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About Car Monkey

It promises to be a high-tech data interface that communicates with your vehicle, retrieves diagnostic information, and gives you a simple, easy-to-understand analysis regarding any trouble you’re experiencing with your vehicle.

Car Monkey CLAIMS

It claims that all you have to do is plug it into the OBD-II port underneath the dash of any car, turn on the app, and you will receive notifications on:

  • How severe the problem is
  • What will happen if you keep driving
  • How much it will cost to fix
  • How long the repair should take

Car Monkey reviews can affirm whether this claim is actually true.

Car Monkey maintains that this way you can save money and protect yourself from being ripped off by shady mechanics, whether they own a car, truck, SUV, or RV. We we will need Car Monkey reviews to validate this claim too.

Car Monkey declares that it will help identify any type of problem you are facing including problems with brakes, tires, transmission, oil pressure, coolant, airbags, fuel, safety, or electrical systems. Does Car Monkey really identify these problems? We have to wait for Car Monkeys reviews to make up our mind.

Car Monkey Review

Simon Walker writes in his review of Car Monkey- “I hooked this up to 3 different vehicles. It didn’t work. I consistently receive “link error”. The manual says if you receive the “Link Error” “then there may be problems for the scan tool to communicate with the vehicle”. All 3 vehicles are in good running condition”.

Trevor Little says in his Car Monkey review- “First off, the instructions are written in an unclear way, and in certain places just blatantly wrong. For example, in the direction book it says you need to plug it in, and wait for it to say a certain string of text. However when you actually plug it in, it just waits on the “KOBRA” text screen until you hit enter. Second and most importantly, the scanner doesn’t even give me a code readout… my triangle maintenance light is on, but the scanner just says “No code” so it was a total waste and I still have to go see a mechanic. I don’t recommend this product”.

In his review of Car Monkey, Lester Cole complains- “This scanner didn’t work on a 2010 Ford Explorer or a 2005 Nissan Frontier. I’ve been a mechanic for 15 years and I can assure you to not buy this product”.

Ronnie Williamson complains in his Car Monkey review- “Problem was, nice as this device appears to be, it never properly connected with our two Subaru Outbacks. Never got past the various initiation steps and finally stopped (about a minute later) with a “Connection Error” statement and bailed back to the name screen”.

Tommy Marsh is unhappy with Car Monkey and writes in his review- “This item does not work at all. The display never powers up. It does not require batteries, however it does not work. It is just a piece of plastic with a cord that is supposed to be detachable according to the instructions”.

Timothy Farmer is disappointed with Car Monkey and writes in his review of Car Monkey that it didn’t work on his car.

Another user, Dean Mclaughlin claims in his Car Monkey review that it doesn’t read codes on a BMW 2000 750il, either in car or via the engine bay 20 pin connection.

Warren Barnes says in his Car Monkey review that it does not pull codes for his 2006 Jeep Liberty brake sensors, even though the dash lights are on.

Car Monkey Questions and Answers

Q. Will Car Monkey work on my 2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid?
A. I have no idea.

Q. I just read the code on my 2007 suburban, but it failed to erase the code. The local auto shop can always clear it. Why?
A. It most definitely erases codes.

Q. Can you clear the code without fixing it first?
A. I believe you can but it will code again.

Q. Does Car Monkey come with a book to reference the code that pops up?
A. Yes.

Q. Does Car Monkey need or come with batteries?
A. No – it draws power from the car battery when connected to the data port.

Q. Do you need to buy an app for your phone to use it?
A. No, just plug and play.

Q. Will the Car Monkey tell me if my oxygen sensor is bad on my 2006 Ram 5.7 Hemi sport?
A. Yes


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