Easy View HD Review

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What is Easy View HD

It is a transparent anti-glare shield visor for your car. According to the claims made in the infomercial, Easy View HD is tinted to diffuse light and glare. You can use Easy View HD day and night to reduce sun and headlight glare. It claims to be perfect for early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

You just can’t do without driving, often on a regular basis, to places you need to. You might have to travel to work every day or have to take your kids to school, sporting activities etc. But driving when you are faced with glaring sun can not only be a nuisance but it’s dangerous as well. Easy View HD claims to make driving for you a breeze without having to worry about the irritation of the Sun glare. Easy View HD are basically a fast flip down glare blockers that can keep away the Sun and glare instantly.

Easy View HD Visor Claims to be a Simple solution

As per the Easy View HD commercial, you don’t have to struggle with the glare while driving, especially since you know that it’s the comfort and safety of your loved ones at stake. Easy View HD promises to help you drive safely by blocking out the Sun and glare while driving. The good news with Easy View HD is said to be the fact that there is no special assembly or tools required to get started. All you have to do is slide the Easy View HD on any visor and the job is done. It stays in its place while keeping away the glare instantly.

Smartly put together glare blocker

Easy View HD claims to offer you Sun and glare neutralizing protection with a simple flip. And you get the results you are looking for, instantly according to its claims. Clear acrylic is used in the making of Easy View HD, which ensures that you can see through it without any difficulty and won’t have any hindrance while driving. Moreover Easy View HD is said to have the perfect tint that can diffuse glare and light. Thus you can be in the driver’s seat so to speak as far as the road ahead of you is concerned.

Easy View HD Review

Easy View HD is made entirely from polycarbonate material, which is supposedly used to build military tech like F-22 canopy. The reason why they use this polycarbonate is because it provides a lasting life to Easy View HD as it is stronger than other materials like acrylic and plastic. Easy View HD is quite expensive when compared to regular sun visors. Easy View HD is also more prone to scratches and there isn’t much clarity for vision. Also there is no way anyone can polish Easy View HD to remove the scratches that form on it to restore its clarity. There is also no mention or claim from Easy View HD manufacturers regarding UV-coating. Besides, similar products are available for less than 20$ value at stores like Amazon.com. The build quality of Easy View HD is said to be quite cheap and the hinges do not last too long. They’re said to be so cheaply built that the hinges may get loose soon after use and cause the visor to flop down. The China made Easy View HD does not fold down in the line of vision and the website doesn’t provide information regarding the size of Easy View HD visors. The swivel mechanism doesn’t work well and the before and after photos of Easy View HD are not true to the actual visors either.

What do I get?

2 sets of Easy View HD with a high density sun diffuser
Price – $10 + S&H $15.9. Total amount $25.9. Official website easyviewhd.com

Easy View HD Video

8 thoughts on “Easy View HD Review

  1. This is the biggest bunch of crap ever to be scammed on tv viewers. Its a fraud. If they were local, I would wind up in heap of trouble. Nothing but gimmicks and shams. JUNK!!!!! double charge , won’t answer phone.

  2. Junk!!!!!! don’t waste time or money. Scam, fraud, good for nothing. Could cause honest folk to get into trouble for F–k— someone up. Pure trash. Don’t get it. I had it, pi– your money away somewhere else.

  3. Easy View HD is a Scam

    Do not do business with this company. First, they charge your credit card before revealing first the total amount to be charged. Second, you cannot reach them neither by phone nor by mail, They do not reveal their mailing address, and when you call they hang up on you. Third, their shipping charges are way too high. Last, they promise to deliver your order within 3-6 weeks, if they ever deliver it. I was expecting to pay $20 for two pairs of these visors, to discover after finishing my order that they charged my card more than $50.

  4. This is a product review? Looks like the Cliff Notes of EasyView’s website. If you tried it, what ‘s your opinion? If you didn’t try it, why are you calling this a review?

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