Detail Doctor Reviews and Complaints

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Who doesn’t take a lot of pride in their drives, which in many ways are a reflection of your personality? You take great care while choosing the car for you because you know it makes a personal statement on your behalf. You also ensure that your car is looked after in the best possible condition so that you can keep driving it proudly for a long time to come. But over time you realize your pet drive starts showing signs of wear and tear, which just cannot be avoided. You can’t afford professional treatments for your cars on regular basis as well. Thankfully Detail Doctor offers you a quick and cost effective solution to restore your cars to their original glamorous state.


How does Detail Doctor work?

This amazing product is a vinyl, plastic and leather restorer like no other. There are many such products in the market that make similar claims but more often than not they are a waste of your money. They just don’t do the job for you or might involve scrubbing and cleaning for a long time. But this product works brilliantly and all you need to do is use it once. Why put strain on your hands or spend your precious time cleaning different surfaces in your car when you can do it simply within minutes thanks to this sensational product.

One advantage of using this product is that it works equally well on your indoor and outdoor surfaces. You can use it to restore bumpers and racks in your cars at the same time it can be used to get your car’s headlights into their top shape. You can use this product on the door panels, dashboards and mirrors too. No task is difficult for this strong product that can be used safely on delicate surfaces too because it does its job gently and to perfection. You can stop spending money on professional treatments for cars when you can get same results at home for a fraction of the cost.

Detail Doctor FAQs

Is there a requirement to prepare a surface for Detail Doctor?
Surfaces must be clean, dry and cool to the touch.

What is the procedure to apply Detail Doctor?
Detail Doctor is to be applied in a small proportion to a dry lint free cloth or foam applicator pad initially before applying it over the surface in circular motions. Detail Doctor should not be applied in direct sunlight and needs around 2-3 hours of drying before applying a second coat.

How should the applicator or cloth be cleansed after applying Detail Doctor?
The applicator or cloth used for applying Detail Doctor should be washed thoroughly with water and detergent. Detail Doctor contains Linseed Oil which on drying generates heat and can even cause spontaneous combustion and hence the rinsing should be continued till all material is removed from the applicator or the cloth. After washing, the applicator or cloth should be dried by laying them flat in an open, airy space for 24 hours and should not be placed in a sealed bag or container.



What do I get?
You can get 8 ounce bottle of Detail Doctor for $14.99 plus shipping and handling charge of $5.99 at You can also get 2 Detail Cloths and a Detail Brush and a Clean Hands Applicator with your offer by paying additional P&H of $5.99.


Detail Doctor Video


74 thoughts on “Detail Doctor Reviews and Complaints

  1. This stuff is crap. It was a greasy mess and my car stinks like rancid oil. I used it once and then threw it in the dumpster by my house. Hope the dumpster doesn’t catch fire. I’m going to spend the rest of my day tomorrow trying to get that shit off. What a horrible product. Don’t buy.

  2. I used it on a beat up old 1998 Jeep Cherokee 300K + miles…after trying EVERYTHING else. I didnt think it would work – But I was WRONG ! The stuff made the originally black – but exterior dull sunfaded grey trim and roof rack turn black and it STAYed black – until my girl friend stole it.

  3. i have not used my detail doctor yet, as i am a little leary, i thought i saw it usedon head lites to clean them and make them clear, perhaps i imagined it . could some one advise me, should i use it on my head lites??? thank you

  4. I am writing because of the detail doctor I ordered from TV. I was suppose to receive two bottles for the price of one,microfiber cloths, detail brush and applicators. I didn’t receive anything but one bottle of the detail doctor and the shipping charge was almost as much as the product. There is a note that says they were out of the microfiber cloths and were replacing them with HD vision glasses. Guess what they were not included also. I would never recommend this to anyone. Matter of fact I’d like to have my $28.97 refunded or send me what you were suppose to!
    Brenda Hodge
    3610 Velma Dr.
    Hopkinsville, KY 42240

    Waiting for a response , thank you.

  5. I have used this product for over a year now on my Avalanche. It is important to follow the directions and you will need to pay special attention when applying to make sure you cover the surfaces evenly. That being said I am going out to buy more today. This stuff made an instant improvement in appearance (like-new) that lasts about 4-5 months (truck is garaged almost nightly). Well worth the investment!!!

