think you meant to say , ” hit the ” o ” button too many times”, but who cares…it seems this product does not work!

          • Can we all just get along… Who cares about the spelling obviously by all the reviews this product just doesn’t work.

            • I have a spelling guide I can sell you – it’s free, just pay shipping and handling. HAHAHAHAHA 🙂

    70. I have 2005 Honda Accord and the Lens Bright worked great. It was not difficult. It cleans off the haze dirt and the polish makes it clear.

    71. Please cancel all of my order I can go to the hardware store and pick up what I need for $15.95.

    72. Ordering Fast Brite Lens Restore, Buy One Kit Get One Kit Free plus additional P+H has been disappointing. Item has not been received. Called about the status and got the run-around by cycling to different phone numbers (1 800 340 3418 & 1 866 434 6600). I also received other phone calls soliciting additional items for sale.

      I hate to say it; but it looks like a scam. The contact person had to ask me my name and address three different times; she still was unable to tell me the status of my order.

    73. Yes, they get you on the shipping charges. Its no wonder they give the second bottle free, shipping is more than item cost. And it doesn’t work as shown. The 1st step is a polish, the 2nd is a cleaner/protective. You have to rub, and rub, and rub, and rub the polish. You would be better of just using the sandpaper/polish method. Fast Brite is not a wipe on/wipe off as it appears…

      • Mr. Smithster,

        I used 0000 steel wool on my headlight lens and found that not only does it take off the oxidation but it leaves a nice smooth surface. Then I used a marble countertop cleaner/polisher and buffed it in and the lights are like new. No s/h, no disappointment. Just bright headlights. There’s a reason they call it brite and not bright.

    74. I ordered on the site which was very confusing to say the least and I had an idea this was going to be a problem. Sure enough when I got to the confirmation of my order I saw that the shipping was $31.80 for the buy two with only paying shipping and handling for the two. $7.95 time two is $15.80 with the second one free. In any event I then noted that the shipping time is 3-4 weeks which means it will either take a very long time to ship those tiny bottles or they are sending it 1st or 3rd class mail which would be about two dollars max in actual shipping cost. I knew I should have known better. I will repost another review as I have requested cancellation and I will be calling them when the refund is/may/ should/ might not be posted to my account. Perhaps it is all my misunderstanding but I was crazy enough to order to second small bottle for $7.95 but I guess that wasn’t enough.

      • Richard,
        Thanks for the very helpful review. I was very skeptical of the offer and now am convinced it is a scam. I will be going to a automotive parts store for a similar product.

    75. There isn’t an opportunity to review your order before placing which forced me to purchase an extra 2 kits which brought my shipping cost to $47, ridiculous and total was $67! You can ship all that through damn post office for less. I sent a reply to their confirmation email to not send those extra items. The shipping is more than the items cost. You don’t save any damn money. I am so livid. I will post another review to let you know if they rectified it or not and to let you know if the product is as shown on tv!

      • May,
        Unfortunately, this offer is a scam. Always be leary of any “buy one get one free” offer. The shipping is where they hammer you and even if you request a refund, it almost will never be posted to your credit card.

        • In his post of April 3, Niel gave the correct solution to the head light problem. He said to use fine steel wool and a good car polish. Last night I spent about 15 minutes trying that solution. It worked great. I would put some polish on the steel wool and then I would rub the head lights. I repeated the process a number of times and then I wiped the polish off the head lights with a clean cloth. The head lights look great. For me Niel is a real money saver with the right answer. Niel you should start selling packages of you solution which really does work. Thanks Niel, Convinced

          • A dab of toothpaste does the same job. I’m sure you can find some in your bathroom. I used a nickel’s worth and got great results.

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