Coolbox Toolbox Review

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What is Coolbox Toolbox –

It claims to be a new age toolbox that revisits the old classic toolbox and adds cool new features to it. It makes the traditional toolbox a life saver with host of features such as an internal battery, audio out, LED lamp, rolling wheels, clock, whiteboard, bottle opener, magnetic lid and mobile device integration.


Ditch the old toolbox

Coolbox Toolbox guarantees to be the latest innovative tech that professionals and DIY enthusiasts will fall in love with. It practically changes the way a traditional toolbox functions. Although it promises that all the previous features are retained with ample of space left to place the old-school tools. What, it alleges is to add some new features that make it perfect and in-sync with today’s day and age. At this point of time there are no Coolbox Toolbox reviews available that will attest to its claims.

Detailed features

It states to be a spacious toolbox with 22” in width, 12.5” in breadth and 9” in height. The sturdy box is supposed to function in any type of outdoors and promises to be the best friend for anyone who wants a full utility tool with them. Some of the impressive features are

Connectivity and Entertainment

Coolbox asserts to have Bluetooth speakers that provides entertainment while working in any type of environment and assures that these Bluetooth speakers are marine-grade to survive in any type of weather and are built-in to replace additional luggage of external speakers. The speakers have the capacity to keep playing music for 8 hours on a single charge. There are two USB ports built into the front panel and helps in charging devices via the internal battery. This is made possible with the internal battery of 11.1V/3Ah Li-Polymer Battery. Additionally, it emphasizes to provide power by working as an extension cord to pass power through the wraparound cord and integrated 3-way splitter for extending the power sockets limits. The internal battery is good enough to charge devices for up to 12 hours. Currently there are no Coolbox Toolbox reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.

Functional design

Coolbox Toolbox proclaims that it is also good for ideation and initiation while working in the workshop or on projects. Larger teams or single individuals can benefit from its removable Dual-Sided Whiteboard for sketching and writing ideas. To extend its own functionality, it also convinces to have a device stand that holds tablets and phones to display schematics or blueprints and even play music through the amazing in-built speakers. And during night, Coolbox Toolbox maintains to be as useful as during the day with its powerful LED lighting that runs for 80 hours can conveniently mount inside the toolbox. It can be also used as a multi-angle flashlight when detached. The light is said to be extremely powerful and lights up good enough area even in the dark. Also it helps you to check the time with its LCD clock that also displays its battery amount to keep track of time. The LCD clock stays up to 300+ Hours so there is no need of frequent charging every time one needs to see the time. Such versatility does make Coolbox Toolbox an impressive candidate; user reviews will soon expose the truth.

Easy to carry design

It asserts to have a design that lets any type of person easily lug it around wherever required. There are strong dual handles on its side so that anyone can pick it up without straining any muscle. The handles are arranged in a way that it provides balance while picking it up with two hands. And when the toolbox is completely full and difficult to carry there are set of wheels that can be used to drag it in a corner and stow it away.

Numerous benefits

Coolbox Toolbox states to have the internal storage of 2009 Cubic Inch capacity to fit all kind of tools in it. It can fit all types of power tools too without carrying additional batteries due to its internal battery and pass-through capacity. The best part is to stow a section with ice and store drinks in it and conveniently open it using the in-built bottle opener. It also maintains to be water-resistant to last in all types of weather. To top it all off, it claims to have a magnetic lid that keeps a track of loose screws, bolts and other magnetic bits during projects. Did you find Coolbox Toolbox really as cool as it sounds? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

You get Coolbox Toolbox for $199 Plus $49 Shipping.Official website

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