  6. I know it sounds super gross but the easiest and least toxic way to remove Detail Doctor from your car’s paint is to use saliva… It seems to cut right through it. Yuck, I know.

  7. I bought this stuff at the local O’reilly Auto Parts. Having used all types of polishes, oils, cleaners…etc, I considered myself well versed on automotive chemicals. SO….When I bought it, I opened the box, pulled out the product and opened the cap….smells like coconuts….ok… I shook it really well and then liberally applied it to my bed liner, my door handles, my cowl cover, my rubber window trim. It looked ok.

    I had a liberally soaked microfibre rag and instead of disposing of it properly, I rolled it up and then rolled it up again, into a clean microfibre rag, and then (wanting to save it for use on other stuff) I laid it in the rear floorboard of my F550 crew cab…..You see where this is going, right???
    It laid there…all day….it laid there all night, I even got it out and showed it to another friend so he could see what it smelled like and buy some…..and then I put it back in that same spot…rolled up tightly, on my rear floorboard….It stayed there all day today….and then I got into my truck to go home and thats when ‘it’ started…. It started out as a lingering almond like smell….then about 3 red lights later, it turned into a slightly burnt almond smell…..then across town, it started stinging my eyes…it was a toxic, very burned, very disabling, CS gas like smell….I stopped and started looking for where it was coming from….and during my inspection, I found ‘it’…..the rag…..the barely visible little wisp of smoke emanating from with in the roll.

    I immediately grabbed it up and then quickly dropped it on the ground…because it had turned into a mini, nuclear reaction like, little ball of shot potato…..It had gotten so hot that it had melted my husky liner floor mat, my igloo cooler and my pillar post cover…..

    I unrolled the rag and the original oil soaked rag had turned into a burnt, charcoal ash like lump of shit…..

    I did not read the tiny warning on the box…it is there…but really not emphasized properly to the unaware….I am glad that I learned this lesson when I did…. to think that I almost left my truck sitting there, and went home early in my other truck!!! Yes….the automotive God looked upon me with compassion…this time.

  8. At first this stuff made the plastic trim look good, but now I am sorry it was ever put on my car. It has solidified and has collected grime in it. I will have to scrape every inch off. whatever you do DO NOT GET IT ON THE PAINT!

  9. I purchased a few years back after seeing it advertised on television. At the time I was ready to get rid of my car because of the battle I had keeping the bumper and trim new like. I purchased the product and have never used anything else. If you follow the directions it does work better than any other product to keep the trim looking new. In addition, I also live on a gravel road and deal with tons of dust and debris and Detail Dr. still is the best I have tried!

  10. Do not waste your money or time ,I got this at the parts store. Went thru the car wash. The day before. I wiped all the outer trim down with alcohol as per instructions. Applied the Detail Doctor late in the evening. At first it looked good, the next morning I had a sticky goo mess on every surface I had applied it. An yes I shook the bottle before an during use. I sure got SUCKED in by the COUNT on this one.

  11. Bought this in a local automotive supply store. Looks great when you first put it on. Lasted 2 washes before it started fading again. A waste of $17. I’ll be continuing my search for a restoring product for the black trim on my Armada.

  12. After putting the Detail Doctor on my car’s trim (and following the instructions to the T) the result was a sticky residue left. Dust and pollen started then sticking to the trim and right then I realized I needed to get this stuff off my car. I went online and read some reviews myself and started to realize what a problem with was for almost every single person out there. I tried using a lot of different cleaners to try to remove this strange sticky film from the trim and realized the best method was to just use my finger nail surface of my finger to rub it off (think dead skin or a sun burn that is peeling) The film started peeling off and at this point I thought, wow this is going to take a while but I am in the clear. Meguiar’s vinyl cleaner helps after you spend the time rubbing the dry plastic, after that I just applied a simple armor-all liquid vinyl protectant. Everything looked good and I thought again I was out of the clear, then it rained about 4 days later. Now I have this funny film that was left in the areas I did not rub off. The rain turn the film white or milky colored (see images posted). Now I am back to scratching and rubbing all the areas I did not get first time around. My guess is by time the summer is over I should have gotten all the spots removed. Please do not use the Detail Doctor restorer. I am now going to be searching for any review site and posting my thoughts and uploading my photos where I can. If you love your car as much as I do, you should realize this is a nightmare product. I am at the point where BBB should be contact or a consumer report should be made…be aware, and if you have applied this Detail Doctor good luck getting it off the car.

