Drop Stop Review

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What is Drop Stop

The manufacturers claim that this unique car wedge is the most effective solution for distraction free driving. It basically prevents any item falling down from the gap that exists on the side of the seat and go down the seat area which is highly inaccessible.

Prevent Driver Distraction

Drop Stop declares to be the most original and unique solution to things falling off the side of the seat. From generations since cars are into existence this particular space next to the seat has always haunted many drivers due to the spilling and falling of things in it. Such things can distract the driver and cause accidents too. This literal black space under the seat keeps amassing a lot of fallen things as it is completely out of reach and needs a lot of effort to find something in there. Drop Stop is a Car Wedge that guarantees to stop all this mess falling off to the floor of the car and saves objects from getting lost in the apparent Carmuda Triangle.


A Car Wedge for all

Drop Stop promises to help save a lot of items falling off from the side of the seat. This includes keys and phones that have a tendency to slip from the pocket. It also has the capability to stop falling of caps, pens, gums and even toothpick which are much smaller and can be lost under the seat. The best part alleged about Drop Stop is that it comfortably sits between the gap and it fits the space in every car with one size fits all design. It is stated that Drop Stop adapts to every single car, truck, SUV, van and other type of vehicle. The color of Drop Stop is claimed to be kept black so that no matter what color the upholstery or leather is used for the car it will still look like a dark shadow that generally exists in the empty space.

Easy To Install Car Wedge

Drop Stop is asserted to be very easy to install and it can be placed swiftly after tilting the seat back to full extended position when car is at a standstill. To facilitate the placement properly it is been asserted that Drop Stop comes with a seat belt catch gap that allows to slide around the seatbelt catch.

Feature Packed

There are various features of Drop Stop mentioned that convinces to be very good since it is made with a neoprene casing and filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill. The benefit of using such new age material in Drop Stop is that it is liquid and stain resistant and can be easily cleaned using a damp, soapy cloth.

What do I get?

You get Drop Stop for $19.99.Official website buydropstop.com

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