EZ Chip Repair Reviews and Complaints

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Your car is probably your most prized possession and it often says a lot about you. Not only do you use it on a regular basis to and from work, you drive in it when you are about town or going the distance with your friends or loved ones. Your drive makes a big impression on your behalf, which is why you want to keep it in the best possible condition. But keeping your car in that showroom like state can be quite tricky; especially since it can suffer from chips for no fault of yours. If you are looking for a way to get rid of those chips quickly and efficiently, you can do with EZ Chip Repair .


How does EZ Chip Repair work?

You might do your best by parking your car at a safe distance or keeping it in your garage after you come back home from work. But sometimes your car can have chips for no fault of yours and despite all the care you take. You want to get these chips fixed but you know the costs professionals charge can be prohibitive. Other products you get in the market don’t just cut it. But thankfully the path breaking EZ Chip Repair does and helps you get rid of these chips brilliantly. Getting your car back to its showroom look is ever so easy thanks to this product, which will ensure that the resale value of your drives doesn’t reduce drastically due to these chips.

You just can’t leave these chips unattended because they can lead to rust in your cars, which is avoidable. And thanks to the EZ Chip Repair , you can eliminate those annoying chips with ease. The secret of this EZ Chip Repair is the revolutionary formula, which blends and seals the chips to give a smooth and professional like finish when you are done using it. All you need to do is dab a bit of this product on the chip, flatten it out and then wipe it. That’s it, this simple application will only take about 5 minutes of your time and will restore your car to its original ravishing look that will have you driving it proudly once again.


EZ Chip Repair Application Instructions

EZ Chip Repair may claim to fill up scratches on your car and make look new but the fact is, it doesn’t really do any wonders. The EZ Color Chip shades may come close to your requirement but they seem to be lighter; you’re if you need to color up a spot that’ not very prominent you’re saved.

Also, its second step liquid doesn’t remove any excess paint with gentle rubbing motion with the rag provided, even though the instructions given by EZ Chip Repair claim it can. One needs to be careful beforehand to avoid even a little paint spread before applying it. Although EZ Chip states that the process has to be repeated several times to increase the following layers of the color to match the level of the original paint, it actually requires dozens of applications to match the original level. It appears that it isn’t any better than any type of touch-up paint on chips, holes or scratches of any size on the car. None of the solutions and liquids provided seem to work, nor do the instructions mentioned. Using the little bottle of paint and the applicator brush provided as you would touch-up paint by putting small bits in the additional little chips doesn’doesn’t help. You could skip the second step of using the additional clear liquid entirely and still it’d make no difference. Other alternatives like touch up paint along with a clear coat felt pen (e.g. from Costco available in 3 packs actually give far better results.


What do I get?
You can buy EZ Chip Repair for $29.99 plus P&H of $6.99 at www.ezchiprepairkit.com. | EZChipRepair.com. You can get a second colour with your offer by paying additional P&H of $9.99.


EZ Chip Repair Video


17 thoughts on “EZ Chip Repair Reviews and Complaints

  1. If You have a BRAIN ( DON’t EVER WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS CRAP Go to the Dealership and get there Chip repair Paint it’s only 19.99 and not ( 29.99 ) Reporting This SCAM To the BBB They are investigating this Company for Fraud ( DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ) DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ( DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY )

  2. Like the other testimonials stated, this product does not work. You end up with globs of paint that don’t rub off. The paint is okay but the applicator insures that you get ten times more paint on the chip than required and step two does nothing.

  3. I ordered the E-Z chip repair kit one week ago and they said, “buy one and get one free” and only received one. Like other people are saying, it does not work at all. The step 2 solution they give you DOES NOT remove the excess paint. It took me over 3 HOURS to remove that excess paint. I got frustrated and just left it like that. That solution they claim is patent pending is just plain water. There is no chance to get any refund whatsoever. They claim no responsibility. Don’t waste your money.

  4. ezchip repair is nothing more than another s. florida scam operation. ordered their product, recieved it both bottles of paint were broken ez chip refused to take return and issue refund. bought their product because of price dont be fooled these guys are classic scam operators.

  5. Where does EZ chip kit go after you order it. Been over 1 month since I ordered and paid for this kit and it has not arrived. They have the proper address. Perhaps there is a great black hole that all these missing kits fall into!!!

  6. Using the EZ Chip Repair touch-up solution with the brush on big chips does seem to improve the sight from a distance of over 10 feet. If seen from a closer range, the shape of the chips can be noticed even though the color matches pretty well. However, the brush doesn’t seem to fill up all the small chips with color. Anything that fills such small chips and gives the surface a more uniform appearance would be better.

  7. I have worked for many years in sales and marketing, have learned that if a product is advertised way too much, it’s probably less desirable and bad. What users are looking for are products they need. And good products sell on word of mouth publicity. More money spent on advertising often relates to poor quality products.

  8. I purchase this EZ Chip Repair and follow3ed the instructions to the T. It did not work for me. I have called 8 + times to contact someone about this and left my name and number to call me back. I have email your company and the individual that responded did not want to hear what I was saying about the product all he would say is that he has sold over 200,000 and has not received one complaint. I asked for a refund and he again said no refunds. But yet your web site has a refund section to contact customer service which I am doing. The product did not work for me and that is all there is to it. I also sent the individual pictures of the area on my vehicle after the EZ Chip Repair was used and again nothing but negative response. No were on the web page or paperwork I receive did it state no refunds as I informed the individual I communicated with. His last email stated I had to contact you about the issues. Because he has several w2eb sites that sell this product for him. So here it I s what are you going to do to assist me3 in this problem?

  9. Ineffective
    EZ Chip Repair comes with a lot of promises to help in touching up paint jobs that need a quick fix and save a lot of money from garage services. But instead it is more of a scam product which is a copy imitation of some highly effective products out there. It looks like a regular touch up paint that has very abrasive cheap microfiber towel and some kind of chemical solution which is useless when it comes to removing the paint. The liquid is suppose to remove excel paint but it did not making it look like a blob on the car.

    Bad Customer Service
    The customer service representatives are never willing to help or accept that the product is not working well enough. In fact they even hang up or blame the customers about the problems caused by EZ Chip Repair instead of providing a decent solution.

    Waste of money
    Since EZ Chip Repair doesn’t work well at all as it is pricey for whatever little it costs. Plus if the damage done by it is too much then chances are you might need to take your car into a garage causing more damage to your pocket.

  10. This EZ Chip Repair does NOT work at all. I bought it; it’s junk. No better than a bottle of touch up paint you can get at your dealer and a whole lot more expensive. Save your money!!

  11. Products which are not an easy sell due to their inferior usage are generally marketed by manufacturers and associates to trick people into buying them. Writing an amazing review is a part of it where people think such review sites to be true and purchase the product right away. They use the loophole of Search Engines which fails to differentiate between a fake and a real review and nothing can be done to stop them.

    • I was looking to purchase the new EZ Chip Repair and wanted to search for reviews by people over the internet but was left frustrated and disappointed instead. The websites for “EZ Chip Repair reviews” looked definitely fake since no one would build a website only to write review for one single product. Secondly the site carried links and annoying pop-ups with a red colored Buy Now button which was obviously a marketing gimmick these sites were using to fool customers looking for genuine reviews. It was sad that these sites actually returned as top links. I was thoughtful enough to not get fooled with such a site and found your website to find what I was looking for, a genuine real user review.

  12. Has anyone tried the EZ Chip Repair, I haven’t found any review about this product on the internet. I don’t want to buy “as seen on tv” product without reading the reviews.

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