    • HELP! I put this horrible Sh!T inside my BRAND NEW CAR! It says don’t put on the dash or steering wheel, nothing about the rest of the interior. It actually says you can use it on the interior! I cannot even drive my car now. The smell is so horrible and I have tried everything from Lysol, pine sol, that gritty orange stuff mechanics use and vinegar. nothing is taking this smell away. I’ve had the doors open for 2 days and it is still so bad that I get a headache and nauseated within 2 minutes of being in the car…. And I have an hour and a half commute to work. Has anyone gotten rid of the smell inside their car????? If so, how? Desperate and so depressed. This is my first brand new car at 40 years old and now I can’t even let anyone ride in it for fear that they will get sick from the chemicals.

      • I used this crap and somehow got some on my hands, even though using latex gloves, The smell, or better called stink, will not come off! I have tried everything from gasoline, hand cleaner, and everything possible and nothing helps. This stuff is the worse crap i have ever come across. DO NOT USE!

      • I see that people are having trouble getting detail doctor off. The main problem with detail doctor is that the quality tends to deteriorate in the bottle. If it doesn’t come out of the bottle looking like new engine oil, shake it up like hell.

        Applying detail doctor requires an applicator (microfiber perfereed) and a drying towel (clean microfiber). Apply detail doctor in a small quarter sized amount and cover approx 1sqft. Immediately dry and clean the product using the clean drying towel. Apply Detail Doctor in small increments and dry immediately.

        After applying, clean off any residue immediately from any non plastic or vinyl parts. Non-applicable areas are paint, glass or clear plastic.

        Do NOT drive vehicle afterwards for a minimum of four hours. Do NOT expose to water, dust, Sun, heat or blowing air.

        Product will be safe for water exposure after four days if applied correctly and garaged.

        Oils are never recommended for use on dash, steering wheel, or any part of the interior that is directly exposed to sunlight.

        Application may occur on seats only with the use of a Sun visor and garage.

        To apply detail doctor to leather, apply a half-dime amount to your hands (cleaned with fast orange) and rub product into leather. Oils and conditioners should never be directly applied to leather/vinyl. Early cracking and baking can occur if leather is improperly moisterized. Detail doctor softens leather but doesn’t revive it’s elasticity so it’s not recommended to place it on your seating area.

        Removing Detail Doctor:
        If detail doctor gets onto an area that you don’t want it in, use a mild soap and water. If it dries, I have found that vigourosly sprayed “eagle one nanowax” and a microfiber tower remove it from paint and plastic.

        I’ve been detailing for five years now, so take my advice for what you think it’s worth.

  13. I bought my PT Cruiser in 2004. When the vehicle was shipped from the factory, it had some kind of a protector over the bumper held on by 2″ tape of some sort. The dealers could not remove these stains and no one else could either. I have noticed these same stains on countless PT’s and most of them have probably gone to the junk yard with these stains still on them. I applied your instant restorer with a rag to these stains just once, and it was like magic. The stains disappeared! I also used the restorer on my faded headlights, and it worked equally well. At last, the birthmarks have been removed from the car after 10 years.

  14. Nothing more than a short term “glaze” like shellac that is the result of the ingredient Linseed Oil, which is a drying oil meaning that it polymerizes into a solid form, hence it dries shiny as applied. It must also be noted that this oil is highly flammable, so do not leave soaked rags clumped up as they can combust.

    Application. It needs to be applied liberally so the surface has that shiny look – ploymerized oil. Do not rub it in like a wax or polish of it will dry with a horrendous flat matt look, probably worse than what you started with. My biggest concern is the long term effects this product would have on plastic in the long run.

    For those looking to re-black their plastics, I would suggest going onto Ebay and buying an automotive plastic dye; black or gray. This stuff works, and lasts years. It’s similar to liquid show polish but for plastic. After applying several even coats and allowing drying/curing time, you can buff it to a nice shine just like you would a pair of polished loafers. I’ve even used gloss enhancers over it to make it shinier. This method is safer, longer lasting, offers better results, and will not damaged plastics over time.

