Detail Doctor Wheel Jelly Review

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Wheels are the main attraction of any hot wheels and if you believe in the same with regards to your precious car then you know how difficult it is to maintain the look and feel of the wheel over a period of time. Detail Doctor Wheel Jelly can help you get the showroom finish shine back to the wheels in a breeze.

How does Detail Doctor Wheel Jelly Work

Regular washes do not really work well for maintaining a great looking shine since it is unable to penetrate the dirt layer totally. If you opt for getting them cleaned at a garage the bill that follows can be humungous. In such a case stop pushing your hands for scrubbing and adopt the new Detail Doctor Wheel Jelly.

For shiny wheels that stay the focal point of any car Detail Doctor Wheel Jelly works wonderfully. The innovative formula is unlike any other spray that is available in the market. The main difference being that it is not a harsh chemical, that’s available in other solutions, can damage the shine on long term exposure. The second key feature of Detail Doctor Wheel Jelly is that it doesn’t need any hard toiling efforts that go into scrubbing using other cleaners or soap water. In these ways it is much better than rest of the methods, just needing simple spraying of Detail Doctor Wheel Jelly on the exposed part of the rim and gentle cleaning.

Detail Doctor Wheel Jelly is 100% EPA approved making it safe for usage under guidelines adding to the satisfaction of car owners. It is tested and proven to get rid of Brake dust, Grime, Dust, Bugs and also Grease and Tar. The secret why Detail Doctor Wheel Jelly is so effective is the jelly feature that is added to its solution. The jelly tends to stick to the surface of rims helping it penetrate dirt and grime that settles over the period of time. Detail Doctor Wheel Jelly is proven to give a new showroom like shine to wheels in cars, SUV’s, Trucks, Motorcycles, RV’s, etc at a cost which is lesser than any other option.



What do I get?

  • 1 Detail Doctor Wheel Jelly
  • 1 TS-90 Tire Shine

All this for just $14.99 + $11.98 S/h. Official website



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