Doggy Pocket Review

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When you drive somewhere far away from home the next time around, don’t worry about having to leave your pet dog behind. Take your pet along without facing any hassles such as its safety, dog hair and mess. Doggy Pocket is what you need when you have to go out and take your dog along. Doggy Pocket is a comfortable, warm bag the size of your dog to sit in while moving around.


Doggy Pocket
Doggy Pocket is a brand new Doggy Booster Seat which is designed especially for dogs to snuggle in. Doggy Pocket keeps them happy and safe. Once the dog sits in it, a number of issues are taken care of by themselves. First and foremost, the safety factor. Keep the dog in the pocket before going for a ride in the car and it’ll sit in your car smoothly. You won’t have to worry about any risk to your dear pet.

It has adjustable safety straps that keep your pet intact while moving. It also comes with convenient zippered pouch which stores its treats or toys. Besides, the all new Doggy Booster Seat indulges your pet with a cozy soft sheepskin like lining that makes it possible for it to look around easily.

The Doggy Pocket can take weight up to 20 lbs. and you can also make one more dog sit in it. You also get Pet Rider, the revolutionary pet seat cover made of a hair and stain resistant material that’s easy to clean. There are swivel clips on the safety leash that keep your pet safe and comfy! You can install Doggy Pocket in seconds in any car, truck or van. It can be used on bench seats, bucket seats and even can fit in the back of large SUVs.



What do I get?
Also, don’t worry any more about your pet leaving behind hair or pet mess that is tough to remove. Doggy Pocket will protect your car from that too. With your order today, you’ll receive Doggy Pocket for just $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling! There’s a very special offer for you to receive a second optional Doggy Pocket. Just pay a separate fee of for just $6.99 and two of these amazing products are all yours! Official website –

Official Distributor/Manufacturer – TeleBrands (

Customer Service –1-800-777-4034 (M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)



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