  15. Do not buy Detail Doctor!!! I have a Honda Element with a lot of plastic panels and normally use Back to Black with good results. Prepped it right and it looks like… Well I am not going to say but smells terrible to say the least. Also do Firefighting and to sell a produce that even remotely could combust is WRONG because not everyone is going to read the instructions carefully. If I could get my money back I would right now… AVOID!!!!

  16. STAY AWAY!!! Awful! DO NOT BUY DETAIL DOCTOR. Followed directions EXACTLY but the results are nothing like they claim. Immediate reaction was that it smelled great (like cake batter) coming out of the bottle but that goes away VERY QUICKLY and what is left is a noxious chemical smell that gives you a headache and makes you nauseous! I haven’t been able to drive with the windows up for 2 weeks and now I have to have my interior professional detoxed to get the smell out and get this stuff off of every surface it was applied to. What a mistake! It left some surfaces sticky and it absorbs into other areas leaving everything looking splotchy. This is a BAD product and certainly not what it claims to be. Shame on Danny “The Count” Koker for giving this his seal of approval.

  17. I’m not really sure what all the negativity for this product is about? I just bought a kit it at Walgreens.. the price was exactly as advertised. As for how it works…. IT DOES! It most definitely beats replacing the headlamp covers at more than $120.00 a pop. Before applying, my headlamp covers were so crazed, seeing at night made driving dangerous. Not only does it work, it made the whole car look better!!! Excellent product and does exactly as advertised…


  18. Ok people! I’ve been detailing cars since 1987, and I have tried all kinds of stuff! And in a nutshell this Detail Doctor stuff works if you clean the parts to be coated really well!! You have to get all the residue off of all the other products you have applied! I use rubbing alcohol it removes grease and all other products, it’s also dries really fast!! Use a clean cloth and some elbow grease to clean them well, and then apply detail doctor! Sometimes depending on how bad the part is it may need a 2nd coat!! I used it on my interior as well as exterior and it performed beautifully! Also if possible apply 2 hrs b4 sunset! The sun helps it cure and the shock of cool air dries it quicker! Nothing will ever work as easy as you see on TV; they only have a min or 2 to dazzle you with their product so they only give you a fraction of all you need to know!! They just show you the good stuff!! I’m telling you it will work if you clean the parts real well!! You have to get all the other crap off or it will not stick!!!

    • I want to use it on the inside seats of my 2011 Prius. Dogs have gotten the seat really dirty in 3 years. Will it work? Should I use alcohol first? Will this stuff leave a chemical stinky smell? Should I apply with a Chamois cloth?

  19. Common sense is to read packaging, clearly states to wash out applicators, rags etc with soap n water immediately after using, then lay flat to dry on non flammable surface (such as concrete) also say to apply sparingly and to spread evenly.. I read package, followed directions and Viola!! It worked n no bad odor, no fire, no damage.. Guess common sense is not so common anymore.

    • There were NO package inserts in my box of product. The ONLY instructions were on the box and they were inadequate at best. In less than 24 hours of use, my home was destroyed by fire and we lost two pets. My lack of “common sense” cost me my home.

  20. I’ve been reading through the Detail Doctor reviews & would like to say thankyou for taking your time. I noticed, for the most part, the majority of the complaints come from those who’ve ORDERED FROM T.V. and the problems associated with doing so. Unfortunately, the negative experience can sometimes sour people to the actual product, if and when they finally do receive it- perhaps not allowing a completely fair review. However, with all of these horrible incidents regarding “fires,” I’m just overwhelmed. It was clearly stated on the product (Walgreens) about the FLAMMABILITY. However, it doesn’t sound like they expressed these dangers on the infomercial. And to be honest, the flammability warning on the product label is obviously NOT NEARLY ADEQUATE ENOUGH in expressing the TRUE EXTENT OF DANGER! I hope all of you who have suffered through those traumatizing fire experiences can find some peace and I’m so grateful to know the TRUE EXTENT OF DANGER beforehand. MY question, though, is for anyone who had the “flammability” problem…’DID YOU GO BY THE DIRECTIONS IN EVERY WAY, YET THE PROBLEM STILL HAPPENED?’ Please, let me know, thank you.

