Clever Dash Review

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What is Clever Dash

As per the TV infomercial it is a sleek stand that helps in securing GPS units or cellphones while driving the car. It helps in keeping the device at an eye level so that driving is much better. It can be also used for securing cell phones while video calling at office, watching recipes while in kitchen, etc.


Secure devices while driving

Clever Dashasserts to be the brainchild of Bell+Howell created especially for people who want to secure their phones while driving. At this point though there are no Clever Dash reviews to back this claim. Clever Dash assures to help solve the problem of people who worry about taking their eyes off the road when a cellphone beeps. It may result in fumbling or falling of phone or may be dangerous while driving. Clever Dash states to resolve it but such a claim by Clever Dash can only be substantiated once Clever Dashreviews are out. Clever Dash promises to be different than regular dashboard holders which use suction and stop working after sometime. Such a comparison is too far-fetched and will be verified once Clever Dash is reviewed.

Drive safely

Clever Dash emphasizes to be easy to place inside a car and secure a cell phone or GPS easily at an eye level. Does Clever Dashsound too good to be true? Clever Dash reviews will reveal the facts soon. Clever Dash claims that it comes with a spring-loaded clamp which hugs the device and holds it tightly to secure it from falling off. The grip is great for tall and wide devices as it can be rotated 360 degrees to suit either of style. This claim by Clever Dash can be proved once we analyze reviews. Clever Dash asserts to come with a non-slip grip that stays flat on any type of surface without the need of any suction or adhesive. Is Clever Dash that good at staying in place? Reviews will expose the truth. Clever Dash alleges that it comes in black color to suit every car’s dashboard but currently there are no Clever Dash reviews available to validate its claim.

Several Benefits

Clever Dash convinces to provide many advantages and biggest of them all is its portability. It is so lightweight that one can take Clever Dash anywhere they go and use to hold phones while at home or office. Such a claim is fascinating but to be sure of its functioning we will need to wait for users to review Clever Dash. Clever Dash states to be perfect while driving because it provides an option to read a map from GPS on eye level, take a call on speaker and help fellow passengers watch a movie. Although no reviews of Clever Dash are available to confirm it. Apart from that Clever Dash alleges to help at office for taking video calls, watching recipes in the kitchen, watching movies at home, etc. Does Clever Dash really work as promised? Send us your Clever Dash reviews.

What do I get?

You get two Clever Dash™ for just $19.95 + $13.9 S&P.Official website

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