Cell Buckle Review

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What is Cell Buckle

It is an innovative buckle that claims to hold your handheld gadgets securely to keep them protected and safe.

Cell Buckle asserts that it is the perfect companion for you when you are driving around town or on long journeys and want to keep your mobile phones and other gadgets handy. We understand that different types of mobile gadgets have become our lifelines and we just can’t do without them. But problems arise when you need to access them when you are driving or are on the go. You also have to make sure that these gadgets are held securely in place in different circumstances so that they don’t fall and get damaged. Cell Buckle assures you that now you can keep your handheld gadgets safely and securely no matter where you are.

Cell Buckle is ideal to hold your handheld gadgets

Cell Buckle promises to keep your handheld devices securely wherever you might go. A durable, locking slider this buckle has it at the heart of its functioning and it can move up and down to fit the size of the handheld gadget you want to be held securely. As a result, Cell Buckle is quite versatile for your needs and can be used with your Smartphone, iPod, MP3 players and GPS as well. These are just some of the gadgets you tend to use when you are driving and now they will be held right in front of you, according to its claims.

Cell Buckle has two models for your benefit

The design of Cell Buckle takes things a step further to ensure complete convenience for you because it has two different models that are suited to your requirements. Each of these models has a thin and large mounting clip so that it can work with different mounting surfaces. However the device buckle on both these Cell Buckle models is the same and thus can fit handheld gadgets that are of 2.9” width and 0.8” thickness. Thus you know that no matter where you want to use it, this buckle will be up to the task for you.

The Cell Buckle for large diameter needs emphasizes on the fact that it fits objects that are 1.25” to 1.5” in diameter. Some of the smart applications of this particular buckle include on steering wheels and airline trays. You can also use it to your convenience when you are working out on the treadmill and want to keep your chosen gadget handy. Cell Buckle for thinner diameter can work with objects that are 0.7” to 1.0” in diameter. That’s why it makes perfect sense when you want to keep gadgets attached to handlebars, strollers, shopping carts and more.

What do I get?

Please see official website webcache.googleusercontent.com

One thought on “Cell Buckle Review

  1. I have one for my seadoo its an ingenius device however I find a flaw with it
    It isnt rigid enough for any kind of rough use such as waves or I would say bumps on a dirt bike for example|
    Video becomes so bouncy that it is unwatchable
    they should sell a reinforcement bar or something for use with more extreme sports
    such as dirt bike,seadoo,even boating for a smoother experience
    such as it is now i can only use it as a gps or speedo not for taking video

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