Drop Stop

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Aren’t you exasperated with things dropping down in the car through the narrow gap between the seat and the console? What you need to stop it is Drop Stop, the perfect gap blocker that you insert between the seat and the console of your car so that anything that slips from your hands never falls through the gap.

How does Drop Stop Work

The innovative Drop Stop is a must have for your car as it acts as a shield that prevents your money, keys, make-up, jewelry, cell phone and virtually anything from falling and escaping under the car seat. It saves you from the trouble and pain of bending down to search for things below the seat. It also keeps you from getting distracted from driving and helps you keep your eyes on the road and not on the gap in your car in tension.

Drop Stop uses the smart built-in slot design that goes around the seat belt catch. It stays at your side firmly and packs even the smallest of gaps so that even a coin or a toothpick cannot pass through it. It does not restrict your movements or opening and closing of car door as it sits only between the seat and the console. It needs only one time installation, which means you don’t need to fuss over it after you put it up.

Drop Stop is built from high grade Neoprene, which makes it durable and of top quality, unlike regular ones made from cheap foam type of material. Drop Stop is also flexible and its one size fits all gaps between the seat and the console in any car seamlessly. Since the gap is always a dark shadow, it suits any color interiors of the car without looking out of place. You can use it on the driver side as well as the passenger side. What’s more, it can also be easily cleaned and installed again. Make sure you equip yourself with Drop Stop and have great times free of worries in your car!



What do I get?

  • 2 Drop Stops
  • 1 Credit Card Light
  • 1 Slide Free Pad

All this for $ 19.99 + $7.95 P. & H. Official website BuyDropStop.com



Drop Stop Video

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