  21. I’ve seen the Detail Doctor advertised so many times and wanted to try it out for myself. I was skeptical after reading all the negative reviews but thought I would give it a shot. I have a 2005 Chevy Impala and the headlights are so badly oxidized I was getting ready to buy a new set. I wiped on the Detail Doctor and the immediately looked like new again. It’s now a month later ad they still look new… I gotta say that I am very impressed that this product worked so well on the headlights, trim, moldings, etc.. I would and have recommended this to friends who are also impressed with the results.. It’s like Magic In A Bottle!!!! Highly Recommended..

  22. I was extremely skeptical when I invested the $15. I waited for a nice warm day to apply as directed. I must admit, prior to applying the Detail Doctor, I told myself, “if this product does not work as stated…..I’ll NEVER watch Counting Cars again.” Well, about in an hour later…….this s&it works!!! I own a 2003 Chevy Avalanche (w/ Cladding). This product did not fair so well on my headlights…..but after seeing the shine back in my Cladding, I could care less. For $15 you can’t go wrong.

  23. I bought this Detail Doctor Secunia I trusted Danny “The Count”. NEVER again will I trust his judgment! this product literally stinks, does not dry evenly like it shows on TV. I mean it has a very BAD Smell!!!! The interior of my car really stinks bad from this junk!!

    I waited more than the 10 days to receive the product and even before it was shipped I received a phone call from them saying that they were sending me a free $60 gift (but if I decided to keep the gift they were going to start charging me for it!!!

    I am so very dissatisfied with this REALLY BAD product and more so with Danny’s endorsement. Do you notice that the applicator he uses on TV is NOT the very cheap, worthless applicator that they provide with the product.


  24. I bought Detail Doctor at Walgreens for $14.99 and tried it on my vehicle trim, headlights and tail lights. When I opened the box a legal disclaimer fell out and when I opened the bottle it smelled like, “cookie dough”. I tried it and was very dissatisfied with the results. Danny, “The Count” should have tried this product and waited to see the end results before putting his name on it. I love his show but this product he endorsed is not worth the money. I am sticking with McGuire’s car care products…

    • That’s Mequiars, I think you mean. They are okay for pedestrian car owners, but if you really want a kick ass product then I suggest LIQUID GLASS. Check Liquid Glass has nearly 250 reviews and 5-stars across the board! Amazing stuff. Ease to apply, and it will make your paint shine like crazy; plastics too. It’s old school but still the best!! And the Detailer is awesome too! If I could upload a pic and show you my RAV4 with 4 coats of LG, you wouldn’t believe it. Almost TOO SHINY!!

  25. I see a lot of people had problems getting their order. My wife found it at Walmart (I don’t like Walmart, so I don’t go). Anyway she brought it home and I tried it on her 2000 Expedition. I couldn’t believe it, but it works great. I tried it on the plastics and the windshield wipers. It’s truly amazing. I honestly didn’t think it would work, but it does. However, it doesn’t do the headlights the way it said. Other than that, it’s a great product.

    • Sure, you were skeptical. With all the negative comments, I don’t believe the ones that say the product worked great. It would make more sense that the product was somewhere between fabulous and a waste of money. I just don’t buy the messages that say, it’s better than sliced bread.

  26. I am so glad I read these Detail Doctor Restorer reviews before placing an order because now I won’t.

    It is just horrible the way scammers try and get you.

    Everyone just needs to be so careful today. You never know what is real and what isn’t.

    Thank you all for your responses it helped a great deal in my decision.

  27. Ordered Detail Doctor product never shipped, after calling customer service I was told the product was on back order. After all of the waiting I just decided to cancel the order. Today I just looked at my online banking information and have noticed 3 separate charges of $39.95. I about to call customer service.

  28. I used it on Our 2012 Ford Focus to keep it looking like new and it really works. I also used it in my husbands 2002 Dodge Truck and it made a great difference he thought I had it detailed at a shop. I will use it from now on. Thank you!

      • Fred, the stuff is highly flammable. It has linseed oil in it and linseed oil as it dries, gets hot. If you put this stuff on a dried out towel or paper towel, it will spontaneously combust! No joke!

      • If you look on the bottle it says that it contains linseed oil, which generates heat as it dries and can cause spontaneous combustion, or didn’t you read the bottle.

        • A lot of people are not going to know that linseed oil can cause fires. Something that can cause fires, first off, should not be sold; secondly, the fact that it can cause fires (as much as what I’ve read here) should be stated in bold letters, can cause fires, or something similar.

