Easy View XT

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What is Easy View XT

A car accessory, which is a flip-down glare blocker that prevents blinding sun and dangerous glare while you drive.

Block blinding sun and glare while driving with just a flip

Easy View XT is a glare blocker that is supposed to be help any car driver save themselves and their companions from accidents caused by blinding sun and glare. While driving in the morning or afternoon, it’s quite bothersome to try and see the road ahead because of the glaring sun. The cars do have visors to block the blinding sun but they block the driver’s view, which is just as perilous. You can wear sunglasses but what if you forget to carry your pair? Easy View XT claims to let you get rid of these problems with just a flip because it is said to be tinted with clear polycarbonate to diffuse light and glare.


Easy to attach, needs no tools to install

The best feature as claimed by Easy View XT is the fact that it is easy to install and needs no hardware, tools or assembly. You just need use the plastic clips to fasten it on to the existing visor of your car after you just slide it on. To block the sunlight you just need to flip it down and see ahead comfortably. It can supposedly be folded down and adjusted according to your needs. It promises to let you drive confidently and comfortably seven with your kids in the car because you can see clearly any time of the day. No matter what car you drive, you can use Easy View XT since it can fit the visor of any car.


Also helpful for driving at night

Not just while driving in the morning or afternoon and avoiding the sunlight, Easy View XT promises to help you drive safely even at night since it can reduce headlight glares just as effectively. It is meant to flip up easily so that you can store it easily and carry it with you if you need to drive different cars on rent.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two Easy View XT for just $10.00 + $15.9 P&H.
  • Official website: easyviewxt.com
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