Clear Dash HD Review

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What is Clear Dash HD:

It is a car dashboard camera that mounts instantly and helps you record the entire drive, according to its claims.

Clear Dash HD asserts that now you have replay for your every ride from start to finish. That means you will have video evidence against incidents on the road including scams and tickets. Clear Dash HD thus assures you that it will be your solid video evidence against their word, which can easily put your mind at rest. But we will only buy this claim after going through Clear Dash HD reviews.


Get started with ease

Clear Dash HD stresses on the fact that you can start getting this video evidence for your rides instantly because the camera mounts anywhere and without any hassle. You can install Clear Dash HD without any tools on the window shield, it plugs into the car charger and starts with ignition. The motion activator system keeps it activated when you are parked. We await Clear Dash HD reviews to verify these claims for you.

The performance of the Clear Dash HD is boosted by the 360 degree pivot and the super wide HD vivid 120 degree wide angle view. But we look forward to hearing all about it in your Clear Dash HD reviews.

Packed with features for your benefit

Clear Dash HD makes the most out of very bright Wide Angle Technology and features including image stabilization. You will also be pleased to find that it will automatically adjust for brightness when you are out on the road. Some of the other features of the Clear Dash HD include image stabilization and time and date stamp. You can also benefit from still picture mode and get an instant replay whenever you want it.

Clear Dash HD also claims to record audio and video for 14 hours and can loop for continuous, unlimited recording. It supports up to 32 GB SD memory card, which is an added advantage. We will get our hands on Clear Dash HD reviews and analyze these claims about its features.

What do I get?

You get Clear Dash HD for $29.99 + $7.99 P&H.Official website

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