Clearview Cam Review

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About Clearview Cam

Clearview Cam is a personal security camera for your car that will prevent unwanted arguments, indisputable evidence and help protect your premium and prove you’re not at fault. With the Clearview Cam you will never have an issue with a car damage claim! It claims to easily install in your car and will record audio and video of everything that happens while you are at the wheel. You can also use it to record the beautiful landscape on your trips and record the kids having fun at the back!


Clearview Cam Review

Mathew Smith who tried the Clearview Cam reveals in his review“It seems to work, but you will have to learn by trial and error because the instructions are virtually useless. Ordering the Clearview Cam again is a waste of time because trying to understand the instructions and the PDF file is no better. It works, but you may not understand all its functions.”

Bruce Milligan says in his review“The Clearview Cam battery dies 5 minutes after you unplug it. It has loose connecting wires so you may end up returning it.”

Timothy Kruse in his review mentions – “The Clearview Cam lens has low distortion and it has digital zoom. There are not many dash cams with zoom, however after the Clearview Cam powers off and back on the zoom it seems to reset to non zoom standard. The Clearview Cam quality is pretty good, white balance is spot on in different lighting conditions, especially at night, it did well at adjusting. Exposure was decent, cloudy conditions are always the most difficult and Clearview Cam may underexpose a bit which is pretty common amongst most cameras in an auto mode. In bright sunny daylight Clearview Cam did well.”

Tim Mclaren says in his review“The Clearview Cam menu is a little hard to navigate but the emailed directions helped a lot. The zoom buttons on the outside are nice, and the dedicated button to mute audio if you were going to have a private conversation etc is great too. The included SD card is nice. The mount is good, and had a lot of adjustability but was pretty solid. It may not be good for mounting behind a rear view mirror. The Clearview Cam LCD screen is large and bright and has the option to turn on all the time which is nice.”

Clearview Cam Pros : Price, Fast free shipping with prime, outstanding picture and you can pick the resolution you want, a lot of settings you can change to your liking, 32 GB storage is huge! Will record for over 5 hours.

Clearview Cam Cons : Is a tad difficult to navigate, so you do need to check out instructions first, the screen is pretty small at 3″, takes time with instructions, it’s like Chinese algebra, battery life totally sucks, does not last 10 minutes, but works well when continuously plugged in, can’t change from the “fish eye” view.

ClearView Cam Questions and Answers

Q. Does the ClearView Cam have a built-in display screen (can you view the footage in the car without needing to insert the memory card into a lap-top)?
A . Yes, you toggle the display button, it will take you to the photo mode, movie mode, then the play back if any footage stored. It’s very convenient. All the features of ClearView are great. It is a sturdy and inexpensive camera, plus the HD quality is great.

Q. Does ClearView have to be plugged in or does it have battery supply?
A. The built-in battery is only to save emergency files when parking off, the battery operating time is limited, always connect dash cam to external power for daily use.

Q. How do you format a memory card?
A . You can use the format option from the device menu or you can insert it in your computer and format it as your disc/USB drive.

Q. How reliable is the mounting piece?
A . The mount is decent. The mounting pieces are a hard plastic.

Q. How is the night vision of the ClearView camera? Is it clear?
A . Night vision is the Clear View s camera’s weak spot. Forward range is very limited.

Q. Does ClearView use a micro SD card or regular SD card?
A . Micro SD

Q. Is the ClearView screen on the entire time it’s plugged in or can it be turned off while the camera records?
A . No. Screen is on all that time.

Q. Can you plug ClearView into a USB port for power or does it have to be from a cigarette lighter?
A . ClearView seems to only power up significantly when plugged into a lighter. Nothing happened when connected via a USB port.

ClearView Cam Features

Wide angle lens – The Clearview Cam has a HD 120º wide angle video to capture amazingly clear videos.

