Catch Caddy Review and Product Info

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What is Catch Caddy:

It is a car seat caddy that catches things before they drop and claims to help you make space as well. Catch Caddy is a pouch that can be inserted in the gap between car seats so that the objects that fall between them can be recovered easily. The pouch comes in one size fits all design and hence is compatible with most car seats.

Catch Caddy promises to help car drivers keep away from dangerous distractions that are often caused with things falling in the car. You just can’t take the chance of trying to pick them up when you are on the road. Catch Caddy asserts that such situations just won’t arise when you are driving anymore. Moreover it also maintains that it can help you create more space in your car to store things while you keep floors clean too.

Catch Caddy stops annoying drops in cars

Many of us travel with various items in our drive that we often need. It could be our essentials, gadgets or office documents for that matter. They fall creating a distraction while you are driving. These situations can be avoided with Catch Caddy, according to its claims. It maintains that it stops drops by catching everything in the sleeve before sliding it right out. Thus you can retrieve them easily. Catch Caddy can be easily installed as you just have to slide it between seats and console. It’s flexible and one size fits all design makes it versatile.


Catch Caddy to create more space in your drives

How often have you tried to find the map or your smartphone in your car but simply can’t? It’s because we often have a lot of clutter in our vehicles. Catch Caddy claims that it can create an easy storage space for you in the car. You can keep your important items in the new storage compartment you have for yourself so that your important items are easily accessible to you anytime. Catch Caddy is super pliable and slides when seats are moved backward or forward.

Catch Caddy to keep the floors clean

Catch Caddy guarantees you complete convenience because you won’t have messy floors anymore. Cleaning them, when things like food and drinks fall, can be a nightmare. But it doesn’t let that happen for your convenience. Importantly if it has caught crumbs or coffee before them falling on the floor, you can simply remove and rinse it clean. Catch Caddy also promises to be ultra durable so that you can make the most out of it for a long time. And it stays virtually invisible when you have it installed.

Drive without worries

Catch Caddy is an innovative bag designed to be placed where you really need one but no one has really given a thought to- the gap that exists between car seats. All of us have, at some point of time, dropped something very important between these gaps and really struggled to pull it out. It can be quite risky to do that even if you need it urgently especially in the moving car. Catch Caddy claims that it effectively addresses precisely this issue as it is made especially to prevent things from falling down between the center console and the seat of your car. According to the creators of Catch Caddy, you need not take recourse to weird measures to block the gap through which many things have already fallen and caused a great deal of problems pulling them out. You can now look ahead and be sure that it won’t happen again when you place the pouch between the car seat gap. The bag has been constructed in such as way that it can be stretched across the space between car seats so that traps more objects and keeps them from dropping. If you are driving and something happens to fall down the gap you don’t have to bother pulling it out and risking your safety. You can rest assured that whatever falls through is very much in easy reach and you won’t have to bury your head under the seats looking for it. Catch Caddy guarantees trouble-free times even during long drives as you can be sure that you have something that keeps your things from rolling too far under the seats. There’s no need to instantly retrieve the objects that fall while you’re on the wheel as you can get hold of them anytime and that too without any great effort

Keeps your car tidy

Catch Caddy enables you to maintain hygiene inside your car as it keeps things from falling down on the floor of your vehicle. If an open packet of chips falls down the gap, you may not be able to clear every speck off the floor, which can make it dirty. With Catch Caddy you can be sure that everything is caught before it hits and dirties the floor. Also, the pouch is washable hence it is easy to clean whenever it gets dirty, which it is bound to at some point of time.

Discreet and enduring

The makers of Catch Caddy state that it is no ordinary bag that may get torn over time and cease to hold falling objects. It is made of durable material and features a design that lends it the flexibility to expand and accommodate a large number of objects dependably. Also, since the pouch made from water-proof material, your things that are in it stay better protected. Your smart phone, keys, sunglasses, money, pens and more won’t be lost just because they slipped. Everything will be in reach as the pouch has enough room for everything. Catch Caddy is essentially a non-interfering pouch that does its job efficiently without being visible or coming in the way in any manner. It promises to make things really easy whenever you are out in the car as you won’t have to fret whenever anything falls down nor worry about an unpleasant sight in your car.

Easy to use

Catch Caddy assures you that using is very simple and easy as it fits virtually any car, being a one size fits all pouch, All you need to do is place it between your center console and your seat so that it fits the gaps in most cars and it’s sorted. The pouch is made from material doesn’t stretch or tear easily. And when it becomes dirty, you can simply rinse it under running water with some soap, dry it and set it up once again for further use.

Extra storage space

Catch Caddy also doubles as storage space in which you can keep your belongings whenever required. You can carry things items like maps, make-up kit, phones and other things easily in your vehicle simply by keeping them in this bag. It seems to work better than compartments in which you shove things and end up forgetting. Catch Caddy ensures all important things you can’t afford to keep away while driving stay handy and secure even if they happen to fall through the gap between seats. The makers of the pouch draw your attention toward the fact that you can also keep stuff in it while preventing others from falling, which adds to your comfort.

Moves with car seats

The designers of Catch Caddy explain that it guarantees the desired flexibility in different situations. It can slide with your seat whenever you move back and forth for any reason while driving. The makers of the pouch promise all the comfort and freedom as it can smoothly adjust the way you need whenever you need to adjust your car seat.

What Do I Get?

  • You get 4 Catch Caddy car organizers for only $14.95, plus $12.9P&H.
  • Official website:
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