EZ Slide Shade Review

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You hate it when on a hot, sunny day when you have to park your car outdoors, after a few hours when you sit inside your car seat as well as the steering wheel turn scorching hot. But if you feel helpless, don’t lose heart, as EZ Slide Shade is here to help you not only keep your car interior cool but also prevent it from reflection of the heat.


EZ Slide Shade
With EZ Slide Shade you can drive all over in absolute cool comfort even on the hottest day. You can even simply sit and relax in your car without your vehicle overheating when there is no shaded place to park it in. EZ Slide Shades are a cut above regular sunshields that are cheap and just occupy a lot of space in your car and you end up dumping them in the trunk and not use them regularly because they are inconvenient.

But EZ Slide Shade is so easy to use that you need to install it once and just pull it whenever you are stepping out. EZ Slide Shade needs no hardware tools to fix them. All you need to do is press the dual lock fastener at the bottom of the windshield and stick two hooks at the top. After that you just need to pull the EZ Slide Shade up and fix it on to the hooks whenever you are stepping out. When you do that, feel relaxed and confident as you have just protected your car interiors perfectly from heating!

What’s more, irrespective of what size your vehicle is, you will find an EZ Slide Shade for it since it comes in various different sizes to fit your windshield. EZ Slide Shade is easy to carry and store and also looks neat from inside to outside, unlike the frumpy and bulky sunshields that are always in your way when you are driving. It has a metal structure to ensure long lasting usage for you. EZ Slide Shade is made of high grade material that reflects sunrays and it also has anti-ultraviolet coat to keep UV rays at bay. So why not purchase the incredibly useful EZ Slide Shade right away and avail of the fantastic money back guarantee too?



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