DuPont Scratch Repair Stick Review

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DuPont, one of Americas most trusted companies introduces the DuPont Color Scratch Repair Stick. The instant finish fixer fills in scratches in a clear coat finish that protects and restores your car’s clear coat finish to a brand new showroom shine. The Color Scratch Repair Stick features a fine tip to ensure accurate repair, works in just minutes, and is easy to use.


How does DuPont Scratch Repair Stick work?
DuPont’s Color Scratch Repair Stick works like a magic pencil that puts on an activated clear coat shine that removes the scratches in a clear coat finish.

It instantly clears and adjusts to erase and seal any color scratch to a light new condition eliminating scratches on your car. No matter what color finish you have, DuPont Scratch Repair Stick will protect and seal any scratch! It immediately makes the scratches disappear on contact on the clear coat of any color car.

The DuPont Color Scratch Repair Stick is the key to keep your car looking shiny and brand new.Are you a car owner who is always worried about the look and finish of the car and makes sure it remains bumps and nicks free all the time. But obviously being with the car and watching it on a 24×7 basis is impossible and can sometimes result into a slight scratch of nick on the paint due to common garage parking, parking at a mall or maybe a result of vandalism. In such cases even the smallest of the damage can cost a lot with the need of a garage visit. For such nicks and bumps Dupont has come up with Erase Nicks.

DuPont Scratch Repair Stick is a revolutionary product which can help repair scratches from a cars surface and make it look new again. Initiated by DuPont, an 1802 foundation company, Erase Nicks was developed keeping in mind minor nicks and scratches that are often encountered in almost all the cars. These scratches can be a result of kids tampering with the car, bumps by car door opening in a parking lot, minor accidents, etc. DuPont Scratch Repair Stick is a small stick which will eliminate these nicks by drawing over a new layer of coat just over it. It provides instant fix by filling in the scratches with a clear coat finish with colors available to suit the car color. It restores color from scratches on not just cars but even bikes, boats or other painted surfaces which has clear coat finishing.

Applying DuPont Scratch Repair Stick is easy. To start with, the area to be repaired should be clean, dry and free of dirt. Then the stick should be shaken well before using. The tip of the stick should be than pushed down and moved slowly over the nick or scratch gently in a drawing position. Any access spill should be wiped with a dry cloth and the nick should be kept untouched for an hour to 3 hours for the color to dry off. In these simple stages individuals can avoid high amounts of cost by taking the car at a repair center.

For new showroom like finish in instant minutes DuPont Scratch Repair Stick works like magic. This product is available with choice of colors and a limited time offer of buy one get one free. Another bonus gift is the Pro-Fusion Color car polish which keeps the car in a shiny, showroom finish.

DuPont Pro-Fusion Color

The two new exciting DuPont Pro-Fusion Color products; DuPont Pro-Fusion Color Scratch Repair Stick and the DuPont Pro-Fusion Color Car Polish work amazingly well to help restore as well as help keep your vehicles looking showroom new! You can choose the appropriate product that will work effectively to satisfy your requirements.

DuPont Pro Fusion Color Scratch Repair Stick

Do you worry each time your car gets a scratch, nick or ding? Don’t waste your valuable time and money on repairs at the auto body shop? You need the amazing DuPont Pro Fusion Color Scratch Repair Stick! It is easy to use and you have to simply glide it across your car to make the unsightly scratch completely disappear, in seconds! The clear coat finish of the DuPont Pro Fusion Color Scratch Repair Stick works on all types of car colors and is perfect for the nicks on your car, boat, or any other painted surface. The activated clear coat finish serves to not only repair the scratch; it also seals and protects the coat. It’s easy to carry around in your car due to its compact and small size.

DuPont Pro Fusion Color Car Polish

The superior formulation of the DuPont Pro Fusion Color Car Polish makes it perfect to deal with all those inadvertent light scratches and swirls in your car. Its application gives your car a high quality deep and durable shine that doesn’t leave behind any white residue or rubber stains. You can apply it regardless of shade or sun, making it one of the fastest and most convenient car polishes available. Its secret lies in its color pigments that bond with your car’s paint surface to repair by filling in the fine scratches and swirl marks, protect and give it its brand new look back! DuPont Pro Fusion Color Car Polish is available in red, black, white, and silver and blue to match the color of your car.

DuPont’s Color Scratch Repair Stick Features

  • Clear formula that works on all paint colors
  • Seals any color scratch
  • Fine tip to ensure accurate repair
  • Easy to use – works in minutes




What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get 2 DuPont Scratch Repair Sticks for only $19.95 plus $11.90 processing and handling. Official website Offer


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8 thoughts on “DuPont Scratch Repair Stick Review

  1. I bought this stick today and the stick won’t come out of the stuck and won’t come out.Disappointed indeed.

  2. Scratch stick is a JOKE…….The wax worked great for the first 12 hours until my car sat out in the sun for about an hour, and the wax started fading and the scratches came right back!

  3. Repair stick does not work. I followed the directions precisely and it totally does not work. I have about a quarter inch scratch on a sand colored (2011 model) vehicle. Repair stick did not cover the scratch.

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