Other features – It features an optical image stabilizer, date and time stamp, USB connection, built in microphone to record audio and motion detection to record when parked. It supports SD cards up to 32GB too and the camera can be charged via the USB cable or the in-car 12V/24V charger. You can view your videos from your Clearview Cam immediately or download it to your computer.

Automatic adjustment – It also features an auto-adjust from dark to light so your videos are always clear. The swivel 6cm LCD screen also flips down for use and the 270 degree pivot suction mount makes recording a breeze. Order your Clearview Cam today!

ClearView Cam Disadvantages

  • promotes its product ClearView Cam in a very casual and unprofessional manner. They do not mention anything about the Clearview Cam’s dimensions/weight.
  • 6 cm LCD screen is too small to watch anything with great details.
  • No information about warranty, normally such Dash cams carry a 1 year full warranty but it seems Clearview Cam does not have warranty.
  • Does not have any internal memory so it will not work without a SD-card.
  • Clearview’s ONLY power source is the car’s 12V output and you have to keep it connected continuously because the battery won’t last more than 20 minutes.
  • The Clearview’s mechanism by which it attaches to the windshield looks very flimsy and it may not really stay put.

Our Verdict – ClearView Cam is not the only car camera available in the market, there are tons of such cameras available at local market. Buy a tried and tested car camera.


What do I get?
You will get Clearview Cam for $59.95+$9.95 P&H | Official website:

24 thoughts on “Clearview Cam Review

  1. The instructions are useless, but the camera (after a lot of fluffing around) is now set up and appears to be working ok.

  2. I would like to know who the actual manufacturer is. Global shop wont tell me & won’t help with my faulty camera

  3. The set date and time returns to a 2015 year date and different time also. How can I make it retain the setting I feed into it?
    Often will not work but if I jiggle the power input terminal it sometime goes ok. I think the connection is faulty.

    • I have the same problem. Was told faulty battery. They won’t honour warranty cause I purchased from a shop. If you ordered direct from global shop, get in touch with them

  4. why when I turn on the camera it tells me there is no card inserted when I know full well there is because I just put one in. Also why does it turn itself off after about 10 seconds when not plugged into the cars power source. I like the camera and the view screen is just. great but I cant record anything while it tells me no card plugged in.Please anyone email me with the answers.
    ok so email address will not be published but here it is anyway.

  5. Can You please provide more detailed instructions, particularly how to insert Date /Time and how to record video?

  6. It would be an advantage to have a decent instruction format –
    is there one available? The useless 4page “brochure” is a joke.

    • I need a decent set of instructions, the one that came with camerta is more confusing than helpful.
      I cannot set date, where is reset hole, don’t know what mode im in, cannot bring up setting functions.

      Please send a more detailed set of instructions.

  7. Pros: Clearview Cam has worked well, approximately 12 hours a day on the road. Clearview Cam works well. Video quality is good. It is advertised of having infrared but it does not. It is just a plain standard white LED on the front just like a cell phone.

    Cons: The mount is not good. It is made of cheap plastic. The tab to pull the cup when removing from a windscreen surface may tear off. The screw-in design is not one that’s preferred. Once this piece breaks (they all usually do), you’re probably not going to be able to find a replacement anywhere.

  8. Product dimension and weight is not given, no information about warranty is given and does not state whether it works at night and in hot temperature.

  9. The Aperture isn’t anywhere near F1.6 like they boast about in the description. It is an F2.2, that’s what the iPhone 6/s front and rear aperture are for comparison. Also, there doesn’t seem to be IR or a night mode. There’s only a flash in the front but it still seems to do okay in low light.

    Note: When ClearView is first connected to one of the included power sources, the front light kept flickering and the screen was continuously turning off and back on like it was having issues, making it impossible to control the thing. It has a small capacity internal battery so give it an hour to charge, then all was well after that. It’s still odd how it can’t stay on when connected to an external power source regardless of how much charge the internal battery has. Altogether, ClearView is a real solid piece.

    The value for what you get is worth it. Once you get past the initial phase of operation it is easy to use, so someone who is technology challenged may have issues.

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