  29. Brother got some and He was Happy-Happy with it, But after reading all these reviews, I think I’ll wait till it makes Wally World–Maybe give it a try then. But Brothers Old S-10 -Have to say -Looked Lot Better after he cleaned it up with it. Said he rubed it on, Let it set a few mins and then went back over it with a lint free rag–Shined like new. I seen it & It Shined for sure.

  30. I would like to revise my earlier statement-while using alcohol to try and remove the stuff from the pieces we put it on-we bumped the oily rag into some untreated portions of the fenders-turns out we may of been applying it wrong-it didn’t help that it came with almost no directions-

    We were using the applicator brush that came with it and that was putting it on way too thick – hence the not drying and the stuff sticking to it – if instead we use a buffing pad and put on a tiny bit and really really rub it in everywhere- it does work – even on the sun-dried jeep fenders. my apologies

    My suggestion would be to throw away the applicators that come with it and use a buffing pads or a fine rag –

  31. This Detail Doctor stuff ruined 90% of the items we tried it on- we were real careful to sample it on products because when you open it the first thing to fall out of the box is a full page arbitration agreement that if you keep the product for 14 days you automatically agree not to sue them for anything it damages. Had a feeling should have sent it right back at that moment- with shipping it cost 30$ most of which you dont get back if you return it so we tried it anyway- 3 days later its still not dry full of streaks and brushstrokes- and no mater how clean your environment is its so sticky its covered in dirt and hairs and anything else that gets close to it. Now I have to spend the rest of my day with rubbing alcohol trying to get this crap off my car.

  32. I just used Detail Doctor on my 2006 Mustang. It was easy to use and now my car looks GREAT! I love it!!! If sales increase in the Sacramento area its because I have told everyone I know how wonderful this product is. I had been looking for something like the Detail Doctor but nothing worked. Then when I saw it in the store (I hadn’t seen it on TV) and it was being recommended by “The Count” I thought it had to be good and I’m thankful to have found it.

  33. The stuff doesn’t work! I did a test section on the right rear inside passenger door of my Mercedes E-500. After applying 3 coats it fades and streaks…I’m going back to Armor All.

    • Mark, Armor-all is a very poor choice as it is known to eventually drying out plastics. I would recommended 303 Aerospace Protectant, a product that was initially used in aviation, hence the name. It was a SPF 40, and works on all interior surfaces from plastic to leather. Find it on

  34. It works but it also catches on FIRE! I had the product in the back of my car after using it the day before. came outside and my car was filled with smoke. went into a total panic, my 3 year old daughter was screaming. after ripping everything out of my car I found that the sponge applicator had burned up from this product. who the hell is going to pay to get the burnt smell out of my car?

    • This also happened to me. Sponge started smoking and getting really hot. I ripped the sponge in half and then it started burning, WTH is in this product??

  35. the product worked, however the sponge went up in flames after a few hours after use. I am lucky to be alive a chair, scarf were not so lucky.I took the product and proof to the local fire dept. for advice and to inform the local public. this product requires a warning label. I have a bag nerves ever since.

    • Same thing just happened to me. Smelled something burning had the sponge in the back of my car and it was on fire couldn’t believe it. Don’t know whats in this stuff but someone is going to get hurt or worse!

  36. Works fine for me bought mine at Walmart, does great on all surfaces and cleaned up my head lights a little but oxidation isnt a easy clean, just because you all ordered off tv and dint receive it dont give it a bad review I always wait till the “as seen on tv ” gets to wall mart, saves money and time, and if it doesnt work get your money back easily. SIMPLE

  37. Hi, finally received Detail Doctor, month and a half late but made it, they sent 2 notices it was late but coming, so stuck it out. 1 bottle came , expecting 2, double your order for free- but after reading MORE carefully, 1 car size is 4oz. so got 8oz, enough for 2 cars, so did get double I guess. Opened and applied to the aged vinyl roof on my 2002 Lincoln . Smells like oil and honey mixed together- honey colored and smell, water like consistency. Applied to sponge like applicator and rubbed- covered like armor all, looks newer and shinier- for now. I was looking for something to last longer than first rainfall-washes off. So time will tell, its winter here in MD now, so will be a good test. Going to wash and dry off bumpers of my Saturn work beater, it has the grey vinyl bumpers(1998) front and rear and apply, this will be a good test for this stuff- 70 miles to work each way daily, all weather conditions. Will give it the test and report soon.


