COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler

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What is COOLTECH? – The heat from metal buckles, vinyl, plastic and cloth car seat surfaces can cause serious burns and discomfort and even put kids at risk of heat exhaustion. Introducing COOLTECH, a car seat cooler designed to cool down your car seat and eliminate the risk of exhaustion from the heat.


COOLTECH can be used with any car seat. Simply fold Cool Carats flat and place it in the freezer overnight, place Cool Carats on the empty seat, fabric side down, to activate cooling power while you’re away, take the cooler off the seat before placing your child for a safe and comfortable ride home.

Convenient handle – Designed with a convenient handle, COOLTECH is easy to carry and go in just one hand.

Self Insulating – COOLTECH features a patented design to keep cool for hours.

Extended Design – It also features an extended design so as to provide complete coverage.

4 Amazing Patterns – COOLTECH is available in 4 patterns: Penguin Blue, Purple, Pink and Grey. Order the COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler today and never worry about putting your kids in a hot car seat again!


What do I get?
Choose from :

  • Penguin Blue COOLTECH
  • Purple COOLTECH

Price: $39.99 |

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