      Just received product and applied to car and it appears to work as stated. But,after applying product I placed the pad in the plastic sleeve the pad came in so I could re-use the wet pad the next day on my other car. Woke up to a smoke filled garage and a smoldering detail doctor pad on my work bench ready to ignite everything near by. This needs to be broadcast to all.

  38. After two months I called Discover and told them about this scam. They filed claim and refunded my money until claim is resolved. then After one week, here comes the product. The first thing I noted was that the order was not doubled as advertised, they only put in another ragg of which I can get 20 of for 5 bucks at flea Mkt.. I tried it on my headlights, and it did nothing. This seems to be such a scam that I am afraid to put it on the faded Jeep fenders. Called and called during the two months while waiting and got the same answer that customer service was not set up as yet.

  39. After waiting over two months to finally get the Detail Doctor I have to say BEWARE! This product does NOTHING it says including getting it shipped promptly. Luckily I applied only a small amount to my truck rail, initially it looked better but I waited till the next day to see how it would really turn out before I finished and thank god I did, the liquid ran down in streaks all over my paint ( and I used very sparingly) after I applied it to my plastic bed rail. It took more time to clean up then it did to apply and you need rubbing alcohol.Also after two washes it looks like the product was never even applied. I would heed all the warnings of staying away from this product and look to something else.

  40. BAD OUTFIT – when ordering, we decided to cancel because of the additional charges, calling back twice to confirm the cancellation. Two months later we have been charged $26.97. No product was received. Unethical and slippery characters. Beware.

  41. I ordered this Detail Doctor Restorer on January 2 and was assured it would be sent promptly. Called today (a month later) and was told it would be at least another 4 to 6 weeks before their inventory arrived. I cancelled my order.

  42. The commercial alone looks like a ripoff. Near the end, the product is used to wpe down a painted surface of the vehicle… There is always, the oldy but goody, Nu-fnish, which you can buy at most auto parts stores. And it “sorta” works…

  43. Well, after reading these Detail Doctor Restorer reviews I will pass on this product. It could be the best product nobody ever receives from what I’m reading here!

  44. I ordered Detail Doctor Restorer in December – never got the product or any response from the company. Right about now….I don’t care if the product works, I will never -ever deal with these clowns again.

    Detail Doctor is a scam as far as I am concerned and I’m out $20 bucks to prove it!

  45. Never mind that the product may or may not work. The approach they use on the website is switch and bait tactics’ They lure you into get two bottles but they are two half size bottles and they dont t5ell you until it is too late that the doubble shippingcarge . So you pay 28 dollors for two 4oz bottles. That is a rip off

  46. I ordered Detail Doctor on the 1st of Jan, here it is the 24th, haven’t received it yet. Plus they called to let me know I’m receiving some bonus gas vouchers for a dollar but will be enrolled in another thing that I need to cancel in 14 days or it will be 30 bucks a month! I am just waiting on what I ordered to see if its any good. Plus since I ordered the s/h has gone up a buck! $5.99 when I ordered now the Detail Doctor ad says $6.99 within 3 weeks.

    • I guarantee you are purchasing “oil” …snake oil if you will. Test it when you get it by doing half the bumper with that junk you bought and the other with automatic transmission fluid. See which lasts longer. You cannot “clean up” headlight lenses with just a wipe of miracle oil as they claim. When we were younger we actually used transmission fluid to “wax” an old el camino we had just to try to freshen up the old paint. It looked great!…for awhile, until rain,dirt,sun,etc dulled it back. That is what this garbage they are selling is. Seen a form of it many times before…will see it again under some other name. Never trust a balding man who tries to hide his baldness with a stupid head-wrap thing…whatever the heck that is supposed to be on his head.

      • Hi that was great!!! The wrap on his balding head. He’s hit rock bottom trying to con people on TV. Everytime I see that count guy I’ve looked at the wrap and laughed. Then there is the banded ponytail, do you think its real? LOL


  47. I live in Rhode Island Detail Doctor. ships from New Jersey-3 days. I ordered on 12-28-2012-today is 1-24-2013,still not received. The cost of the product is $14.99/shipping cost is $11.98 = $26.97 The bottle must weigh 40 lbs.?

    If I ever receive this product I will let you know if it works.

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